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  1. I often run as a free agent in these games but I must admit, I'm paying attention to LoD because I know you fellas are competent PVPrs. Albion will be a decent time-waster until Crowfall me thinks. Mucking around with that and getting a feel. Haven't played in well over a year... This was fun to watch:
  2. As long as there are counters to such gameplay available, fine, but we do not want to recreate the early horrors of DAoC rangers vs everyone else. I haven't yet looked in detail at all the proposed changes, but I'm assuming that counters will be built in to most proposed Runes, etc. and that's how it should be. Not everyone will have such counters, but it's important that someone does. I might even play a balanced ranger myself. I enjoy the one I play in Skyrim, for example.
  3. Hehe, sorry. Yeah, the old name game. Keeping consistent handles from one game to another can be a serious challenge, especially when I hate adding guild tags to my nicks. Sometimes you just feel the need for something fresh, too. Crowfall feels like a game that sort of deserves a fresh start.
  4. Holy balls, I started reading through the first PDF (great stuff) and some of the quotes got me reminiscing about Kill Cult's early days back on the Deception server. That quote from Balinor ("We are hugely outnumbered by the RPers again!") made me grimace. Been there, done that!! I salute you again, LoD. Looking forward to seeing you in this game. I doubt I'll be running with Kill Cult this go-around, more than likely I'll have a small crew of my own, but if we cross paths and you need an ally, just shout. Which reminds me, I recently stumbled upon a cache of old SB screensho
  5. Shadowbane is the only game I've cut work for. It's also the only game that I've pulled treacherous diplomatic moves in that make a Team Diplomacy tournament pale in comparison. The only game I've awoken an entire guild for at 3 AM and nobody complained. I built cities of legend and helped knock down walls and crush enemies. I had a dwarf running around Lankhmar once screaming in terror from my minotaur and conversed with defeated enemies thanking me for not "hitting me with that big stick" again. Shadowbane: I love you.
  6. Yes, something like that, though I think the server war had already been in full swing before that. I sort of started it by forcing the Defenders of Order to attack another alliance based on principal and a promise. They had no idea I was a member of Kill Cult at the time because I met with them as part of the Council of Tradewind.
  7. Me. I was one of the founders of KC.
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