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    Drawing & Painting, Graphic Design, Books, watching series / movies, games (obviuosly)...
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    Darkest Dungeon, Dota 2, Armello, Dont Starve Together.
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  1. Don't know - I think 24/7 servers / first campaign is something a lot of people are looking forward too, I think it would be accurate.
  2. I actually think that it won't be a big change in the game we know so far, but rather 24/7 servers or something like that. But I think they have a lot of fun watching us come up with some crazy ideas.
  3. That's good news! :3 Thank you a lot, appreciate all the information.
  4. Not sure if I got this thread right. Are beta testers already able to join in the tests? I tried to find something, but the FAQ seems pretty outdated. In my rewards page I have the Beta Group 1 as well as the Beta Group 6. Not sure what that means. I think beta testing was announced for december 2016? I don't mind waiting longer for a better game, but do we know when we can expect the beta? I guess I missed an E-Mail about that.
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