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  1. The way that I interpret the exchange is: Viking is right that combat should be both important and executed well Coolwaters is right that the reprecussions of said battle and how it effects the world also be executed well. Both will need to work to make the game unique and keep the different playerbases interested Battle without meaning eventually loses flavor but long term consequences could be remembered for years
  2. I would hope that the players that played Shadowbane do not exist in a vacuum and continue to both play and enjoy games up until 2016. I also agree that their was a toxic element to Shadowbane that should not be overlooked. With that being said, the people that I see in this thread that disagree with you are responding as clarification of opinion rather than just blanket statements that should be accepted as proof. People can like both peanut butter and jelly, they do not have to pick just one. As with most types of internet interaction, it is hard to convey emotion in text.
  3. I guess the point I am trying to make is this: Why does it matter if others enjoyed Shadowbane despite its faults? It is not my place to tell someone that their opinion is wrong and their passion for something is stupid. If you enjoyed Shadowbane that's cool. If you didn't, that's cool too. There are a lot of games out there that people play that I never did or will understand the attraction too but I am cool with it because at the end of the day we are all gamers. I dig the idea of Crowfall and hope that everyone here continues the passion to keep the community alive
  4. That still doesn't explain the venom that you seem to have towards Shadowbane. I respect your opinion on combat and the reasoning as to why you stopped playing Shadowbane. I respect the opinion that Shadowbane was a fun game that had many elements to enjoy despite the technical issue it experienced. What I don't understand is why you are attacking others opinions on that specific topic. It is ok for people to disagree without it getting personal.
  5. I stated in my post above that I agree that combat is important and integral to the over success of this game and I agree with most of Vikings bullet points. I did not play Shadowbane so have no dog in the race. However I just do not understand why number four is included "Those who succeed in games with higher skill-ceiling and play modern games frequently in general have a better understanding of what ACE is going for than people who were unable to adapt and only played shadowbane and then later" This is stated as a fact and is just derogatory towards anyone that played Shadowban
  6. I find this thread fascinating because not only has it gone on for 13 pages, but it also keeps changing the point that is being argued. I think that since we have seen combat testing in the Hunger Dome, we can assume that barring some really drastic changes, combat will be a similar form to what we have now. If we use that as a logical assumption then anyone that is currently commenting on the forums has tested it enough to stick around. That means that if you are a Shadowbane fan and are still here then you at least accept the direction combat is going. I think that VN is right th
  7. This is definitely a tough question to answer mainly because we have not actually seen all the archetypes in action. Concept art looks cool but without knowing the details for the remaining archetypes, other than buzz words like support, tank, etc... it is just hard to say. With that being said, I have really had my eye on the stalker. I played a lot of Wow and usually found myself playing two different classes. Paladin (Healadin) as my main that I used for all of the raiding, crafting, and 5 mans. I love support roles and usually gravitate towards healers in general. Hunter as my
  8. This question may have been asked in other threads but I am curious about how building strongholds and settlements in the world will work. Is this something where there are nodes that are randomly generated that can be built upon or is it that any place can be used to build at and cities will then be built organically to the flows of the world? Also, if one guild starts a settlement can other players that are not part of the guild build upon it or will they just build near it creating a market or town around an existing structure? Just curious because this will definitely be someth
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