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  1. My guild has a big important (for us) question about crafting say BluePrints and items... I know there is decay on items especially when you use it or die. But in the case of arcane recipes or certain blueprint items... Will an item decay if not being used for a long time? Say you create a unique Blueprint.. but you simply never use it or log off forever.. will it eventually decay or stay forever pristine? TLDR question. IF an blueprint (especially arcane recipe) is created will it decay if you never use it.. or if the person logs off and never plays again?
  2. I apologise if this question has come up before, but i have had no luck in finding anything in the search query. With the information that certain packages will be ending in February; i have been conflicted with seeing if the value of upgrading from Ruby to Emerald would be "worth" it mechanically. I have no care for the titles and other "cute" bonus like the studio tour. My primary concerns is the rest of the stuff worth 1500 dollar upgrade like with the extra 40 parcels and the 40 vip, manor, cottage, etc etc. I know it has been said before you get diminishing returns and the "Amber" package was the best value for your money. What im wondering is should i save that funding to individually wait to buy say vip or more importantly parcels from the store? Or would the Emerald package as it is now would get me better bang for my buck so to speak. Please any insight would be welcome as im trying to help grow my Guild and wondering to save that money as a treasury or should go ahead and just upgrade before the package is taken off the store. Please any constructive answers would be appreciated.
  3. The Gods have called... I have answered.... Who will join with us?
  4. I got it from the KS backer to Ruby upgrade.. on the upgrade pledge part on my account. I have an additional KS backer pledge and was thinking of upgrading it to Ruby.. but thats when i noticed the discrepancy. It was very odd and i believe there are as you said multiple data sources disagreeing.
  5. Question.... My friend got a Kickstarter Sapphire, and is thinking of upgrading to ruby. Would he get the benefits of Kickstarter Ruby... or 2015 Ruby?
  6. Canth you are an awesome person for the sheet. Very concise and exactly what i needed to see. You should post that sheet so someone can pin it.May many kills fall to your blades in the future!
  7. So there is no forts or large keeps then So how many forts and keeps do i have?
  8. I tried the search function and couldn't find the answer to my question. Im sorry if this has already been answered before. My question is i thought the mentality was the KS packages were going to be "better" value wise versus the 2015 Pledges after the Kick Starter ended . i was looking again at thinking of upgrading when i noticed a few differences... This is what i have if i decided to "consume" my KS package in my account... Extra VIP KS, x1 Pack Pig, x1 Forum Badge/Frame - Ruby Patron KS, x1 Credits - Ruby Patron KS, x1 Digital Game Copy, x1 Arcane Weapon set - KS, x1 Quarterhorse-KS, x1 Digital Art Book, x1 Digital Sound Track, x1 Unique Character Name (reserved), x1 Warhorse-KS, x1 God Statue (1 of 12) - KS, x1 Character Slot, x3 Nightmare Mount-KS, x1 Cottage, x3 Bank size +20%, x1 Name a Fallen Hero, x1 Physical Collectors Edition/KS, x1 Reserve Guild Name, x1 (1 cell) Farmland Parcel (standard), x30 Name a Fallen Monarch, x1 Expanded Colors Guild Heraldry , x1 Alpha 1, x1 Name a Location, x1 Villa, x2 Divine Cathedral, x1 Expanded Symbols Guild Heraldry, x1 Custom Guild Heraldry, x1 9 cell Stronghold-medium castle/CountCountess, x1 Launch Party Invite, x1 All Father Statue w/Blessing of Knowledge (KS exclusive) , x1 Stoneborne Relic , x1 Centaur Relic , x1 Dwarven Blacksmith Thrall, x1 One month VIP, x72 9 cell Stronghold-small castle/BaronBaroness, x1 Company Garrison, x1 This is the 2015 Ruby pledge on the main page Access to Alpha 1 and all subsequent tests 37 months VIP membership Protect your chosen guild name by reserving it early Thanks in the credits as a 2015 Ruby Patron 2015 Ruby Avatar Frame 2015 Ruby Forum Badge All 2015 Badges and Frames up to Ruby level 2015 exclusive: Warhorse summoning figurine 2015 exclusive: Nightmare summoning figurine Access to expanded colors for Guild Heraldry creator Access to an expanded selection of symbols in the Guild Heraldry creator 5 cottages for your personal kingdom 2 villas for your personal kingdom 25 bonus tax-free parcels of land for your personal kingdom Admission for two to the Crowfall launch party* Exclusive stronghold (Small Fort 2015) for your personal kingdom Exclusive stronghold (Medium Fort 2015) for your personal kingdom and a starting title of Knight or Lady 2 Exclusive strongholds (Large Keeps 2015) for your personal kingdom 2 Exclusive strongholds (Small Castles 2015) for your personal kingdom and the starting title of Baron or Baroness Exclusive stronghold (Medium Castle 2015) for your personal kingdom and the starting title of Count or Countess Note that the KS version i can consume doesnt even have forts . Nor does it have the 2 Large Keeps and 2 Small castles. Has this been addressed before in a post? Or is my account bugged? Or am i plain missing something obvious?
  9. I too would like an answer for this if anyone can clarify. Im staring at the upgrades and i cant seem to wrap my hand if this is better than orginal or not? Nevermind i was staring at the wrong package...answered... by myself:P
  10. Thank you... the CrowFall community is quite stellar in helping each other out!
  11. Thank you for the swift answer Jihan. Also where do i send a support ticket? Im looking for it everywhere and i cant find it since im having a payment package issue
  12. Thank you for the swift answer Jihan. Also where do i send a support ticket? Im looking for it everywhere and i cant find it since im having a payment package issue
  13. My friend hasnt done 2fa yet since hes out of town. Not sure if he will make it in time. My question is will i still be able to gift him later? Ialready have the gift, but wasnt sure if it NEEDED to eb done by July 1st or if i could give it 5 months from now
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