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  1. I am really enjoying the Knight so far. The only real problem I've had with him is that I can't seem to get the 1 attack to stick and that the charge bar on 2 disappears. I would really like some more mobility from the class as well.
  2. I have Tender New Signs and The Waves by Tamaryn pretty much on repeat (I'm stuck in 2011 fyi)
  3. White Pony by Deftones today. Love that album.
  4. Puddledux you are one lucky dog
  5. What are you thinking exactly?
  6. I am interested in Neutrality so my knee jerk is to go with Kronos but if the layout follows a kind of DnD-ish axis, with good at the top and evil at the bottom, I would go for as close to true neutral or chaotic good as I could get (depending on which gods i like more). Maeve and Malakai's insignia really interests me. Critique follows: You forgot Malachi, the ancient jewish prophet. Not surprising because he is one of the lesser known. One of the interesting things about his book is that it is interpreted by Chrisitans as being set up as a series of grievances or debates set up between Israel and God (YHVH). (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_of_Malachi#Christianity) It's a SQUID!
  7. Different Campaigns, different rules. If the new players dont bother to read the new player guide on the forums and figure out what the best ruleset for new players is, they deserve to get crushed and mowed down over and over until they quit or learn the hard way.
  8. Obv devs agree with me and not you. I liked Seeing Doc Gonzo around and will miss him just like everyone else.
  9. I had nothing against doc gonzo. I didn't agree with him on everything but I generally thought he was a good presence on the forums. That being said... the dude done goofed. Read the thread. He custarded up bigtime. I am all for politics but I don't think mods should be playing it. Not even ones that are part of the community.
  10. Definitely biblical flavor. Elements of both. With a grimdark flavor. Edit: I also really like the Art, just FYI
  11. THIS. All I've been sayin'. Plus, Yeah you really are going to have to be fighting mostly NPCs in the earlier seasons, especially in low-import campaigns. Fighting other players won't be profitable early on. Summer is going to be more about scouting the world, gathering resources, and establishing a foothold.
  12. Whoa. So can I give you guys like $20 a month until opening day and bump up to ruby?? SICK
  13. my guild is the empty guild, which is contained in every guild. so, my guild has ALL the 10k backers. come at me brotrand russel
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