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  1. Remember there are things other than guilds. Dregs is not a guild based campaign, it is FFA and your alliances are built on kneeling not what guild you are in. Shadows are guild based. Then you have the faction locked campaigns, one a 3 way war and another is a 12 way war. Having them be randomly spread out forces exploration, a large crystal spire screams "here's the resources" and rather destroys the point of exploring the map and keeping track of movements.
  2. Passive training of skills makes any loss of skills on death a no go. This means every death costs you money (subscribing = extra skill point generation on other characters, if a death cuts into skill points you effectively say every death costs money). Skill point penalties only work in active acquisition games. Your death penalty is so harsh that you effectively penalize players for playing the game. This is a PvP game, virtually anything other than the penalty we already have (massive durability damage/looting) makes death so penalizing that you cause people to fight less and make the campaigns boring. You die, and end up respawning a 4th of a map away, you are already out of the fight for a long while, making people have lower stats and move slower on top of it? Why even fight? The point is to encourage combat not make it so detrimental people only fight if they have overwhelming zerg ball numbers to ensure victory. The harsh death penalty also favors attackers, as every defender you kill, despite them respawning inside their fort is weaker and weaker. This goes against a basic tenant of siege warfare, the defenders need to have the upper hand for as long as the walls hold and their supplies hold. This means they don't get weaker, you come prepared with siege equipment and take time setting up and protecting it to knock down the walls robbing them of their advantage.
  3. The stalker is a "hunter" a ranged DPS...it likely will be anti-stealth. If you want stealth and being a scout, ranger is your best bet as a specialist is more likely to have access to stealth. So far it would appear like the specialist symbol with a mask are the stealthers. Currently only assassin and ranger. So there are your typical scouts. Typical MMO's that revolve around team tactics rarely allow stealth and anti stealth in the same class, it makes it more team/group oriented if you split up such things. Such as making debuffs either magical or physical and splitting the cleanses for them among the classes so no one class can handle both.
  4. Leiloni, if you cannot handle dr screwing with your combos then you are showing a lack of skill to adapt as things don't go as you'd like IMO. Combos are more skill dependent if there are NO stuns of any kind thus forcing you to figure out ways to deal with long animations or directional lockouts rather than removing your opponents ability to even play. Stuns remove skill. An interrupt is a far better choice than a stun. The knight's leap skill is not an avoidance measure, it is an aoe pull attack. The point of it is to set up a group of enemies for other classes aoe nukes.
  5. Not if you give the tank knockdowns/knockbacks, protection mechanics, and debuffs.
  6. Pretty much this. Thief will be a pointless archetype or discipline. You will be watched as strangers/outsiders won't be trusted, any wrong move and you die...or you simply die because...no reason they just want you dead. Of course the even more likely and popular "its a thief archetype" *gank, loot corpse, send out scouts, gank again...and again...and again....* Without sprawling npc cities and the like, thief is pointless. EK you say? Yeah everyone would just have the settings turned so you can't steal anything. If you are sneaky you don't need to be a thief to sneak into an enemy town and just take things from their storage areas.
  7. That's the point, ranged players will have to play much more carefully or their own people will simply kill them over and over again till they learnt o knock off the aoe spam. Melee will have it really bad in the dog packs that happen in any PvP game. Those frontal cone aoes will overlap like crazy and half the damage you take could easily be your buddy next to you.
  8. I think prompting to destroy a friends corpse to prevent it from being looted is perfectly within lore, specifically the ranger's lore mentions burning corpses. People have already talked about doing this specifically to screw over those winning. It's not exactly hard to drop and destroy items from an inventory quickly. You can even do it while stunned in most games! As for torching your own caravans, people actually did that back in the day to prevent an enemy from getting resources. You want to capture it than your attack has to be swift and get everyone into it so they don't have a chance to do that.
  9. However it is something than can show up as turned off in any ring. People need to stop thinking rules are tied to rings, most rules outside of the factions available/alliances available are able to be swung to any ring. That's the joy of Crowfall.
  10. oridi, I miss those days...used to be apart of a group that was on the 'short list' for testing. That group used to challenge one another to how many times we could break a game in a day, even using pair and group dynamics to try and break the game. Those were fun times... These days most alpha testing is in house and beta is random sign up rather than looking for those that have actually tested previous games or at least those who understand it is a test and is not permanent.
  11. Ok, I've been busy lately and may have missed this but when did they say mounts have limited charges? As that sorta makes getting them in the KS reward list seem...pointless if they aren't permanent. As for the OP...I actually like lil'fireworks as a reminder of a character attaining a year.
  12. QFT Honestly...when it comes to alpha they better do a better job than every MMO since WoW and TOR. A LOT of early backers today are whiners and horrible people to have inside of an alpha environment. They whine about tooltips not being complete, glitches, stat sheets being random incomprehensible code gibberish....etc. The sheer volume of whining from people has led to changes in games that frankly have caused issues with what they were promising and showcasing before the testing. I highly suggest that many...many...notifications are made to people that if you complain about things that are by necessity not finalized and constant complaints regarding it will get you removed (and actually do it) from the alpha AND beta testing. Alphas are messy. The land is rarely completely functioning...falling off the map is common, abilities not functioning or even lacking animations is common (usually because the animations aren't being triggered right), character deletion every day is common...it is not a finished game. Heck betas aren't finished games...yet the number of "testers" that fail to recognize this is staggering.
  13. This explains it all, has nothing to do with what they look like, they could be an amorphous blob and they would be insanely popular with these kind of effects on gameplay.
  14. That is too easily planned for. It should be random so you never know who's hill becomes the last hill standing. Otherwise a large guild will simple take over the middle and have a nigh guaranteed win. If the map shrinks it has to be random so no one can plan for it. Albiet I would only make it semi random, locations of large battles should be the start points for the hunger spreading. So constant attacks against the same locations could make them ground zero for hunger which makes POIs even harder to hold, and defenses crumble quickly from the hunger meaning you can't heavily fortify he POIs now either. Would be an interesting thing to attach to some campaigns as an optional ruleset.
  15. Pretty much this. I admit, I will likely be playing in the 12 way war maps more than others. Yet you have to take a look at how you implement EKs with a small eye to those who will never leave the dregs (which are no import universally supposedly) so it comes down to how do you implement EK ideas in which these people will either not care, or at least use somewhat. Mind you, if they never leave the dregs or use the EK it shouldn't matter what the EK gets as they aren't going to use it anyway as well so...they really shouldn't complain or grumble in the slightest as the EK is simply making use of systems being designed for the CW so no real extra work involved. Crafting is done simply by building that workplace in your own EK. No crafting bench is unique so there is no reason for anyone to pay to use one. We know that relics will provide passive bonuses to people, and that some relics will have some usefull effects even if only 1-2%. To dregs only players that have kickstarter bonuses with buildings, this is no big deal. They can place their free buildings, place the relics in them and then ignore it. Players that don't have quite the freebies, well, they will have to allocate a small bit of time to the upkeep of their EK just to keep their passives. 10 min a week isn't much to ask so frankly it is negligible and grumbling about that is nitpicky. However, an interesting side effect to crafting in the EK is that, it may just be that the best of the best gear can only be truly created and put together in the EK and imported into campaigns. Lets say the best that a minotaur can ever have is a full set of dragonbone weapons and armor, but there is only one dragon in a CW and often no dragons at all. One dragon only gives enough mats to make 1 or 2 dragonbone items of the highest quality. This means you have to export and craft them all out in the EK if you want a full set of the best of the best for that minotaur. Will it work this way? I don't know. I hope it does if only to make import campaigns actually have a different feel. If there is nothing unique to be made, there is little real difference in such campaigns which rather loses the point of them other than you are equipped when you spawn into the world. It also separates the type of combat you will see. Important campaigns have those who built up resources wearing the best they can get, while dredges are more survivalistic making do with whatever works. It gives more flavor to the campaigns. If it doesn't work that way? Import campaigns simply hasten the creation of fortifications and nothing else, which is rather boring, and lowers the importance of the ultra rare crafting materials frankly. Which lowers the point of the in game economy. The more you lower the point of the economy, the less people will stay to play the game. Games with crappy in world economies quickly become abandoned, or quickly find themselves having problems retaining new players.
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