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  1. Did the normal progression of making a new toon and going through the quest line with no help from vendors or players. I got to sun temple at lvl 10 and inside sun temple you have lvl 16 mobs. Long story short I got my ass kicked and had to turn around and find something else to level on
  2. We are still recruit a couple of select individuals that wish to give Crowfall a try . pop into our discord and ask for Crowfall access and 1 of us will pm you with the information. Happy hunting! https://discord.gg/udl
  3. Nerf the sustain and increase the dps. All champs should be some form of a dps melee with some differences between them. They should not be the tankiest and the fastest in the game. The leap and hurbat were ment to be on a dps class to catch enemies and to get out of melee when you need to. Mixing a very hard to kill toon with speed and snares just makes it completely unbalanced. And that is just his basic kit.
  4. Currently testing new builds on Test. Come join us!
  5. Paid advertisement for your viewing pleasure!
  6. Got about a dozen of us UDL and we are running with LoD who have most of their guys back.
  7. UDL opening it's gates for a short time only! Come be apart of a guild that has played together for over 20 years!
  8. We are back and ready to reap some souls!! Hit us up and our discord and let's GOOOOOOOO!
  9. Hey we have a WoW division that would love to get with you guys and show you the ropes. What server are you rolling on? UDL would never want to miss and opportunity to help out their fellow fan club since you love us so very much. Sorry to say it will probably just end up like Conqueror's Blade all over again. Message @UDLGroone anytime day or night! They are happy to help!!
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