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  1. SockPuppet, I dont know who you are, but I like your style.

  2. It makes it easier to fight against groups if they can't swing their weapons without hitting each other. Solo players need a bit of a boost, so getting rid of groups would make it easier for them.
  3. Thomas Blair already talked about it too, he mentioned the real ways to customize characters and how the skill tree system is intended for small passive statistical increases over time. But people seem to just ignore what Tblair said.
  4. We don't need more interesting skill trees, as they are meant to be progressive stat gain progression. We have disciplines, advantages, disadvantages, and promotions for interesting character building.
  5. Seems like my kind of guild. Well on the way to the 4+ members needed to get your name bumped up on Discord! Which guild is this a farm team for?
  6. @huffy_puppy for obvious reasons.
  7. I agree with courant101. If someone wants to say there are sockpuppets around here, lets see the proof.
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