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  1. Surprised to see how this thread turned out, most people loved the movie, I didn't think it was that great.
  2. Let's start with the black circle. "It has harvesting, death respawn, and base" Harvesting - Combine that with (this image) and we see that it looks like harvesting will be a way to bring about PvP. Three players bringing a fat stack of resources to a base looks to be nice spoils of war. If you have a base close by, it would be a "highly contested area" as Ralph put it. Graveyards - Looks like the game will have some sort of graveyard system. As Ralph mentions later that a player might have to run a significant distance to re-gear or to a base. Bases - There are two forms of bases in this drawing. One is more like a city and one is "more like an outpost". This shows that there will be bases of different sizes that will have varying degrees of assets. Could these be cities like WoW? or player created like SB? Both? Taking that into account, the map key looks to be something like this: B = Most likely stands for base, some bases having respawns, some not. Triangle = I'm thinking respawn. Ralph says the base has it, then uses the blue line to indicate a respawn, which starts at the other triangle/B. Stars = Points of interest. He talks about the base having harvesting, but also draws the blue line to the other star to talk about re-gearing. The red circle is the outpost, and Ralph talks about respawning, re-gearing and running back. That would mean a fight has occurred. Could you have to destroy outposts before attacking a larger base or city? The blue line is a possible path that a player might have to take to re-enter a battle. Re-gearing means at the very least partial loot. Since he talked about adding Thralls to weapons, which are like players souls, maybe you lose your thrall on death and can re-add one to your weapon. Maybe you just lose your weapon. Later in the video, Ralph says "the more you are winning, the less advantage you should have." Could this drawing be showing that to us? Say one guild has taken over 3 bases, well the first base has harvesting and respawn, the second maybe just respawn, and the third is more like an outpost. This shows that as you get stronger, bases start getting harder to keep and defend. Gradually having weaker bases is a concept that fits the theory. Also, Todd says as your summing circle gets stronger from you bringing in resources, it "ratchets down the power flow from off worlds". This shows that a guilds bases will most likely be connected as you travel to different worlds to conquer them. Could the power flow also hint of resources system like mines SB?
  3. I dislike crafting, but this is a pretty genius way of handling it.
  4. The video actually reveals a LOT more then they have in any of these posts combined. Listen to what they are saying and read between the lines, especially when Ralph is holding up that primitive drawing.
  5. CSGO, MGE here (double ak).
  6. I used the UE3 in school like 6 years ago lol, I'm not sure how much similar it is, but it's definitely an easy engine to use.
  7. We don't need the game to be released, just need beta
  8. Duping was inside information? Everyone knew how to do it some just chose not to like my guild
  9. This is a whole new level of stupid, I sincerely hope you are trolling but I literally think you are serious and I feel bad for you.
  10. Your right, people are in esports for the money not because they have fun, they actually hate the games they play. I would know, I'm a top twitch streamer but I don't have fun playing any games but people still donate I'm so esports
  11. Yes because every pro wakes up and thinks "custard I don't want to go to work today, getting on my computer and playing games all day is just too hard". I've had success in every game I've played, I just don't pretend like I'm #1 at everything. BTW I'm #1 rated gun bound player bet you couldn't even hit a boomerang shot pleb
  12. poorly made socks if I thought I was #1 in every game and making tons of money being a pro gamer I'd be telling everyone who I am Can you please come up with a different response then calling me cal-o and uneducated tho, your running out of options quick
  13. Can't wait to read this thread when I get out of work, it just gets better and better.
  14. He's a pro gamer now lmao!!!! You need to learn the Internet bro, your falling back on calling my city uneducated and saying you know someone that works at blizzard. Next he's gonna be the owner of an esports team watch
  15. You can't actually sit there and tell me the acronym of league names tell the whole story. It's funny you are trying to out knowledge me, but it's just showing how little you really know. Tell me more about cpls dota league please, I'm dying to know more about a non-existent league. Matter of fact, tell me how bad I was since I didn't play in IGS, dota a first 'pro' league that was played before I started playing lol Your really something else, did you google Waterbury too, must not be a pro enough city for you
  16. You do realize in 2007-2008 CAL and CEVO were 'esports'. I'm not even bragging I just felt like proving you wrong. I can talk about MYM Pride tournaments, different LAN tournaments, but if you don't know IHCS then there's really no point.
  17. I know exactly how skills translate. MMO's aren't point an click, you don't have to always start with only 1 spell level 1 and have to farm every game. You don't always have to worry who is in Fog of War. The list goes on. http://www.gosugamers.net/dota/replays/32341 eMazing Gaming, Korok is one of the beta American players to play DotA 1 or 2. http://www.legit-proof.com/team/?db=CAL&team_id=176817&division_id=113 Cal-i. http://www.legit-proof.com/team/?db=CEVO&team_id=21089&division_id=231 Cevo-P. Also went by the name 'BidnessMAN', this is IHCS 1, the best DotA 1 inhouse league, you can see LODA who won ti3 I think with Alliance in the game. And probably the most famous dota player ever Dendi - NA'VI player, won ti1, second at ti2. http://www.gosugamers.net/dota/replays/27968 Eat your heart out %+@!$#?&*^
  18. Can you read what you wrote? You're talking about success in "other pvp mmos" and your example is diamond 1 in what I guessed was LoL but could be SC2. It is not considered an MMO, it is considered a MOBA. You can call it a PvP game, but that is misleading, aren't FPS games primarily PvP? Would you call CoD/Halo PVP? No. Did you know I played DotA 1 competitively at the highest level? Does that mean I'm good at MMO PVP? No because they are completely different formats, no one cares what other games you are good at if you are a non-factor in the one we are talking about.
  19. Man....custard hyshen lol, the fringe representing.
  20. Are you ok? The topic title literally says 'preserved', so yes, that's what the OP is exactly saying.
  21. Where's my New Englander's at?? From Waterbury Connecticut, we used to be the brass capitol of the world, we have a clock tower, we were on Germany's list of places to bomb during WW2....BEAT THAT!
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