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    Need new pc

    The newest Skylake chips use less power. I have built my own machines for years but have purchased online. Mixed reviews on Digital Storm. I ordered a machine from them last year but cancelled after 3 weeks of no activity on my order (Didn't stop them from charging my credit card) so I would be wary... I have had good luck with Origin PC in the past. I would stay away from Alienware. I purchased from them years ago before the Dell acquisition. I wouldn't touch them now - just look at the reviews online. If you are building yourself, you'll save some bucks. Peeps here have given some good advice. You will be fine with an i5 processor but could also benefit from an i7. Never games are using multi-cores. Stay away from AMD for now. They run hot and aren't the best bang for the buck. (I'm a former fanboi too) Try and shoot for 16 gig of ram if you can afford it; 8 minimally. I decent SSD for your OS and a mechanical drive (ES Black) for games files I would look at AMD for video if you are price-sensitive. They rule the mid-range. RF9 380 or 390 are great cards at a great price point Corsair's entry level "200" case is sharp and easy to work with. HP makes a couple decent IPS monitors. Plan on 1920 x 1080 and you'll get decent performance with the cards mentioned. Best of luck.
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