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  1. OP !!!!!!! I cant wait to roll groups of NEWBS with this guy !
  2. you need to name everyone when you announce that or it doesnt count ... for all I know you were not talking to me when you said there is no show ................ RESPECT
  3. Valor are you guys getting back into the swing of it?
  4. Well I missed Lakez this week... He holds the show together with his shenanigans :/
  5. "We are up to Kickstarter number 3202 on this test (welcome to the new folks!)" ......."8k" to go before the 2015 alpha 1 backers are in sigh
  6. You have my vote... I'd rather it not be a pet class more of what you just described sounds great!
  7. you slackers going to be doing the show this week?
  8. Has it been decided how you guys will show the Dmg ect... (things done to your character) in a combat chat or is that floating combat text kinda thing ? or whatever other ways you may have been thinking??
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