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  1. Class Breakdown?

    It changes so much from patch to patch with what's new and what changes were made it's not worth charting for now.
  2. How many pre-alphas equal an alpha? We're in pre-alpha because the software for all of the game systems isn't done yet. We have no EK management tools, no social interfaces (guilds, friend list, etc), win conditions for campaigns, and a few others. When all of the systems are function, but not finished, we'll be in alpha. Alpha is about bug finding, polish, and improvement where pre-alpha is about writing new code- yes, many aspects of CrowFall are in alpha, but the game as a whole is not yet there. You can still expect massive overhauls, or even complete replacements, of systems at this point. Beta is "just" bug finding before release. Don't expect overhauls on any systems at this point. Soft launch is a finished product, but not a full scale marketing campaign.
  3. Question about stealth move speed

    Trailblazer and Trailmaster are only active in the Harvesting tray. They do not work in stealth.
  4. Dual Weapons - Rapiers

    Yea, with it being pre-alpha there are a ton of updates. Check back in when things go live, there should be fewer updates after that!
  5. Please tell me these will be skins available during the crafting process, not something that will change depending on the vessel you have equipped.
  6. Yea, Knotwood isn't a species, they should rename Knotwood "Poorly Made Socks Pine" which is what most of it looks like.
  7. Dual Weapons - Rapiers

    Rapier is (was?) main hand only- you can do Master of Rapiers, but you'll want a dagger for offhand.
  8. Spirit Dart vs Duelist

    Did you forget to equip a poison?
  9. Did Plentiful Harvest get nurfed, or is Spring season buff broken? In 5.4 I would get 4-6 slag with PH 4, now I get 1-3 with the same PH
  10. Power Efficiency and Pip Classes

    My understanding is none whatsoever.
  11. I **hate** that one of the knotwood models is actually a birch tree, and birch is a wood type in the game.
  12. ITT: "I know it's pre-alpha, but I'm disappointed it's pre-alpha!!" At least most folks don't realize it's in pre-alpha when they complain about it being in pre-alpha. Check back in a year from now and you'll have the game you want
  13. Can we all just agree...

    I actually type out poorly made socks and custard to make sure it fits with the sentence, because I know that's what it'll read as anyhow.
  14. Whatever you chose, match them up to make the most of your damage buffs. Most Assassin training nodes buff Piercing, so daggers and rapiers rise to the top of the list.
  15. Recommendations for Content creator

    The obvious choices are Agent Provocateur and Black Mask for Majors, Master of Daggers for weapon. Shadow's Caress for a minor, Uniform Leather, and maybe Careless Whispers, Demon's Pact, or Found Resources. I'm not saying it's the best, but it's straight forward.