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  1. As a foreigner, I think you guys should just split up and then war over who gets to keep calling themselves America.
  2. Great idea. This forum is far too busy and cluttered to have two such threads creating a jambalaya of confusion! Upon coming into this forum this morning I was so shocked the monocle fell right off my face. "Two similar threads in an Off-Topic?!?", I said, "TWO THREADS?! Why this simply won't do! They must be combined at once lest the very fabric that holds our fragile society in twain should be torn asunder." Truly, I was in the middle of penning a letter to be sent by carrier pigeon requesting the matter be handled with all due urgency, but 'lo and behold HungerMod has come to my rescue
  3. halethrain


    Again, Shenmue 3, a project that is being published by Sony Entertainment, a publicly traded corporation, is currently in a Kickstarter. They paraded it out during their E3 conference, leveraging a huge media platform combined with fan nostalgia literally breaking records for KS funding on a game they were already publishing to begin with. That's not really true unless you Kickstart the minimum amount. Just about everyone that Kickstarted Crowfall will receive the game in return. Kickstarter Rewards are delayed returns on investment. just not monetary returns. However, the whole poin
  4. halethrain


    Let me remind you of what you said: Now lets look at the Kickstarter page for Crowfall in the FAQ section:
  5. halethrain


    I'm going to ignore the rest of your post because this is the only part that matters. You're wrong. There was outside investment prior to Kickstart, in addition to the founders funds. https://www.google.ca/search?q=crowfall+outside+investment&oq=crowfall+outside+investment&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i64.2792j0j7&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=122&ie=UTF-8
  6. My current build looks something like this
  7. halethrain


    Most major Kickstarters have outside investment lined up prior to the Kickstarter, including ACE. To answer your question: there are a lot of reasons why people wouldn't purchase stock instead. Firstly, it's more complicated for both parties to do. Second, there's no social media platform for stock. Third, there are a lot more laws surrounding purchasing equity than there are for pre-ordering a product/service.
  8. halethrain


    It's not that far fetched. While Shenmue 3 is technically being kickstarted by Ys Net, Sony was the one responsible for it, and have already claimed they will consider more kickstarters in the future. Investors want to mitigate risk when possible, and Kickstarter is increasingly being looked at as a platform to gauge interest, create buzz, and reduce risk.
  9. Eminem was definitely in on the act. He pretty consistently plays the straight man in comedic bits.
  10. Recommending Dexter is like recommending a delicious ice cream cone with a pile of dog crap at the very bottom of it. It's so good to begin with, but ends up leaving nothing but a nasty taste in your mouth regretting the entire thing.
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