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    Darkboo reacted to thomasblair in Character facing needs to lock to crosshair   
    You can currently press W and steer with the mouse.
    Crowfall doesn't really have what you think of as the derogatory keyboard turners since our AD are not "slowly orient a direction" but rather "instant turn and run in a direction". The player who uses the keyboard effectively in Crowfall to instantly change direction in combination with primary attacks and reorienting their camera at the same time has better character control than those who rely solely on mouse steering and forward movement. Oh the irony!
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    Darkboo reacted to Arkade in Sept 25th Test Announcement EU server 3-5pm CDT   
    I'm getting an error on the patcher: Unable to download manifest.
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    Darkboo reacted to ren in TEST FEEDBACK Friday and Sunday, Sept 25 & 27 Tests   
    What happens once your ticket count reaches zero? There were at least two testers last night who were already into single digits and were discussing rationing their testing time. I believe there were 1.5 games going on the West server and 0 on the East - seems a bit early to tell people to go away until the next milestone.

    (Edit: Ooops Sorry, I had missed the conversation already underway!)
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    Darkboo reacted to mal in 25 match cap   
    Thank goodness I have two accounts!!!
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    Darkboo reacted to Tyrant in Sept 27th (Sunday) Test Announcement USA servers 8-10pm CDT   
    More details coming tomorrow
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    Darkboo reacted to FenrisDDevil in Current Testing Build [urgent maybe]   
    there will be a patch 1-2 hours before the planned test
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    Darkboo got a reaction from JamesGoblin in TEST FEEDBACK – Friday, Sept 18, 4 pm – 6 pm CDT   
    I third the QUE system 
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    Darkboo reacted to Destrin in TEST FEEDBACK – Friday, Sept 18, 4 pm – 6 pm CDT   
    What blows my mind is that there have been at least 3 AAA mmos that I can recall that have launched in the last few years that did not implement or poorly implemented a queue system for launch day, and there were tears.
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    Darkboo reacted to jbigg in TEST FEEDBACK – Friday, Sept 18, 4 pm – 6 pm CDT   
    Please work on a queue if you are starting to limit testing spots.  One of the most aggravating things gaming companies do is not having a queue and forcing users to spam their servers.
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    Darkboo reacted to Pann in TEST FEEDBACK – Friday, Sept 18, 4 pm – 6 pm CDT   
    Today's playtest will have a maximum capacity of 100 players - first come, first served. If the server population is at capacity, additional players attempting to connect will see an error message telling them the server is full. 
    Stamina regen pause reduced to 3 seconds (Down from 4) Combat stamina regen rate reduced to 9 every 2 seconds (Down from 12) Out of combat stamina regen rate reduced to 19 every 2 seconds (Down from 24) Dead Characters will now only display a loot prompt if they have equipment on them. Dead avatars will correctly unequip items that are removed. Reduced campfire damage and removed any chance for a campfire crit. Eliminated a number of unexpected situations where characters would become stuck in their jumping/falling animations. Fixed resolution clipping on login screen BG and updated loading screen. Updated the victory screen with an improved UI experience.  Added ALT-Z support for hiding the HUD for better screenshots. Fixed an issue where old loot and inventory windows would persist between matches. Improve responsiveness of Hide and Show scorecard. Updated combo prompts, now highlight the ability chosen.  Implemented cool-down flashes.  Fixed an issue where sometimes you would not see all of your teammates unit frames until the match began  
    New Condemnation visual FX, adjusted hit radius to match.  Confessor FoT mechanic adjustments: After 10 seconds flames of truth will explode, dealing damage to all players around the target.  Updated Hellfire Aura Visual FX. Adjustment to Hellfire Aura damage. Now adds 90% weapon damage (Down from 180%). Hellfire Aura is now correctly removed during Immolation. Hellfire Aura is now correctly removed if the player is stunned or knocked down. Fixed an issue with Confessor Sin stacks would not be removed or display correctly. Confessor's Sin will now stack to a maximum of 5. (Down from no limit). Immolation now makes the caster immune to all damage and status effects during its duration. LEGIONNAIRE
    Reduced each swing for Legionnaire's charge damage to 80% (Down from 220%). Reduced velocity impulses on each swing, making for a more fluid experience for the caster and target. Added placeholder hit effects to all Legionnaire abilities.  
    Leap smash now makes the caster immune to all damage and status effects during its duration.
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    Darkboo reacted to dsbjon in INFO for test on Friday, Sept 18 test: 4 pm - 6 pm CDT   
    I will be out of town during this time. The 18th is my bday so have fun without me . please have a test on Thursday! around 5pm CDT! 
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    Darkboo reacted to ObsLoD in [UPDATE] Sept 16 test will go from 12 pm (Noon) to 1 pm CDT = CANCELLED   
    As a guildmate said today, I like how we are addicted to a greybox pre pre-alpha.
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    Darkboo reacted to NostrusUK in FLASH TEST, Sept 15th, 9:30am CDT   
    Well the lag issue seems to have mostly cleared up - a few spikes here and there but nothing that can't be dealt with. Good to get some proper testing done. So what bugs did I find today?
    Loot bug - repeatedly after killing someone or coming across the aftermath of a battle, I was unable to loot corpses. Not even an empty loot container showed up. If this is working as intended, I do think we should get empty containers. Team chat - after the game starts, I have to Alt key to go between camera and mouse mode, then click on the chat bar. Certainly not ideal. And that was pretty much it, aside from realising how much I have to learn.
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    Darkboo reacted to Chelvie in FLASH TEST, Sept 15th, 9:30am CDT   
    Still getting Authentication Failed.
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    Darkboo reacted to jtoddcoleman in TEST FEEDBACK Sunday Sept 13 PM Test 7-10pm CDT [CANCELLED]   
    Yeah, folks, sorry that last night's test was so bumpy.  
    We're diagnosing the problem right now; it felt (to me) like some kind of odd race condition where things are great up up to X players but as soon as you cross that threshold, performance gets worse exponentially with each additional user...
    ...but then again, I'm not an engineer.  We'll find out for certain with a bit of forensic analysis.
    As a word to the wise: keep in mind that there is only so much "artificial" testing we can do.  At some point, we can only find problems like this by subjecting the system to increased numbers of ACTUAL players, and looking for fracture points.
    It can be kind of frustrating... but it's also not unexpected.  
    You test it, you break it, you fix it.  Repeat.  That's the process.
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    Darkboo got a reaction from Albert Rock in Founders' Update: Pre-Alpha News! - Official Discussion Thread   
    exciting !!!!!!!!!!!
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    Darkboo reacted to Tyrant in Is this invite legit?   
    If's only legit if you want to play in the pre-alpha combat test. 
    Seriously, yes, we are sending you these emails and files.  We're working on automating the system to make it more seemless, but we do want people with the Alpha 1 reward to get access to the testing soonest.
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    Darkboo reacted to zinnie in Latency in Tests   
    You know whats even more concerning?
    That you felt the need to post this thread.
    ACE knows about this issue from the hundreds of reports and whining from testers in the testing threads.
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    Darkboo reacted to Tyrant in Sept 13 Test Announcement 7pm - 10pm CDT [Cancelled]   
    All Kickstarter backers with the Alpha 1 reward have been invited.  All backers with the Alpha 1 reward who backed us through April 17th have been invited.
    Get ready!
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    Darkboo reacted to Muhrder in Anonymods: The Thread   
    inb4 lock
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    Darkboo reacted to freeze in Invites coming out for first wave of Alpha 1 testers   
    Also from a pure business standpoint it makes no sense.
    I can always pay more, but I can't go back in time and pay earlier.
    You still have an advantage for having paid early, because within the respective brackets pledge # reigns supreme.
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    Darkboo reacted to Kraahk in Invites coming out for first wave of Alpha 1 testers   
    Bwahahaha, this cracked me up. Now, really, did we ever have had the same opinion? Well, i think i dimly remember a situation somewhen in march or april ... but i am not sure about this.
    Initially i thought the access would be graded by pledge-included test level, then pledge level, then ks/15. Pre-Alpha over Alpha 1. Emerald over Ruby. KS sapphire over 2015 sapphire.
    The fact hat i agree with you (that this would be common sense) and the fact that noone else seems to share this opinion, seems to lead to the conclusion: Andere Länder, andere Sitten! xD
    I was less then not happy with the actual arrangement. I expected to already be in the tests and to make videos and and and. I am not. ~shrug~
    My final thought was: Well, it is a nice thing that lower pledge levels will have a good chance to be in the tests. This will enthral more people from the medium pledge levels. Thats good. Those with the higher pledges are already bound, hum?
    And: It is much easier for ACE. Categorizing more complicated will need more time. Saving this time is good for the game.
    I was so in comfort in the end. End now you show me that this is just a Andere Länder thing. Dang you!
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    Darkboo reacted to freeze in Invites coming out for first wave of Alpha 1 testers   
    This statement holds true with a lot of possible variations.
    If high end backers only got a more colorful forum badge, it would sitll be true.
    Noone here is saying they should go back on their word and not reward earlier backers.
    I'm saying they should prioritize money on time sensitive rewards and then within those brackets reward the earlier backers.
    They'd still be doing the exact same thing they promised with the potential to earn more money. Everyone should know that early/alpha/beta access is a huge factor for what pledge level people chose.
    We're looking at a buy2play game WITH voluntary monthly subscription AND a cash shop.
    Be realistic for a second, will ya...
    They're using all emans possible to generate money and I'm not faulting them for it, but please don't act like they're some kinda saints that only do this out of kindness in their hearts.
    More money is always better. Especially when they can earn that money by doing something they previously promised in a slightly altered way.
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    Darkboo reacted to freeze in Invites coming out for first wave of Alpha 1 testers   
    Thx for stating the obvious. We already know how it's currently being handled.
    I'm saying that this method can be improved upon and maybe further incentivise people to spend more money in case they want priority within their respective bracket.
    ACE still is a business. They need money. Accusations of money grabbing in respects to prioritizing high end backers shows a lack of understanding of how the world works, sorry
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    Darkboo reacted to freeze in Invites coming out for first wave of Alpha 1 testers   
    by rewarding money over "loyalty"?
    can't make a game with loyalty, you need money.
    Pledge level should have precedence over pledge number. You can still reward lower pledge numbers within the corresponding pools. This is not exclusive to the current test. This should be the case for all rewards that are time sensitive.
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