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  1. Not until they take imports/exports completely out will it be a good measure for crafters. Don't give them a choice to craft in peace.
  2. And Moneda needs to get banned for calling me bad words edited. I'm hurt
  3. You really think crafters will take ganks while crafting over and over again to get a badge?
  4. And why would crafters do that? risking huge loot for a badge? Don't think so.
  5. Hey our system of standing in circles sucks. What should we do? Let's try the exact same thing again and see what happens!
  6. Silly mouth breathers with their feeble attempts to escape the inevitable fate that the Death Alliance has in store for everyone. Hiding will not help you. Massing an army of monstrous proportions will not save you or your women and children. Death is coming to you whether you like it or not. It's coming for you all.
  7. Still couldn't match your numbers before the House of Winterblades merge. Guess I need to work harder on my mass recruiting.
  8. Guess the reward for this round will be the super duper cool Zerg Badge
  9. 20 years or so. Never had the largest force on a server that I can remember. Maybe you remember better. Doubt it tho.
  10. In what game have you ever seen UDL be a server zerg? I'll wait.
  11. When a group of 20 is fighting another group of 20-25 and the 40 man order zerg comes along, expect the other 2 sides to hit the bigger force.
  12. We have no numbers coming. At least not while it's still factions.
  13. Anyone that plays knows that Chaos is the smallest faction. Not even worth a debate lol. Don't you guys want more Chaos to kill?
  14. Fake news? Have you been to a keep fight lately? Guess not
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