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  1. I played Forge. An ok game. A bit shallow but I liked the skill-based gameplay. A truly skill-based fantasy mmo should have combat similar to that, in my opinion. Perhaps with a bit more polish though, as it was a bit clunky. Ever play Nosgoth? I love the combat in that game. I'd LOVE to play a fantasy mmo with combat like that.
  2. It doesn't seem they are leaning towards that to me. It sounds like they are using something that sounds like Wildstar's combat, and I thought was pretty lame, as it's not "fully skill-shot". In my opinion, a truly skill based game should require you to aim, similar to games like Tera. GW2 and Wildstar were both some kind of weird hybrid, a mix of old school tab targeting and true action mmo combat. I say go one way or the other, not both. That just alienates both types of players.
  3. This is silly, I really wish they would just come out and tell us what kind of combat Crowfall will have. Especially since the combat FAQ is so frustratingly vague. No, this isn't a demand for information, we don't deserve anything more than what they tell us. Still, it would put a stop to all the speculation instantly. Plus, they have said that Crowfall won't be for everybody. Fine. Perhaps if they would tell us who the game IS for, the ones who it isn't for can move on instead of hoping for an experience they won't get. And nailing down the combat style would go a long way to help that.
  4. Doesn't sound anything like GW2 to me, and that's a good thing in my opinion. Those answers are still pretty vague. They still don't specify whether abilities will require aiming or skill to use. It says there is no hard target, but that doesn't mean there can't be soft targeting, which is pretty common, even in action mmos. Ugh, still so much we don't know, it's frustrating.
  5. I don't think you can conclude the game is being built around solo PVP. Just because a game is "light on in-combat healing" doesn't meant it still won't have meaningful group support options. What I get from that quote is that the old-school "stand in the back spamming heals and playing health bar whack a mole" method doesn't really work in skill-based action combat. And it doesn't. But that doesn't mean you can't play meaningful group support. It really depends on what the support options will be in Crowfall, and we don't know that yet. But I can say this much. I play support roles in
  6. And a lot of people still do. This is why I kinda hope they can have the option of playing with both traditional mmo controls, and full action-mmo controls. Other games have done it, with varying success, so it can be done. Depending on how combat works in Crowfall, it may or may not be possible, but it's nice to think about. But if they go with one only, I hope they go with action controls. I'm talking full on action - aiming reticle, active dodging/blocking, skill combos...the works. That's my preference, because I think it's more exciting. Traditional mmo controls are just boring to me.
  7. As far as I knew, an Engineer couldn't be a Thief, and vice versa. So GW2 is not a good example of a classless game because it most defintely had classes. A good example of a classless game is something like The Secret World or Defiance. SWG has some base class titles that you could choose from, but you mostly built your character the way you wanted, so that would be a good example too.
  8. Wait, what? Guild Wars 2? Did they remove classes from that game? I played an Engineer and a Thief back at launch, so I know the game did have classes at one point.
  9. Good point, I feel the same way. When I logged into SWG, it was mostly to see what my in-game friends and acquaintances were up to. I would ask around for the latest news about in-game events or social happenings. It did really make me feel like I was "living in the Star Wars universe". Like you said, with games now it's mostly about running content. And by itself, that's not necessarily a bad thing. I do enjoy running content, and there is something to be said for making tangible progress as far as character progress or gear acquisition. But it is funny think about things have changed sin
  10. Heh, I thought the structured PVP was the best feature. The gear-less system made for some fairly balanced PVP, for an MMO. I had a blast running tournaments, it was mostly what I did in that game.
  11. I'm glad to hear about 3rd person, but I really hope this game has at least the OPTION for action combat controls. To me, that means mouse look and targeting reticle. And ya, for goodness sakes, please have an inverted mouse option so the game will be playable for us weirdos.
  12. I think there are pros and cons to both class and classless systems. I just prefer classless systems as they usually provide more variety in gameplay and give you a least a little freedom in how you play. In the class based games that I have played, if you choose one class you are more or less locked into a certain type of gameplay. Furthermore, you are more or less identical to everyone else that plays your class. Some class based games have managed to add a little flexibilty, but most I've seen just give you the illusion of freedom. I know some players like that kind of restriction. I wo
  13. Sorry, one idea per post is not enough. Here's my top 10. 1. MMOs that are gear-based 2. MMOs that aren't skilled-based 3. MMOs that don't have action combat 4, Trash quests 5. Forced grouping 6. Having to hold a button down to turn the camera 7. Lack of social features or grouping tools 8. MMOs with no invert-mouse option 8. Raids 9. Poorly designed PVP 10. People that hate PVP
  14. Yeah, there seems to be a mindset where people assume just because something hasn't been done properly, then it's impossible. But that is absolutely not the case. It is totally possible to make a game with compelling and rewarding activities for both solo players and groups. The key is not to force players into certain activities. To the person above who said forcing players into grouping makes community and friends. Lol...no. Community is not something that can, or should, be forced upon anyone. Instead, people should be encouraged to form communities. There needs to be incentives to join
  15. My issue is this... I too was drawn in by the manifesto on the front page. But I quickly began to realize that what they are promising is impossible. New and different? Ain't gonna happen. Yes, it's a pessimistic attitude. But one has only to read the forums to see the writing on the wall. Here we are, presented with an opportunity to get a game that may actually be something special. And yet, all I see are posts that basically say, "Screw that, this game better be exactly, precisely like this decade old, obscure, niche game, or I'm not playing." *sigh* At this point I figure
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