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  1. We beat you in a 21v 24 in the forest before the siege. You ended up pushing the tree with over 40 people. You had another 20 guarding a bane tree. It's all on video. Everyone knows. You are not changing any minds because we have all seen it lol.
  2. I don't know who they are trying to convince Ayuden. They have been fighting Chaos and Order for a month so natually we all already know. Guess they are trying to save face so they can feel better about themselves.
  3. Ahhhaha. Is this the W tactic? to lie lie and lie some more until in their minds it is true? This isn't CNN bro. Fake news!
  4. Balance seems real eager for this thread to disappear lol
  5. Yeah you guys did it many of times. When we did it we finally forced you to come to a siege with even numbers. Crazy the stuff we had to go through just to have 1 even keep fight.
  6. I don't need to do homework to see that you guys can split your force in half and still outnumber Chaos and Balance. Wear those nutcup badges with pride.
  7. Chaos didn't do any of that last campaign. Stop trying to push your crap tactics and blame other people. a force of 25 vs balance and somehow the zone is capped. Gee must be a bunch of other people in the zone we can't account for because balance only has 30. If you honestly think anyone playing believes that trash you are sadly mistaken.
  8. Repeatedly? We tried it 1 time which would be the only way our 25-30 could get an even fight from you guys. you don't think we got this tactic from you guys? lol keep dreaming.
  9. 45 to take on 25? really?? ahaha And no we have seen you cap zones with only 1 other force in the zone with less than 30 people. Wishing that the whole community is stupid probably isn't the best way to talk about it.
  10. Yeah we tried to pull a W and lock everyone out with players and alts like you guys have done multiple times. Once again we don't have enough players or alts to pull your hogwash.
  11. 25 vs 60+ lol Don't know why you think everyone that plays doesn't know this yet.
  12. People openly admitting to cross faction scouting on alt toons and somehow feel no shame.
  13. Run with 60+ but claim to only be10 of them. Cute
  14. I've never seen more than 30 in this Order discord lol
  15. Not until they take imports/exports completely out will it be a good measure for crafters. Don't give them a choice to craft in peace.
  16. And Moneda needs to get banned for calling me bad words edited. I'm hurt
  17. You really think crafters will take ganks while crafting over and over again to get a badge?
  18. And why would crafters do that? risking huge loot for a badge? Don't think so.
  19. Hey our system of standing in circles sucks. What should we do? Let's try the exact same thing again and see what happens!
  20. Silly mouth breathers with their feeble attempts to escape the inevitable fate that the Death Alliance has in store for everyone. Hiding will not help you. Massing an army of monstrous proportions will not save you or your women and children. Death is coming to you whether you like it or not. It's coming for you all.
  21. Still couldn't match your numbers before the House of Winterblades merge. Guess I need to work harder on my mass recruiting.
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