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  1. Quick reiteration of earlier comments on siege being way too easy to wreck buildings. Given the inability to customize keep location or building placement, it's already hard to care that much about keeps. After watching one person throw down a trebuchet a blow up several buildings, keeps felt pretty worthless. It being easier and quicker to destroy stuff than it is to build is definitely realistic, but right now it doesn't feel like defenders can do much against an attacker who just wants to wreck some buildings, and that attacker needs essentially zero investment compared to what the builders put in.
  2. It would have been great if there was anything in the UI to indicate this, particularly given that this system is completely absent in GR.
  3. Not sure if this is a bug of a gameplay change, but I have been unable to harvest any nodes above basic rank in Dregs. In GR I could harvest anything with no issue, but in Dregs I can swing away with no damage done; swinging still wears down tools.
  4. Honestly, even if they just made crafting and exploration way faster that would help. If you can unlock a real branch of the crafting tree in a week or so, that wouldn't feel so lousy; sure make it take months or more to master a given craft, but let people build something real without a month long delay. Combat could then stay slow, taking day's to gain a small and incremental advantage. As is, there's nothing really "unlocked" by training in the combat tree, so the longer training time doesn't feel as annoying. Combined with the above, you are still forced with the choice of picking up a craft and potentially losing out on a month or two of combat gains, or trying to get that little extra edge in fighting prowess. I'd still prefer to see a passive training system that offered more choice, something with branching and interdependence like what we have in talents, but the above idea is certainly easier to implement.
  5. It's pretty common for new things in any game to be a little overpowered. That's particularly useful in CF right now as it encourages people to playtest the class; if FW was massively underpowered and underwhelming, no one would play it and ACE wouldn't get the info they need. That said, some older classes really need help. ACE has done some reworks on older classes before and I fully expect them to do so again.
  6. Yeah, there are definitely some issue with interleaving abilities into auto attacks. Some of this seems to be optimization issue causing lag, but some of I think is inherent to how abilities and attacks work here.
  7. This might be the best solution I've seen so far on this issue. This was one of the better aspects of EVE's passive training system; yes, a brand new player was at a huge disadvantage to a veteran based on raw numbers, but the main difference between an experienced player and a true vet was less about pure mathematical advantage and more one of options. Given several years of training, an EVE player mostly was unlocking new modes of gameplay (new ships and modules), and bringing them up to par with their other skills, not getting increasingly OP in the thing they already did. The tricky part here is, as always, one of balance. New players shouldn't feel like they are completely useless until they've completed months of training; if you don't have access to the utility a class is defined by until months of waiting, people will be just as frustrated as crafters are right now with dropped loot being better than what is currently craftable. That said, if nothing meaningful is unlocked through passive training, then the whole thing feels pointless; waiting days to get a +1% in anti-crit was one of the most ridiculous openings I've seen in a game.
  8. Having finally gotten enough test time to level one vessel to 30, leveling the second one feels really weak. I can get high level gear and sacrifice items on my leveled vessel to rush the subsequent ones, which makes me wonder why I had to go through this the first time. Maybe it will be different in a real campaign where dropped items aren't so OP compared to crafted, but right now it's pretty unsatisfying. Combat also is starting to feel a little off. I'm liking the druid so far (new vessel) but after getting my assassin to 30 I am pretty unimpressed with it's combat. Part of the issue seems to be melee being kind of weak compared to ranged right now, but part of it is the ease of use for abilities; with the quick auto attack the assassin has, it's kind of hard to rotate abilities in without stopping the whole show. The fact that I felt like I was just floating around the whole time in combat really didn't help either. I know the animation lock we had in the early days felt a little clunky, but this maybe went too far in the other direction.
  9. I've been getting stuck inside centaur's pretty frequently. Playing as fae assassin, and if they charge right into my character, I can't move and targeting becomes difficult until they die or I dodge. Later on was fighting some spiders, attack animation kept swinging, but no damage numbers appeared. Then my character just ran away? That's me, up in the top left (just above me health bar), deciding that giant spiders were too much and it was time to go home.
  10. This was pre 4/10 update, but yesterday I had a moment of missing crafting table: The cooking station should be there but isn't, and no "F" bar came up when moving around that area. I also was having some serious rubberbanding yesterday, mostly around the temple. It took me several attempts to move from the entrance to the crafting tables, often getting bounced back to where I started just outside the temple. If I made it to a table and opened the crafting screen, that seemed to give me a save point there, but I could get rubberbanded back to the last table I interacted with. Worst offense was after leveling at the camp north of the temple, I was running back, made it just before the temple steps, then got bounced all the way back to the artifact crafting table at the northern camp. I never had issues with this except when in or near the temple.
  11. I've only logged a few hours in this build so far (lvl 8 Assassin), in part due to issues with getting into GR, but I wanted to get some initial thoughts down. Some of these will be repeats of points already made, but I think it is worth reiterating when applicable. Combat mostly feels pretty good, if somewhat overpowered for the mobs I'm fighting. I'm definitely still relearning the ropes here, but my abilities all feel like they have potential utility, and I can see some solid options for sequencing them to good effect. My main complaint on this so far is the difficulty in actually using abilities while auto-attacking, particularly given the assassin's dual dagger attack speed. I wouldn't want abilities to insta-cast during and in addition to normal attacks, but having ability use queue up and replace the next normal attack would really help usability and intuitiveness. I haven't gotten into PvP yet in this build, but the mobs feel disappointingly weak compared to (much) older builds. It used to feel like a real accomplishment to solo those cats, but now I can kill multiple mobs just using auto attacks. There seems to be little need for abilities in PvE. This is something that is easy to scale back up once we are out of a testing phase where it's useful to have easy farming, but it's still worth noting. I like the current idea of having passive (general) skill training and active leveling. I guess we dropped the idea of vessels as a meaningful gameplay element, ala EVE ships, but that's cool; this current idea seems to give you the ability unlock through gameplay (and thus dopamine circuit activation) that many players want, while still allowing for improvement without demanding daily activity. That said, the current passive skill trees are a little lackluster; most of the skills are minor improvements, and the few things with actual appeal are locked behind a long line of trash. The training speed also feels off; I would again look to EVE here and make rank/time scale in polynomial time, with earlier skills having much fast scaling. I'd love to see more skills on the passive training list as well, with more interdependence. As is it's pretty close to being a (mathematical) tree, which doesn't force or allow for much decision making in training, you just follow whatever line you are on. The inventory is a mess. Given the need to collect a whole bunch of stuff for crafting, we really need a way to sort our inventory automatically; give me the inventory as a list, with the option to sort by name, type, value, et cetera, and the ability to search within that list. Again EVE does this very well. The odd stacking that some items have just compounds this issue. On the UI front, having every window I left open pop back up anytime I hit the craft/inventory/whatever button is a headache. If I hit the skill tray button it's because I just wanted the skill tray window, not my crafting window. Speaking of crafting, I'm going to second others on removing basic crafting from specialized tables. If I'm at the leatherworking table, I don't want the basic woodworking options. It's hard to comment further on crafting right now as drops from mobs are so much better than what we can craft. That's what I've got so far, will add more as I get more time to playtest.
  12. There is already some PvE content, and there will continue to be in the final game, but Crowfall is intended primarily as a PvP game.
  13. Dang, Marcaida kicks butt every time. What if instead of dizzy down, we change the run speed issue at its base. Let us sheath weapons, with a slower run speed while weapon drawn, but otherwise no difference between trays. Getting caught while harvesting is already dangerous without dizzy down, and if it rooms a few seconds to draw or sheath a weapon it would keep flexibility while limiting abuse.
  14. With open access, high strength, high utility Discs, no. Field Surgeon is a great example of a Disc that would be very strong (pretty much a must take) option if it were healer class only, and as an open to all Disc is just broken. Discs need to be class limited or provide more niche benefits so that fewer classes or roles want them, possibly both.
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