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  1. nighteyes

    The Hive

    My hope is that they stagger the beta groups in, and don't split us up on different servers. I like to do a little rescher before I make a new character, in a new game. and with a possible 30 skill points, It shouldn't be too hard to screw yourself, if you don't know what you're doing. I do have some experience in guild Vs guild but I'm new to the siege concept. I have been trying to brush up on it from the SB guys but it looks like there adding even more element to it, so it would be nice to get some pointer before I make a character
  2. I don't know how you can kill with kindness, but a battle axe on the other hand works well
  3. nighteyes

    The Hive

    I have no expectations of doing well at the start of beta, when the game goes live on the other hand I want to make people cry
  4. They're doing a hell of a job of marketing right now. I don't see us getting much of any information tell the timer runs out
  5. nighteyes

    The Hive

    No mechanics, all we have got is some artwork to go off. My bet is we won't get mechanics tell the timer runs out
  6. I guess if it is done right it could work, but if I put more time in to my character then the person I am fighting, I want a slight advantage. If I can lose all that because my net cut out its going to be hard for me to really get into the game
  7. nighteyes

    The Hive

    DMT hmmm Dimethyltryptamine?
  8. I know its funny to put that in this forum I just couldn't take it any more LOL. You putting Wizard101, Pirate101. and Pokemon in the same sentence, was my breaking point. Right now there very few forum you can go to and not see something about wiz. You have to admit that the only thing in that game that was somewhat challenging was PvP
  9. Please please please stop trying to defend wizard101 we are so far away from that game here its not even funny. we all want something completely different from it or we wouldn't be here. I am all for us using the game as sense of community, but there's no point in us bring it up every thread
  10. I saw in some SB videos that would bunch up the players in a small spot and, have the priests stand off to the sides healing them. I was wondering why the the opposing force wasn't trying to take them out first? where they big tanks?
  11. nighteyes

    The Hive

    I'm just here to make the river's run red with the blood of my conquered enemies!
  12. Hopefully he's ready to get back to the blood and gore
  13. "Well, I sort of had my fill of gore on Shadowbane, and was interested in doing something more light-hearted. And I noticed there was a pretty big gap in the market: there are virtual worlds made for younger players (Club Penguin, ToonTown) and of course there are offerings for older players (WOW, Warhammer). But once a player outgrows the "kiddie offerings", where do they go? It seemed like a good idea to aim for something in between." pulled it off this http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/362/feature/3248/page/1
  14. No cash shop at all please! I want to actually have to play the game to get what I need, not just simply buy it
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