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  1. hey all, just came back after over a year absence - Looking for some chill peeps with a PVP focus. people who understand that most of us have a day job or family stuff.
  2. SubAutumn

    Far Too Quiet...

    I'm really excited about this class, a seemingly shield-less mitigation tank was what i was looking for! I don't want to block, i just want to chop at fools.
  3. that was pretty cool man thanks!
  4. fred can take his lands castles whatever to another kingdom if he gets tired of being part of fredland. or joe can tell fred to bugger off and fred will be on his own with his lands or castles or whatever. but you can also grant manager-ships to parts of an ek with other vassals so maybe you only have a manor house, but you are the barron of a bunch of other lower vassals in the EK you can be fired from the ek, you take your one plot with you but the rest of everyone stays. From the FAQ Parcel ownership, however, is not subject to the fealty chain. That means if you own a parcel, you can be evicted, but your parcel can never be taken from you. If you have a disagreement with a monarch, you also have the option to pick up your parcel and move it even to another kingdom.
  5. SubAutumn

    My Build

    how many FLOPS will that pull?
  6. Welcome! plenty of old SWG'rs around!
  7. alas, I am blinded by your holey light. As the oozing of your grateness envelopes me like a sweet bath of melted swiss cheese, I take in the burning golden ocher of salvation I and am revealed that our Savior has returned, even if only briefly. Soon, with our Muhrder's guidance, we will unleash the muenster in all of us and defeat the hunger for gouda.
  8. maybe your browser doesn't like the plugin for the video?
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