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  1. I'll be going live in about 7-22 minutes on the same channel with Crowfall! I hope y'all can join me and help me then! https://www.twitch.tv/miltendo
  2. 2015 was the last time I tried to stream this game with poor results. I've waited a while enough to get back into the swing of things. Also, as a variety games broadcaster who is also working part time on the side, there's a lot of other games and obligations that can get in the way of me scheduling a day for Crowfall like today. :/
  3. Hey, guys, it's Miltenacious here. It's been a good 2 years since I last appeared in these forums. I have been busy in college and job hunting in the meantime, while filling out other applications for my post-college life. Today at 12-5 p.m. EST, I will try to go live with Crowfall ONCE more on Twitch. I've tried once, in 2015, only to experience screen tears and black bars on my stream with a 360p output. Given my new hardware, I should be fully optimized to stream the game as it should be for Twitch. You can find me streaming Crowfall today, 11/27/2018, at the following channel link. Hope to see some of y'all there! Thanks! https://www.twitch.tv/miltendo
  4. Thanks, guys. I understand that it was incredibly unnecessary for me to get worked up over these toxic comments, so I am going to go thicken my skin a bit to better myself as a gamer and content creator altogether. That being said, for the future, I will now adjust the settings of my Crowfall videos to have no ratings and approve any comments that come my way. Now I know to better prepare myself next time for whatever comes crawling out of YouTube's cynical corner.
  5. Ever since I've uploaded footage I've collected back in September, I've received the least favorable views from my Crowfall videos. Take a look here: When I replied to those negative comments that apparently received some support, I replied with mixed feelings. I understand that, on my part, it's rather unprofessional, but I take incredible passion and pride to producing the content I roll out on my channel. I just don't really get how I'm getting this kind of treatment on whatever Crowfall videos I do, and it's only still pre-alpha! Haters be hating, but it gets to a point where my patience just runs out for these nincompoops that their insolence just tramples all over me. When I come across other channels with Crowfall videos, it seems like I'm just amongst a few to receive this kinda negative treatment. What do you guys think? (if this is in the wrong forum, please move it, thank you)
  6. Thanks, y'all! This is only merely a small effort for me to make as a YouTube content creator, but I am more than happy to provide for y'all a contribution that can assist in promoting the game and spreading awareness of the project all around!
  7. List is now updated with Track 7! (Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqLMZzxCIfs) Also I included a link to the full playlist in the original post
  8. just when you think the OST list couldn't be anymore expanded.... heh heh Track 6 Bonus Track
  9. I actually use Shadowplay, too, though.... are you at High or Custom for the res setting? I presume Movie Maker exports your footage rly efficiently then
  10. So I know the max size for screen res is 1920x1200, but I can't export my footage in that size parameter, as I get this error message: Yea, I primarily use Adobe Premiere to edit and Media Encoder to do the fine tuning in the export, which can take 4-6 hours per part of the gameplay footage I got. Lest someone who works with the programs I use have some suggestions I try?
  11. Welp, back to YouTubin' and collegin'

  12. So it has been a while since I uploaded my video of the OST, "Winter is Here" on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TybwK_3e7_o I recall how J Todd talked about how Crowfall is meant to have the Game of Thrones vibe while keeping in the survival aspect of the Walking Dead. After hearing much talk of Game of Thrones from my peers and classmates, I stumbled upon the intro theme for the show on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7L2PVdrb_8 As I listened carefully to the track and eyed the opening graphics, the string ensemble for "Winter is Here" is reminiscently similar to how the Game of Thrones opening begins. Additionally, the bird's eye view of the geography of the land reminds me of how much the territories of the Crowfall universe is vastly familiar when it comes to our own kingdoms or the lands of the campaigns. For somebody who hasn't watched an episode of the show, I'd say fans of the show who also game will be incredibly welcomed to try out Crowfall for themselves once the game launches. This is just from my own perspective, but what do you guys think?
  13. I'm kinda on the same page with you there, but if you are able to promote the game somehow with yer channel (like I am going to), then maybe there can be an exception
  14. Anyways, does anyone else have any suggestions as to what else I can tell the Eastern audience about Crowfall in my video?
  15. Canth, this is not something I am posting anywhere. It's a script for a video I am doing, and inserting available art and footage into a video is no difficult task for the video editing program. This is not a draft for people to read, these are words I have to memorize to advertise the game to Eastern audiences. On top of that, this script will be in 2 different languages. I hope we're on the same page now since the title clearly said that that the doc is a script.
  16. Here's the link to my draft, guys. Again, this is based on my own perspective on the way I see Crowfall, so I have not read up on any articles or anything to get extra details. Additionally, keep in mind that gaming is only part of who I am; being born a jack-of-all-trades has its setbacks. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M4pKGRAHsAxpKXkgIA1R9W83cjL91MJcypCu3QEKmdE/edit?usp=sharing
  17. Being the bilingual boss I am, I am working with someone else on advertising Crowfall to our international audience in the East, and boy, my script turned out to be like a 1.2 page essay! XD Idk how to exactly attach a Word doc on here, but if you look for yourself, you can see that I am quite insightful on most of the info regarding the game right now. Since I'm not an intense gamer (due to this "jack of all trades" harboring other talents and interests), would you have written an more informative and longer article on Crowfall?
  18. I am a novice YouTuber, and I do wanna help promote the game through visual media, but I sadly don't meet all the qualifications. I am in the lower tier beta groups, but I want to do something somehow to promote the game via my channel if were provided something and assistance...
  19. I'm just really used to hearing voice acting from renowned actors/actresses on any sort of entertaining media I suppose. I suppose no VA is fine, but it's gonna be difficult for me to get used to cuz I'm, well, me
  20. I gotta admit, Jon O'Neal wasn't half shabby when we heard his voice over in that graybox flythrough video, but right now, has ACE got a rough idea about whose voice(s) they'd like to bring into the game? I wouldn't mind providing mine (although I'm not sure if an Asian Matthew Broderick voice is welcome in a fantasy setting), but there are some voice actors on my current suggestion list (not in particular preference order): Troy Baker (he can provide plenty of voices with his impressive interchanging octave range) Laura Bailey (she's pretty nifty when it comes to voicing female main characters) Patrick Seitz (pretty well utilized for his totalitarian-like voice) Fred Tatasciore (if ya need an ogre-ish like voice, he's yer guy) Travis Willingham (he's voiced plenty of main characters who assumes a leadership role) Tara Strong (there are a bunch of directions you can take with her voice) Steve Blum (anyone can recognize him as the voice of intimidation) Kyle Hebert and Roger Craig Smith (I see them on the same page in regards as to how revered their voices are) Josh Keaton and Yuri Lowenthal (these 2 are on the same page in regards to voicing young male main characters) Nolan North and Orion Acaba (they're both flexible voice actors for sure, dunno what else to say for them) So yea, this is my current voice cast preference. I know we are still in an early stage of development of the game, but I just wanna see if anyone at ACE has got thoughts of voices fresh in their mind because I wanna deliberate with that person or people about this. Do you guys have a favorite voice actor/actress you'd wanna see get featured in Crowfall somehow? Comment below! I'd love to talk bout the person with ya guys.
  21. woot, onto campus once more!

  22. If that's the case, I need a Mandarin and/or Japanese translator to help me work on something. In regards to fluency, I am in the same boat as you, Uyathefox
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