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  1. Question, a lot of keys have tooltips that show the letter of the key to be used. For example "F" now when I rebind this to another key will it still say "F" or will the tooltip be appropriately updated?
  2. You all forget about the social aspect of this game, this is a game to be played in powerful guilds. If all guild members put in a couple $ its easily affordable. Also it would not be any prestige if everyone had a large palace, you want to go there and check it out and go ahhhhhh awesome, don't see that every day.
  3. Maybe they could add a controller? Oooh
  4. I use my mouse in the left hand, I tried to use the right hand and use WASD but it's impossible for me to play competitive that way. I need the mouse in my left hand, I key bind Alt and Ctrl to my mouse buttons and use my thumb to press those on the Nage Razor and I can't do that with my right hand. I create an opposite setup to the WASD setup on the other side of the keyboard. It works great, but with patches it all resets and takes forever to get it set-up again.
  5. I am an avid gamer and with the keybind systems it is possible for me to game competitively. I am wondering if there will be an option for left handed gamers to switch the UI to the otherside of the keyboard. So not using WASD but OLKJ. The problem is typically all the other keys that are sort of hard coded and can't be changed, or that at each update you spend a lot of time configuring the UI again so you can even start playing. Let me know if there is anything in store for that small group of lefties out there. Sanders
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