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  1. I had an entire build in Archeage designed to stun and slow and lock people down underwater till they drowned >.> Kriptik had a good idea however, if arrows/fire are coming at you, diving under the water would put out most flames (most...greek fire would just make you burn underwater and is bad bad juju) and the water deflects and slows arrows, however a lot of people died getting hit underwater too so it would be a gamble. We also have the frostweaver that perhaps could temporarily turn the surface to ice forcing you to swim out and around to get back to the surface and ai
  2. This brings to mind the amusement at seeing a centaur attempt naval combat, horses had to be tethered below decks because they could never get/keep their balance on a ship and the rocking motion made it nigh impossible for them to walk. Four legs may be a boon on land but on the ocean they are very much a negative.
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