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  1. Well how would you be able to interpret him as a strange fellow in the course of your conversation, if you didn't know he was a human because he's in another kind of body and doesn't think of himself as human. Or that humans commonly have issues with centaurs? It wouldn't make sense for humans to have issues with centaurs in the context of this game because anyone can be anything at any moment with no penalty or restrictions. You are a human, a centaur, a fae, a stalker e.t.c and so is he. Your example is one of the kinds of conversations and interesting characters that you can't have as
  2. Quantum Leap works because not everyone is quantum leaping, there are already ambient storylines and history before Sam turns up and in an MMO RP setting you are not playing the "main" character. Nobody has to consider your history, and similarly you don't have to consider someone else's. Because anyone could say anything and there's nothing consistent to keep it in check, problems will occur needlessly. RP will be difficult to make meaningful with people you don't already know and have a setup with. So that will create small RP circles which always have problems becoming clique'ish and di
  3. The big difference is that you don't get to pick. As it is right now, everyone will be a nothing (that maybe had a previous life) that inhabits the body of a dead thing that used to have an identity. Sure, we could all play as though their identity affects the things you do but there's nothing to solidly say that's how it is and at any rate not everyone wants to play a character with a mental defect all of the time. I don't know where you're getting the "few rules" from, because from what I can tell the rules are far too restricting. Identity, racial background and multiple clashing cultur
  4. Agree with this, it's almost impossible to properly RP a character without an identity. You can't make meaningful relationships if your friends/lovers/enemies are in a new body (with or without different personality characteristics) every day. The example of the Fae is particularly on point when you look at the lore that has been presented for the races. Why is it there if it's not relevant to you as a crow who just possesses whatever body they find that day? I suppose a work-around would be to RP as a character before death, eliminating the crow body possession part. A denizen of the camp
  5. Agree with some of the points made before. I'm not sure how the concept of balance between a yin and yang element holds up if there's only a drawback to using the healing side. Self-immolation might be interesting, particularly if it boosts the damage of spells in nuke mode or increases the duration or strength of roots (which I'm confident there will be) or other CC. Maybe nuking could have a similar drawback and effect. The more damage you cause the weaker your attacks become, but you get a stacking self-heal over time in prep for switching into heal mode and as a means of lessening
  6. Voted for the third one, BUT not for launch. I like the idea of Eternal Kingdom raids set up by players. If the rewards were resources that the players themselves had to go out into campaigns and win before they could offer it as a reward for raiding their EK then sure, then it won't threaten the PvP aspect of the game because it would need to be fed by it. It could be a great way for guilds to show off their bountiful resources. I don't think it's a launch feature though, perhaps years down the line if the game is successful and they're looking to expand Eternal Kingdoms.
  7. I'm just thankful he doesn't look like a Satyr or some other bestial alternative.
  8. So, I've been out of the loop for a while. I haven't posted in months but I'm wondering where the concept for the Male Druid is? There's been a female Legionnaire concept and it looks like the next stretch goal is a Male Assassin. Has there been any word, yet?
  9. 1: After it's been looted. 2: It should be returned to the character on respawn. Why? Because large battles and wars means anyone who dies has a mad scrabble to try and find their body and get any loot back that's left (if any) and may as well be counted out for that fight for dying once. (Fun in theory, bad in practice. Unless gear really has minimal impact to the point where it's pointless to have gear anyway) 3: I think they should, if my number 2 isn't a thing. 4: Everyone who contributed to the kill should be able to see the inventory, though the largest share of the damage co
  10. I personally would love to have an inventory to play tetris with again. I think like many things about this game already that make it so compelling, it would involve decision making. You can't take all of the loot off the corpse of your victim, so pick the best items that you can fit space for and get out of there before someone else comes along to get the pick of both your inventories. I don't foresee any issues with people messing up their inventories just to screw looters if stackable objects are able to just be right clicked and added to your existing stack up to it's maximum. Every ot
  11. If day/night cycle is going to be a thing, I hope it's a proper cycle that takes maybe 6 hours to swap around. That way if it has some significance, then people can plan to do things under the cover of night or in broad daylight for various advantages and know when the day or night cycle is coming. Also, vampires are cool and all but I'd be way more interested in an archetype or discipline that takes advantage of the daylight. It would be awesome if there was a holy one or some sort of sun channeller to balance variety.
  12. I hate to be one of these kinds of non contributive posters but I'm gonna ask anyway. Why is this thread still a thing? 11 pages at the time of my posting of people arguing about how to categorise the game. The category doesn't make the game, the game gets it's nice shiny label after we actually see what it's like. This thread is stupid.
  13. I think everyone, as with any new piece of information is over analysing it just a little. The worry could be stemming from the fact that the EK system has been put out in a lot of info while we still don't know very much about combat or what we'll actually be doing from day to day inside of campaigns. If this is any indication of the thought and depth put into the game, then panicking about the EK becoming essential is just silly. That being said, I think the EK will become essential for those who want it to be. It will have little affect on campaigns aside from those that allow for impor
  14. Well, I don't think guilds will have a monopoly on EKs mostly because there's the ability to set the EK as public and allow people to come and go (hopefully stay for the things that your's offers). A big guild doesn't mean they're going to be good at economy, or that they're going to do very well in campaigns either.
  15. Yeah, this is absolutely fantastic. The RP potential as well as the integration into the economy and the like.. it's pretty much revolutionising player housing into a much bigger thing. That's if it works at least. The only concern I have is with number 28 on the FAQ and people being able to just up and leave your kingdom whenever they like without cost. If you're trying to work an economy, that could be a little irksome. I'd suggest that the monarch's account should be inactive for a number of days before it's free to move away, and any other time it should incur a small cost to take your
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