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  1. I often run as a free agent in these games but I must admit, I'm paying attention to LoD because I know you fellas are competent PVPrs. Albion will be a decent time-waster until Crowfall me thinks. Mucking around with that and getting a feel. Haven't played in well over a year... This was fun to watch:
  2. As long as there are counters to such gameplay available, fine, but we do not want to recreate the early horrors of DAoC rangers vs everyone else. I haven't yet looked in detail at all the proposed changes, but I'm assuming that counters will be built in to most proposed Runes, etc. and that's how it should be. Not everyone will have such counters, but it's important that someone does. I might even play a balanced ranger myself. I enjoy the one I play in Skyrim, for example.
  3. 1) Bull, not cow. The cows are in the pasture. 2) I'd rather be able to swing my choice of two-handed weapons.
  4. Also had same problem and this solution/work-around did the trick for me as well. Thanks! Client definitely needs to point at main displays upon setup though. I'm sure that'll get fixed pretty quickly...
  5. It just dawned on me that I never properly introduced myself on this forum. It also just so happens that I have recently done a lot of introducing of myself online in other places, so let's do this. It's nostalgia time!: Video Link I will be streaming the hell out of Crowfall on my new Twitch channel, once I have access. I hope to see many of you great folks dropping by to say hello. Thank you and I look forward to meeting more of you soon. Stormcrow AKA DoctorSax AKA Dreadlord Vendetta (Atlantic Server), et al.
  6. Let us not forget that this is also a fantasy game, and if I can't get my armor enchanted, somebody is going to get the bull horns. Enchanted armor FTW.
  7. Melee weapons should be essential for rangers when engaged closer than 6 feet away, because quite frankly, unlike the TV show 'Arrow' likes to portray, bows make incredibly poor weapons for HtH and are incredibly fragile compared to any standard melee weapon like a sword, mace, etc. I think DAoC handled ranged classes well enough. Situations and proximity dictated what weapons a ranger would go to. It appears to me that ArtCraft is going to work to make sure Rangers in Crowfall are not one-trick ponies, allowing players to decide just how much specialization they apply to melee vs rang
  8. Sorry, but that old argument 'this is a game, not a simulation' is actually in-fact erroneous. This IS a simulation. Many games are simulations. The best online games draw upon reality, just like the best fiction does. This isn't a card game on a table. A chess match on a square. This is in very many ways a simulation, from crating, to movement, from combat to death. If it isn't grounded in logic and some reality, imbalances will definitely pop-up where they could have been avoided by sticking to a real-world model. I have a metric ton of PVP experience, having played against arch
  9. I predict people will communicate with good crafters in whatever method the crafters prefer.
  10. Tracking = counter to stealthing, and beast archetypes should/could reign supreme in tracking perhaps? One might logically conclude that a Minotaur would be incredibly hard to sneak up on due to better hearing and smell than a human. Just a for instance. Also because I'm going to be running a minotaur. Yeah. There's that.
  11. It's not a tax on the class. It's a layer of realism and, much more importantly, a balance for what is typically a HUGE advantage to ranged classes over melee when the ranged class has unlimited ammo. And don't act like you don't know that. Seriously.
  12. Stormcrow


    That's actually a pretty cool idea.
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