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  1. That certainly is a valid point. I think there is a bit of a trip up on the idea of giving everyone guns. I feel like the flintlock and black powder style rifles and pistols do work in fantasy if they are done well. Another point is that I did talk about medium humanoids but I guess I could add that it would probably make less sense for the bestial races. Minotuars, Centaurs, Stoneborn, Elkin and Half-giants all probably have larger hands and may or may not vary more in size than the generally standard sized humans, elves, fae and other potential races.
  2. As suggested by the Crowfall twitter account, I am here to present a suggestion about allowing perhaps another race(s) to become Duelists or a gun related major discipline. Putting aside any personal likes or dislikes about having race unique classes my main thought is this. Why have the Guineceans not shared their gun technology with other races? Surely some of them are allied with other races via a god or via the broader categories of order, balance and chaos; or perhaps even within a guild? I think it is a neat and unique idea to have the Guineceans develop the guns. It reminds me a bit of
  3. I got one of these emails, but the information my account now gives me for beta vs alpha testing access differs from what the kickstarter pledge said.
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