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  1. Looks like they didnt play the game. The endgame is pvp focus.
  2. I mostly hear good stuff about BD I play it from time to time. I LOVE the combat. Its completly different than anything you played. You can make combos and whatnot. Dont like the potion spamming tho. Graphics are insane for an mmo. Real eye candy everywhere. Incredible weather/wet/day system. Good physics (if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) But the lag is huuuuge (korean servers after all) so Im not really digging to play it for realsies. Will have to wait for eu servers.
  3. I want mino race. Permanent stun immunity of course.
  4. Isnt it more like in shadowbane? Whole intentory drops 100% Stuff you equiped wont, unless they are broken. So if durability reaches 0 (from death) it will be dropped aswell. All you had to do to prevent that was repairing it.
  5. For me, it simply looks super crappy. I dont care about how it helps or how it gives advantages or not. For me, it looks really really really bad and I dont want to see it. Not even optional. Shouldnt exist, simple as that
  6. Maybe out of topic, but who the hell made the artwork for shadowbane? I've yet to see an online game that has such dark, gritty but still mysterious, detailed and fantastic artwork. I love how its drawn. I love how the races looks, I love how armors look.
  7. i was mostly solo in shadowbane and it worked super well
  8. ëxactly why i loved shadowbane. huge world 0 instances 0 loading screens. such an old game still so advanced
  9. You should know your people. You can form a way better "faction" with ffa than anything else. Let the people form themselves. Not form by rules.
  10. Calling in for a centaur vs Minotaur race (pls)
  11. janii

    Npc Dialogs

    I swear, if I'm not gonna hear some "Hail, my friend" "What can I do for you?" "Let's deal, my friend" (or so) I'm gona whoop some asses
  12. I swear, I see this exact thread title a lot. On many boards. And I always smile, look up in the sky and think about the times
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