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  1. OP !!!!!!! I cant wait to roll groups of NEWBS with this guy !
  2. you need to name everyone when you announce that or it doesnt count ... for all I know you were not talking to me when you said there is no show ................ RESPECT
  3. Valor are you guys getting back into the swing of it?
  4. ugh lol i deleted it all and repatch it all lol ......... and the patching seems slow today blah and as I say that it jumps up to 5 mb/s lol instead of 350 kb/s
  5. well considering we all rolled on the west coast server last test lets all just go East coast this time.. Where are the east and west coast servers located? anyone know?
  6. Was my first time playing the pre-alpha test.......... 1. Movement its already been talked about will be nice when its more client side nearly fell off the keep a few times lol 2. Animation Lock(also been talked about) the lack of any forward movement and complete stop for way too long. EXAMPLE... Confessor I DASH and then stop and stand there for 2ish seconds and lose any sort of room I made by dashing away. Samething happens with an attack, hopefully movement changes will help. 3. Some weird physics, standing on the keep stairs not moving but slowly sliding down like it is a ramp
  7. Well I missed Lakez this week... He holds the show together with his shenanigans :/
  8. "We are up to Kickstarter number 3202 on this test (welcome to the new folks!)" ......."8k" to go before the 2015 alpha 1 backers are in sigh
  9. You have my vote... I'd rather it not be a pet class more of what you just described sounds great!
  10. Has it been decided how you guys will show the Dmg ect... (things done to your character) in a combat chat or is that floating combat text kinda thing ? or whatever other ways you may have been thinking??
  11. I thought it looked ok, I can only imagine how much work that is to put in just for walking around lol .... I await the COMPLAINERS they always have the most entertaining posts..............
  12. exactly! sure didn't take long for the complainers lol I'm just goning to say again awesome Update looks great cant wait to play it
  13. well before some ********* cry's about something they saw in the video's.... Awesome job ! cant wait to play it
  14. there are always people who need to be FF'ed to death multiple times in every guild.........just because
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