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  1. The game is in the pre-alpha testing phase, 70% of the player base is waiting for release, or new content to test. Hell, I dropped money on the kick starter and didn't come back until about 2 weeks ago. What are you even?
  2. Just bought one for a friend on Saturday darn. Muh $10!
  3. OP is speaking more toward the need of having to physically eat food items, not so much the general idea of "The Hunger".
  4. When you can no longer stick it out in the campaign, there will always be others you can join. As I understand it, if your side loses a campaign you will have reduced amount of exports at the end of the campaign. There will be multiple campaigns going at any given time with different difficulties and rule sets.
  5. Almost every MMO in the past 10 years has had some form of "Food/Eating", and I like the way Crowfall is making food an integral part of the game. "Apples all day long"... Do you think they're not going to introduce new recipes that heal 5 food at a time? I don't think they're gonna stop at apples. I'm sorry if you don't understand the fineries of war, and can't grasp the fact that people who can't eat don't tend to live/fight very long. When Winter hits and the amount of exports you have are on the line at the end of the campaign, it's anything goes. If you can't fight the zerg, you can definitely hurt their food supply. It's almost as if they thought of that. And it is a game, a strategy game.
  6. With the passive skill system they're trying to remove the "I'VE GOTTA PLAY NOW OR I'LL FALL BEHIND" feeling that every single MMO has ever had.
  7. Where do you get this 1-3% figure? Based on the people who log into the Alpha testing environment that isn't open to all players yet? Based on the numbers of active forum users? I for one who purchased a kickstarter pack the instant it became available, haven't visited the forums in over 2 years. I just came back with the introduction of Patch 5.7. Back then I knew almost regardless of how the game would come out, I would play it. That's only because of my bias, as I've been dreaming of a spiritual successor to Shadowbane for over a decade. So don't take these arbitrary numbers into account. Also, are you comparing a long standing extremely well established mmo's steaming numbers to one that is currently in development? Now onto the actual topic, Skill training. I don't particularity like it but I understand why they chose to go that route, and can't complain as it directly benefits me. I have a job, an actual 9-5 that I'm sure a lot of other people have as well. (kind of a part of the whole "society" thing) This means that I will always be at a disadvantage to others who have more time to put forth to the grind. I play Rust, a group oriented PVP sandbox FPS that is centered around crafting guns and building bases to protect your loot and raiding other player's bases, or at least I use to play. I love the game to death, I've played it for more than 5000 hours, can't get enough of it. But without the time necessary to sink into it to protect your base and loot, there's no point in playing. It's a sad thing to realize. Rust is suffering from a hardcore only type of gameplay that punishes, or basically handicaps players who have real life commitments. To an extent ArtCraft trying to remove this negative aspect from Crowfall giving everyone a level playing field. There's a pun in there somewhere. This doesn't mean I won't still be at a disadvantage, those same players who don't have a job or school will be able to farm in the spring much longer than I would, and at off peak times, making it easier for them. That being said, I do not like how disposable vessels feel. They feel like they have no investment, for how little attributes affect stats. I do not like how the vessels name is pointless, as it displays account names for all characters. I know that this isn't a finished product, and comparing the game in it's current state to how it will be released is stupid. I would still like to see something in addition to the passive skill tree, possibly similar to Runescape/EQ where using the weapon type in actual battle increases your skill with the weapon type.
  8. Are you sure that the 7$ isn't just tax? Seems like tax to me.
  9. I played Treachery along side The Knights of Glory and Beer as Aperion the Meek before they started shutting down the lower pop servers. I think we all moved to corruption, but it just didn't feel the same, then I got caught up on the test server and started to enjoyed the frequent wipes and increased rates.. Golden age of gaming for me
  10. I have HBO Now, I don't want to watch the leaked episodes simply because I'd have to wait 5 weeks to watch the 5th lol.
  11. Peter Dinklage delivers such an amazing performance, if anything the series is worth to watch his Tyrion.
  12. In my experience, I tend to enjoy games that follow a sort of, Rock, Paper, Scissors-ish balance style. Something like Fire Emblem's weapon system, or something similar.
  13. Adding in naval combat at this stage may derail the production of Crowfall, if anything they can start to consider it later on down the road after the games already released, maybe the first big update?
  14. Shadowbane players were willing to wait years before even seeing anything from the emulator projects, I think we can survive on what we've been given for a couple more, but based on what I've seen, and who is behind this project, I don't think we'll have too long to wait.
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