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  1. Oh, that explains the friend requests. Totally zoned out. I changed my IGN, so if you see CaptainPancakes, that's actually me. I would agree that Hel is fun and really hard, and would agree that she's very powerful. However, due to this power being well-known, she tends to get camped really hard and is easy to punish. This makes her a rough solo and even worse mid, especially the latter due to lack of blue buff and mana issues. I think there's about 20-some gods I'd rather have as a support over Hel, including every guardian, every warrior, and a couple assassins. Hel is incredibly level and item dependent, as most mages are, so putting her in a support role prevents her from getting the farm she needs. There are plenty of more effective kill-laners as well, so you get very little out of her hanging with the duo. Combined with a lack of hard CC, no ult for objective contesting, and the inherent mage squishiness, Hel is probably not the best choice for a support. Oh, and don't play a slow mage without mobility or hard CC in the jungle.
  2. Hmm, I'm starting to form the idea of founding a Crowfall forum Smite clan. Mostly because I want to explore the clan system but I haven't found one that I like.
  3. As a player of Dragon Age and Dark Souls, I was never particularly fond of the persistent gore. You ended up casually walking around the world covered in blood, it never seemed to faze you. Made you seem like a psychopath (which is somewhat accurate for Dark Souls). I'd like to see blood in the game. Bloodless combat always feels like you're just whacking each other with sticks. I'd rather not see pools of blood or characters covered in it. Now, some sort of terrifying blood rain, that'd be cool. Could show up in the particularly damned worlds.
  4. I'm actually interested in the idea of being a dedicated resource supplier/runner. As mentioned previously, people gotta get their resources somehow. It seems like an exciting style of play, finding a way to procure a resource, making sure no one takes it from you, and getting it to where it has to go. I hope there's some room for me to explore and gather, or at least function as some variety of courier.
  5. I'd much prefer the evasive variety of tanking over blocking. Lets me apply all my Monster Hunter experience.
  6. Final Fantasy OSTs still get me with a wave of nostalgia listening to them. Other than that, the soundtracks to Hotline Miami and Fallout: New Vegas are great, though they're less orchestrated and more a collection of songs. I regularly listen to the Nier soundtrack, and I've never played the game. I found it one day, and have loved it ever since.
  7. It's cool to see some people playing. If anyone wants to play with me, my IGN is the same as here, DrGendo. I generally play Vamana, Bellona, Tyr, Nemesis, Chang'e, and a little Muzen, and I used to main Athena.
  8. I saw there was some old discussion, so I was curious: anybody here play Smite? Personally, I love it, playing it when I can. I'm hoping that Crowfall and Smite don't compete too much for my time.
  9. "Samurai looking one". That sounds so cheesy, I want it.
  10. As much as I love my animal people, I feel I'd have a preference to being unique. Like, you see a Guinecean coming, you know who they are, and you're not going to mess with them (at least I hope so).
  11. I'm new to the whole MMO experience, but I've got plenty of hours logged in other online games, so I speak from that for experience. That said, I did read the article for a bit of perspective. I agree that there is a problem with the population of guilds or other online groups. I've been part of clans that were a small to decent size, and those were some of my favorite gaming experiences. I loved being able to log in every day and see the same names pop up. I used to frequent one TF2 server that ran 24/7 2fort and we spent most of the time just shooting the poorly made socks and casually playing. I remember talking a guy through a big life choice he was making, hearing people discuss their relationships or other struggles in life. Sometimes we just said stupid poorly made socks to each other. It was a fantastic time. My experience with big clans was that, with so many people, you'd end up playing with the same small subset of people, and form your own little clan within the clan. In some instances, these subsets broke off into their own clans. Some survived, some didn't. The issue with big clan play was that you'd often end up never speaking to some people. Some people never even played with the clan, they just joined for the tag and then played on their own. I think the development side issue for large guilds might just be limited resources. If you can only win so much for an engagement, which has to be split amongst your participants, won't people favor a smaller group with higher reward? There's a risk vs reward sort of thing that could be done here. The problem, I suppose, is when low-risk, low-reward pays out too much or it becomes no-risk at all. I think Crowfall's structuring and emphases on player-created structure will be supportive of the smaller sort of guild, especially with the emphasis on skill. If a relatively small group of proficient players can win against a large group of novices, we might be in a good place. The question is whether that's possible.
  12. Um, that's actually Nia Teppelin, daughter of the Spiral King, Lordgenome, and- Oh god, my inner anime nerd is showing.
  13. Reading this thread makes me wonder: who are these people, and where can I subscribe to their newsletter?
  14. Man, this thread off the rails. Or chains. Whatever that expression is. I mentioned "Casual" and someone asked me what I meant. I meant a game where I don't have to be constantly playing a metagame of optimization while keeping my eyes open for everyone trying to murder me. I get enough of that in Smite and DOTA. I want to be able to, well, chill, hang out with fun people, and not have to constantly fight and die for my right to play a game.
  15. I'm hoping it is. Some people on this forum seem really gung-ho about hardcore PvP all the time, which kind of frightens me. I'd just like some room in a game to be casual, y'know?
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