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  1. 0beron

    The Hive

    Actually the name has been in use elsewhere, so it's more an inside joke than commentary on leadership style, but thanks for the input and welcome. Fish tacos?! I'm getting one!
  2. I like steak. I like ice cream. I like sushi. Liking one doesn't make me like the others any less. Liking them all doesn't make me want to mix them. I'm a fairly serious W101 player, and while it is a G-Rated, kid friendly game, there is a decent amount of strategy and quite a bit of grinding to excel at high levels. Those who are successful at max level PvP are mostly adults and teens, and fairly "hardcore" at least in terms of time and thought invested. A 9-year old could play and enjoy the f2p pve content -- in fact it's made for them -- but isn't going to dominate the arena.
  3. "this is a game for teams. Now that you're on the beta list, you might want to invite a few friends. You're going to need them." Seems pretty direct. I hope there will be some aspects that can be done solo for times we want to play but don't have friends on, but I expect it's mostly team/guild based, as it should be. For those saying "but I don't like people. i want to do everything solo", what's the point of a multi-player game? I've seen this in other MMOs -- a handful of players demanding the game be dumbed down so they can solo everything. Sorry, that's not going to happe
  4. You aren't "Wiz people", you are you. Own your conduct and accept the consequences. I think the moderation here is fine.
  5. I think the viability of an attack like that will depend on the cost of it failing. In match-based PvP, there is no consequence beyond the match you are in, so an attack like that might work -- giving you a win, or fail, giving you a loss -- but other than a bit of rank there's not much at risk. But if failure meant death in game or major loss of gear or progress, would you be willing to risk it?
  6. You have every right to speak for yourself. You do not speak for "Wizard people". I see no sign of bias in moderation. None of my friends have complained. I'll let folks in this forum form their own opinion of you based on your posts here, but they are your comments alone. Back on topic, I voted "yes". If there was more than a straight y/n I'd qualify that perhaps, but my expectation is something close to open world PvP, perhaps with guards or some safe zone. I hope the whole game won't be all combat all the time, but i expect a good bit, and no one should be unkillable.
  7. This makes a lot of sense, and fits with the idea of players shaping the story and environment. We'd be developing characters, as well as resources, economy, infrastructure, social order -- essentially an adaptive sim with magic and graphic violence.
  8. Not sure if you saw this: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/518-is-cf-pure-pvp-j-todds-response/ Sounds like this will be a PvP centric game, but with other roles / tracks as well
  9. I'd like to see more end game, less grinding, so little to no leveling, but a lot of options for development and customization. I don't want to have to play for months to get to where I can start playing, if that makes sense.
  10. I don't think the "W101 vs SB" thing is a big deal. Both communities have some cool people and some a-holes. Both kinds are obviously already here. A lot of us play other games as well, and are pretty diverse so it's not like we are all the same or agree on everything, I see people coming in from SW, GW, WoW, Rift and others, so if this game takes off it's going to gel into something new, not just rehash the old cliques.
  11. No, it's shouldn't be allowed, and frankly if there are so many repetitive or awkward tasks that we'll want to automate them, the game mechanics are fail.
  12. I'd hope so. I expect there will be a good bit of PvP in the game, but other classes and activities besides warrior. If it's ALL melee, it's going to get old fast. We'll have to wait and see if it is wide open or limited in some way. At this point we don't even know the combat system(s). The forum seems split a few ways about safe-zones and NPC guards too, so don't assume you'll be a target everywhere all the time. Maybe, maybe not.
  13. Casting a vote for playability over cinematography. If you can get both without me having to spend $2k on a new box, super, but if the game is fun I won't kvetch about visual detail, and if the game sucks i don't care how pretty it is.
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