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  1. And if hes not being serious, then someone out there is getting good advice by reading this forum! There you go! Its not wasted time to someone, maby even the mean ones have found some sort of insight for their lives and hopefully it helps them out too! "your welcome" enjoy your lives while you can!
  2. Positive spreads positive, and negative spreads negative. You will find that if your positive people will be attracted to you and want to hang around with you, and if your negative people tend to want to stay away from you, because you will tend to bring them down with you the old saying "Misery loves company" is in effect! Only you can turn around your life, If your job is so bad, quit and find another where you can cook, there are plenty of places to be a cook at. Look at your options and see which one of those options is best for your future and will guide you to where you want to be. Colleges have cooks, Retirement homes have cooks, Fast food restaurants have cooks, McDonalds, Burger king whatever have cooks, it a good place holder until you find a job as a cook in a place you want, Find a Culinary school apply there and become a cook for a fancy place a cruise line, resort etc.... If you are single then there are lots of options in the Virgin Isle's for a cook at a resort, and you dont need a car there, to get around a bike or scooter is suffice. (and even suggested) heres a starting point for you (www.starwood.jobs) / www.starwoodhotels.com check out the careers section As far as your neighbor, If your negative she will not want to be around you especially if she is positive, all your doing is keeping her at bey with your own negativity. Hopefully that helps. (and keep in mind there are those out there that are far worse off than you!)
  3. After looking more closely at the archetypes i don't know which one is the healer! OK so we need a Cleric Archetype! And a male assassin! as well!
  4. Well i hope they have some sort of healing!! I didnt see a cleric so im just guessing the templar may have healing (i could have also missed a cleric type while looking through the different ones! lol)
  5. I would love to see a halberd on this guy! I love the halberd such a damage type weapon! Plus good blocking abilities! Great mace is nice too!
  6. I picked Templar. since it seems to be a tank healer, which i like, my second would be the assassin!
  7. There have been terms thrown around like "Partial PVP" (sometimes you PVP sometimes you dont) "Minimal loot PVP" which meant partial loot if any. terms like PVPPVE is stupid, when your playing PVP your PVP when you playing PVE your PVE. So basically your either one or the other depending on what you are doing at the moment. Other terms for PVP tend to dumb down PVP to its minimal abilities. Which in turn takes from PVP! I personally am PVP and PVE, when im out fighting other people (real people) Im PVP, when im just killing off monsters in the game etc.. Im PVE. I play both but enjoy PVP the best.
  8. Theres already too many terms for both, that is what has been destroying what i know of as PVP. To me PVP is just two people killing each other off, competing over resources etc... there should be only 2 terms PVP and PVE (my own outlook on it...PVE player versus Environment (game mechanics or a single player game), with a certain story you have to follow to complete it. PVP - player versus player i see you i dont like you for whatever reason i kill you and take your stuff and i can still RP a white knight or a dark knight depending on how i feel,and no certain story to follow to enjoy a game, PVP in my opinion is good for getting people together from all sides of gaming to accomplish one goal, domination. The good thing about that that keeps the gamer going in place of a story, is there will always be another group of people that dont agree with you so they will try to dominate your plans! PVP how sweet it is (and no end game, just a constant one!)
  9. I am a backer of Shroud of the Avatar and Crowfall, they both have there perspective placing, The Devs/Mods are very PVE orientated, so if your PVP you can really never win an arguement in the forums, or even mention PVP without PVE jumping all over you! You as PVP will get moderated and banned eventually the mods are very bias! the PVE people will always get the best of you since most of the mods and devs are PVE! So lets start with this one "Crowfall" To me it seemed to be more of a PVP type game (kingdom vs Kingdom, people Vs people) and they are building around that aspect (or so it seems that way to me, unless i missed something? Which i hope i didnt since i spent stupid amounts of money on both this one and shroud) So i look at crowfall as more of a PVP oriented type game, which i like! I really look forward to the outcome of this game! I think i will like it alot! Now lets talk about Shroud of the Avatar, The Devs/Mods are very PVE orientated, so if your PVP you can really never win an arguement in the forums, or even mention PVP without PVE jumping all over you! You as PVP will get moderated and banned eventually, the mods are very bias! the PVE people will always get the best of you since most of the mods and devs are PVE! The graphics are excellent, the combat you have to get used too, but it is playable, i enjoy it when im on playing with my guild or friends (it is in alpha but you can still play it depending on your pledge level), they do change things if suggestions are made, they have changed many things based on what the people want so far. Also if your Dev+ in your pledge then you also get to play on a separate server with the devs trying new things out before it is released! I think it will be a great game. but more so for the PVe'r. Well lets just say it is really built around PVE, personally i dont want to follow a storyline, id rather make my own, so i avoid most of that (if i want to play PVE there are plenty of single player games out there just for that) you constantly hear that PVP never Rps (which is BS since we do i play a hunter of evil things so i consider my game play as looking for something evil or bad and killing it) i would call that Rp! So to sum it up Crowfall - i dont really know much about it but it sounds like something id like! Shroud of the Avatar - is fun in its own way but basically built around PVE and RP. (its worth checking out if you havent already) (PVP is still in the game just not as much for it yet) i hope it will have more PVP things later on in development, it is still being developed and they project it will be out next year. Star Citizen i know nothing about!
  10. how so? becuase i played WOW for one month and quit? If you want to really get in depth with me, instead of throwing accusations around you wouldve asked what other games i played besides WOW, i wouldve told you UO as a pk hunter, who learned how to survive in PVP from Pkers, or "reds" as we called them. I also wouldve told you i was a Guildmaster of a Pk Hunter Guild, and all we did was kill off reds. (which we were excellent at) and when this game starts up ill start it all over again and then you can really see what kind of player i am, instead of fooling yourself or leading other followers of yours to thier demise! (can we say sheep in here?) if so stop leading your flock to the wolves!
  11. you know honestly, after hearing you can destroy other player kingdoms, forts or whatever, that kinda sounds like PVP, then you can gather alliances and go take over other kingdoms (run by players) pvp also, so there may be some monsters in the game (pve) but when your fighting each other and the monsters show up and im still fighting you, i would still call that PVP. pretty much in a nutshell that is how i understood it. So hopefully i wont have to run around and look for a big yellow exclaimation point or question mark! I can just build alliances and dominate other kingdoms and players! (now ive never played eve online so i dont know what that is like, but i do know there are alot of people killing each other in Game of Thrones, and i like that comparison!
  12. 2 or 3 things are going to happen eventually with this conversation, 1 i get banned (nothing new), 2 people make themselves look dumb or 3 they lock this thread! Like in PVP im game for whatever! When i do get killed in a PVP match i dont whine! I learn! Then i just get better thanks to the one that killed me! Nobody is immortal or a PVP god everyone eventually dies to someone! Its how you take that defeat........will you learn from it and get better? Will you whine about it? or will you just simply just go away! Its interesting to see which direction people will actually go!
  13. its much better to experience it than just hear it i promise
  14. Just because i play PVP??? Im always editing my posts, so that would be nothing new. I just edited what i was typing but please keep attacking me it just makes me more likely to play my PVP game! You want nice go play candyland
  15. I may have been late to the table on this, buuuuuut, this whole game is built around PVP! If you dont like it goplay Shroud of the Avatar, it will be easier for you to survive there! Unless of course you cross paths with me and are in PVP mode!
  16. Snowblind - Scimitar with freezing effects. Archangel - Sword for Pally types with healing effects. Bloodlet - Sword that causes more than average bleeding out damage. Stormbringer - 2 handed hammer with lightening damage. Soulstealer - Sword that suck your life out and gives to wielder. thats all i can think of at the moment but im sure ill come up with more!
  17. Viking type armor, weapons and houses. Id pay to get all that! Dragons like big azz ones that take a group to defeat! Eventually tame them and turn your enemies fortifications to burning embers and flame, while you and your Dragon Riders fly off to the next city to destroy! Dragon Armor - the attire for above! I had to edit this - all could be purchased in game accept the dragon!
  18. recently Shroud of the Avatar (still in beta) looks as if PVE has pull there more so than PVP at the moment we may pull ahead thanks to a DEV who is PVP, but the graphics are awesome (unity 5) UO since it first came out up until about 5 months ago. WOW it was fun at first. end of statement. AOC, LoTR, DAO (god i hope they go fully online!) Rift. UO so far has kept my addiction the longest!
  19. they should look like Drizzt do'urden, Then R.A. Salvator may put forth some cash and help make this game come out faster!!!!
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