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  1. There is already some PvE content, and there will continue to be in the final game, but Crowfall is intended primarily as a PvP game.
  2. Dang, Marcaida kicks butt every time. What if instead of dizzy down, we change the run speed issue at its base. Let us sheath weapons, with a slower run speed while weapon drawn, but otherwise no difference between trays. Getting caught while harvesting is already dangerous without dizzy down, and if it rooms a few seconds to draw or sheath a weapon it would keep flexibility while limiting abuse.
  3. With open access, high strength, high utility Discs, no. Field Surgeon is a great example of a Disc that would be very strong (pretty much a must take) option if it were healer class only, and as an open to all Disc is just broken. Discs need to be class limited or provide more niche benefits so that fewer classes or roles want them, possibly both.
  4. Sure. I used healing as an easily understandable hypothetical example, though there are probably more accurate examples that still illustrate this issue.
  5. Or at least make Disc skills that mimic class skills strictly worse than the original class skill. If anyone can use a given Disc, it’s benefits should be weaker than what the class equivalent would be; if a Disc gives healing and anyone can take it, it should be worse than what clerics have baseline. If it’s better than cleric base, the it should be cleric limited.
  6. This ^ Some of the other ideas here are viable and possibly worth implementing, but the real issues seems to be that Wood elf ranger just is better at everything right now.
  7. Having key effects based on random proc often makes games feel more luck based than skill based. Having LMB always give a short escape suppression, or every third hit give such, makes it skill based. Melee succesfully closing on a ranged fighter should spell trouble for the bowman; if it’s a 50% chance to proc, then both fighters feel cheated if things don’t go their way. Similarly, I’d much rather see a disc with a CC reduction than one with a random ignore proc. Complete immunity might be to strong, but something like a 30% time reduction in hard CC is good enough to be valuable but not so strong that everyone runs it.
  8. They have said that some attacks are focused as you stated, but others are random, including basic attacks. https://crowfall.com/en/faq/gameplay-and-systems/armor/ Item 3
  9. Size matters is something that works really well in Elite: Dangerous and Dreadnought, so I can definitely see it adding to Crowfall as well.
  10. I also love the idea of being able to actually target specific body parts, but I think the attack and reticule system we have right now doesn’t really allow for reasonable targeted aiming. There might be some compromise by making each ability target specific body parts, or a small subset of them, which would make split armor add value while still being feasible to implement and use in game.
  11. The way hit targets are determined exacerbates this further. Right now hit location (arm, torso, head, et cetera) is randomized, with some attacks skewing more towards one than another (I.e. ground explosions will hit legs much of the time). This means that we can’t even balance resistances by using several different types of armor, but on the flip side, attackers can’t target weak points based on their attack options. The best options right now seems to be just pick a type and wear a full suit of that so you can get the matched bonus, and we are pretty much guessing as to what damage we will face. As is we are losing the versatility of fully customizable armor without much gain.
  12. This is the best argument for Duelist being Guinecean only. Tunelling doesn’t really make sense on any other race, so either Duelist needs to be reworked or kept as hamster only.
  13. Teleportation might be nice for testing, but it’s resource intensive to build, introduces a bunch of potential bugs and issues, then doesn’t do anything for the real game. Probably not worth adding.
  14. Moving where you are looking removed the ability to strafe or run backwards while still attacking, both of which are crucial to the style of combat CF is going for. Yes, WASD and 1-6 makes for awkward left hand contortions; either wait for rebindable controls, or buy either a game pad like one pictured above, or a gaming mouse that lets you push functions to other buttons.
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