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  1. One of my vessels loads into worlds just fine, one won't. It just gets stuck on "loading character state" Any suggestions other than delete it and move on?
  2. Only show pins if you have a map item in your inventory, and let that be a lootable item. That sounds amazing!
  3. That will only incentivize keep battles, not skirmishes and general player activity. We need a solution that gets more people to play on a regular basis.
  4. As it stands in the current campaigns, a point is a point, and one faction frequently pulls ahead leaving no hope of any other faction catching up, reducing player engagement. How do we encourage continued competition when one faction is dominant? Suggestion- when points are scored multiply them by a ratio of your leading faction's points to your faction's points. Example: Chaos is leading at 1000 points, Balance in second at 750, and Order last at 500. Every faction gains 100 points raw (somehow, despite Chaos winning, ignore that aspect for now)- adjusted points are 100 for Chaos (100*(1000/1000)), 133 for Balance (100*(1000/750), and 200 for Order (100*(1000/500))- new round totals being 1100, 883, and 700 rather than 1100, 850, and 600. What this means is that if a tie is held long enough, the score will approach a tie, and that being the dominant faction in the first few hours becomes less important. Most importantly, if your faction is far enough behind, you'll close the point gap even if you lose a skirmish. This incentivizes activity and conflict, and makes the game more enjoyable for everyone, including the winning faction.
  5. It changes so much from patch to patch with what's new and what changes were made it's not worth charting for now.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle We're in pre-alpha because the software for all of the game systems isn't done yet. We have no EK management tools, no social interfaces (guilds, friend list, etc), win conditions for campaigns, and a few others. When all of the systems are function, but not finished, we'll be in alpha. Alpha is about bug finding, polish, and improvement where pre-alpha is about writing new code- yes, many aspects of CrowFall are in alpha, but the game as a whole is not yet there. You can still expect massive overhauls, or even complete replacements, of systems at this point. Beta is "just" bug finding before release. Don't expect overhauls on any systems at this point. Soft launch is a finished product, but not a full scale marketing campaign.
  7. Trailblazer and Trailmaster are only active in the Harvesting tray. They do not work in stealth.
  8. Yea, with it being pre-alpha there are a ton of updates. Check back in when things go live, there should be fewer updates after that!
  9. Please tell me these will be skins available during the crafting process, not something that will change depending on the vessel you have equipped.
  10. Yea, Knotwood isn't a species, they should rename Knotwood "Poorly Made Socks Pine" which is what most of it looks like.
  11. Rapier is (was?) main hand only- you can do Master of Rapiers, but you'll want a dagger for offhand.
  12. Did you forget to equip a poison?
  13. Did Plentiful Harvest get nurfed, or is Spring season buff broken? In 5.4 I would get 4-6 slag with PH 4, now I get 1-3 with the same PH
  14. I **hate** that one of the knotwood models is actually a birch tree, and birch is a wood type in the game.
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