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  1. Can we all just agree...

    I actually type out poorly made socks and custard to make sure it fits with the sentence, because I know that's what it'll read as anyhow.
  2. Whatever you chose, match them up to make the most of your damage buffs. Most Assassin training nodes buff Piercing, so daggers and rapiers rise to the top of the list.
  3. Recommendations for Content creator

    The obvious choices are Agent Provocateur and Black Mask for Majors, Master of Daggers for weapon. Shadow's Caress for a minor, Uniform Leather, and maybe Careless Whispers, Demon's Pact, or Found Resources. I'm not saying it's the best, but it's straight forward.
  4. General Feedback

    Thanks, and welcome to the forums! I would post your playtest feedback and experience here:
  5. Epic open world events

    Don't get used to having a Beachhead. They'll only be around for the 3 faction campaigns. Dregs will feel more like the current Bloodbath servers (you know, without the 3 faction part...)
  6. Epic open world events

    My favorite moment from WoW was gauging the main tank doing a world raid boss on a PvP server back in the vanilla days; it caused the dragon's agro table to go nuts. Wiped their raid long enough for ours to run back and put up a proper fight. While that could be fun in Crowfall, I think it would take too much work for not enough bank. What did JTodd say? "Not enough juice for the squeeze"?
  7. Understanding Crowfall

    Don't worry about leveling, just get into the game and play it for the game's sake.
  8. Skill Tree Talent Calculator

    That would be cool, you should make it!
  9. Exploration Skills resetting?

    This happens to me regularly. Sometimes with Class or Race skills also.
  10. You click past this warning before you downloaded
  11. Female Elken/Minotaur

    This has come up a lot, and I'm glad it does. Over on the Whale Forums (AKA Development Partners) there's been some talk from the Devs about making art assets for female Elken and Guinecians (seriously, I don't want a femme looking Guinecian, THEY AREN'T HUMAN DON'T IMPOSE HUMAN GENDER STANDARDS ON THEM THAT'S DUMB AS CUSTARD!) I would 100% approve of a female Elken that just doesn't have antlers- since ACE is planning on doing haircuts, this would be easy to implement! If you want to give us a more doe look model, go for it! Minotaurs just shouldn't have any gender option at all, neither male nor female. I don't mind the male only fluff, though. Stoneborn misogyny is dumb. I get that they're made of rock; but the inherent misogyny in their game lore is just dumb. 0/10, you're embarrassing yourselves ACE. +1 for using ⚤for single gender races.
  12. Recommendations for Content creator

    Ok, The Malekai Project is awesome, but I've know about that for months. The other two I didn't see anything after July of last year.
  13. Recommendations for Content creator

    Clicked links hoping to see what other people are doing for builds; found zero up to date content.
  14. My first day with Crowfall

    It's sure to happen, just not until later. Like so many things, this is still pre-alpha
  15. "Crafting Basics" is a confusing term

    Crafting Basics does exactly what you think it does, increases chance of degree of success with basic items. It also has a "bubble up" effect on Advanced Crafting skills.