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  1. Companies used to have hyper-qualified QA engineers on the payroll, too.
  2. Everybody is making valid points in this thread. Except perhaps Blazzen.
  3. +1 Party loot options should have been added long ago.
  4. 10 minutes is a blink in the life of a level 5 keep that takes several real life days to build up for any medium-sized, dedicated guild in Crowfall. Medieval style defenses were designed from the outset to benefit a smaller occupying force, but this is definitely not how the game mechanics are currently "working." Short version: I'm in agreement with the OP. PS Bane trees need a buff, too. Fair is fair.
  5. Hmm. So new player, I've only recently returned to the game after several years absence, arriving around 3 weeks post-launch. I'm in an established guild making some good relations with great gamers. How did I do it? I asked to join. Yes, it was that simple. Do I look for handouts from said guild? No. But how do you make 6 level 30 toons, all geared, 1 a crafter, 1 a harvester, if the game is "so grindy"? You theory craft. Try it. It's fun. You buy the right gear for that character build. You go find a spot in the Starter worlds and test that build. Get fun prizes while you're doing it. Tweak the build. Get better. Rinse. Repeat. I can easily make 10k in less than an hour without even breaking a sweat just from grinding the right toon at the right camp. More if I'm including how much I'll get from selling white gear to vendors. I raised my crafter to 30 without her ever leaving a city based on just the white sacrifice items alone. I save all the colored sac items for helping level the vessels I'm going to end up in. In other words, I'm learning to play the game. Less complain. More gain. Try it. PS And yes, in my spare time I help my guild and go get myself killed in Dregs. Good times. So-so game mechanics. (Shrink the sizes, ACE. Hugs.)
  6. People don't call me silly. You're a unique bunny.
  7. The IGN review is a rant from start to finish. I'm sure the reviewer thinks he's being fair, but based on my own experience in the game, I don't think he made any real effort to highlight positives in the slightest. So, in the end, I don't view it as a fair review, no.
  8. More like: If you're not going to be fair in a review you shouldn't be reviewing for a profession.
  9. Reduce guild size. Reduce Alliances size. Defenders should be able to choose the time of day for any defense.
  10. Just stop. The game does not NEED an auction house. You want what you want.
  11. Yes, for the love of everything that is holy (or unholy), give us a checkbox to toggle EK Build Mode on/off.
  12. Sounds missing: Mounts - no steps or audibles (eg howls, etc) in temple or Lunarium/outdoors from own mount. Also seems that sounds from other players' mounts are impacted as well, but their own character footsteps are audible. - Tested so far on epic spider, swift quarter horse and wolf, 3 different toons) NOTE: Splash in creeks, etc. can be heard when first entering the water, but not while crossing for any sizable distance. Punching a tree (tested on Half-giant cleric) Spells!? - No impact sound with Hand of the Gods - No impact sound: Holy Symbol
  13. Good luck to the next team of devs that ever attempts to bring a PVP MMO game to market. There's only one other that I can think of currently in the works, and yes, per usual, I put money down for that one, too. I'm done with these threads. Y'all are so GD negative it makes me ill.
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