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  1. Kieran leaned his head back, and looked up at her, he blinked and simply starred at the young woman, not entirely sure what to say. "Oh hello, my name is Kieran. King Kieran, even." He chuckled at the mere use of the word 'king', it must have seen as amusing to him. "Please, my lady. Take a seat, I'd feel more comfortable if you did." Kieran said, his hand gesturing to one of the other open spots. Regardless of what she would choose to do, Kieran sat relaxed taking sips from his drink.
  2. Kieran stepped into the bar, his long sword sheathed and slung across his back. "I told you I was only going to be gone for a minute, Tayeko." he said. Slowly he moved closer to her, sitting down next to Tayeko on the luxurious sofa, his arm wrapped around her. Relaxing, he leaned back sipping on his flask and looking around the room. Noticing the young woman sitting behind the two of them, he briefly glances at her and goes back to his drink. Under his breath he whispered to Tayeko: "We might have some fun company."
  3. No problem, looking forward to seeing more of this. But school and work comes first as should be obvious
  4. Pretty much what Canth said. Get social, talk to people, make friends, find a guild. Even if you get a little lost trying to understand the game mechanics, or you're still learning how the UI works, you have a variety of people around you to ask for help. Usually there's a least one kind soul who will answer. With this being a sandbox PvP game, you might be a little lost at first and get tossed around a few times, but that's just part of the learning process I suppose. EDIT: Forgot about that word filter ...
  5. Crowfall, Camelot Unchained, Tree of Savior, and Repopulation. By looking forward to the Repopulation I mean, looking forward to full release. It's already available in it's alpha state, and it's not bad. Not sure how they're all going to turn out, so I'm just waiting to see which of them actually catches my interest the most. I'll probably at least try each of them once.
  6. Kieran quickly grabbed his bow and trotted over towards the others and the portal, he let out a sigh of relief as the twins had turned up unharmed. A warm smile seemed to stretch across Kieran's face as he realized everyone remained mostly safe, however he was aware of the imminent danger. "Everyone, into the portal! Now!" he barked at the others, time was running out and Kieran was waiting on them, so that he could guarantee the group's safety. His gaze turned towards Tayeko, she didn't seem in as much of a hurry to leave as her orders implied. "That means you as well, I have no intention of leaving until your safe." From the look in Kieran's eyes, he was dead serious about this. Patiently waiting for the others, he stood next to Tayeko, waving his hands at the others, beckoning them to come.
  7. Kieran turned and saw that help was on the way, for a moment he realized how stupid he must have seemed, but in these circumstances, he couldn't really care. He glanced over to the old man and shouted "Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it." with a quick nod and a smile he refocused his attention back to the orcs. Charging at Kieran, the orc winced in pain and almost fell to the ground as an arrow embedded itself in it's leg. There was a loud thud as the bow hit the ground, with surprising agility Kieran drew his sword and rushed the orc in his moment of weakness. The first swing was parried, the orc pushed back his blade and stood up to retaliate. Another clash of swords as the orc swung at Kieran, there was a spark and a flash as the orc's sword was flung to the side. One final swing dropped the orc as the blade cut into foul creature's body. He looked around and saw the old man's handy-work, he was impressed. Kieran put a foot on the orc, tearing the blade out from the beast's torso. Kieran almost fell over as he pulled the blade out, not only was it thoroughly stuck, but the ground had begun to shake as well. Looking around, both concerned and confused, he had to wonder what was going to happen.
  8. (( Hello! I've enjoyed watching these events unfold but I thought it perhaps I should join in. )) There was a flash of light, what looked like a portal had opened but only for a brief moment as a tall man was quickly pushed out and onto his face. He brushed himself off, and stood up, it was a man know by some as Kieran. He rubbed his neck and looked around, trying to get a bearing on his location while he mumbled something about "...disrespectful mages..." (( For those who don't know what Kieran looks like: Kieran was a man of average height, with broad shoulders and a thick build. Small scars and wounds scattered across his body, most of them covered up by the leather armor he wears, the exception being a scar, stretched across his right cheek. His dark brown hair always kept at a medium length, if only to keep it out of his eyes. To some, he appeared intimidating, to others, they saw a man who had spent his life working in harsh conditions. )) Kieran stopped as he noticed Kaeari, Coin, and what looked to be a variety of other guests. He looked at them in confusion for a moment, and began to speak "Kaeari, Coin? What are you ... Who are ... Nevermind, where's Tayeko? She was supposedly in ... " he turned around with a look of both fear and annoyance. "...Trouble." In almost an instant Kieran had his bow ready to fire an arrow, and his body quickly turned towards the other direction, heading towards the beasts. As usual, Kieran wasn't even fully aware of what he was getting himself into before he jumped in to try and help, and he seemed to have almost forgotten that there were other folks around him as well, he was too focused on the problem at hand. He dashed towards them, stopping in his tracks as he could finally see the threat, a group of orcs. "Orcs ... here?" Kieran mumbled to himself, he lifted his head and his bow. Pointing it at one of the closest orcs, he let loose the arrow and watched as it found it's way through the orc's skull. "Get your hands off her!" Kieran yelled at the orcs as he pulled out another arrow and nocked it. Afterwards, a few of the orcs charged at Kieran, as the others cried out in a rage. Perhaps he had bitten off more than he could chew ...
  9. Kieran raised his arm slightly, and signaled coin a thumbs up in approval. It was likely she didn't need any approval from him, but he thought it best to be courteous. "... and that's why I ought to avoid angering Coin." he mumbled to himself.
  10. Kieran let out a few slow claps, impressed by the spectacle but still dazed from his fight. "Fantastic! Ahhh! ... " He cried out in pain as his words seemed to hurt him, he held his ribcage and shut his mouth.
  11. Kieran relaxed himself, his vision fading in and out as he mumbles to himself. He turned his head towards the other fae. "Good luck ... Kaeari." He smiled as he barely managed to get those words out, he turned back to look at Tayeko and closed his eyes. "Tayeko ... "
  12. (( Sorry about the delay there )) Kieran moved to the edge of the arena and paused for a moment, he walked in circles, starring at the beast for several minutes mumbling to himself. "Undead ... Abnormal size ... Quadruped ... Slow but strong ... Probably unaffected by most of my shots ... " He turned to Tayeko and nodded his head before descending into the arena. You could hear the loud thud as he landed on the arena floor, with his bow and sword on his back. Kieran pulled an arrow from his quiver and readied his bow. The beast let out a horrifying roar as he it shook it's head in anger. *Plink!* an arrow bounced off the creature's leg, Kieran readied another arrow as the beast charged towards him. The beast rammed right into the wall of arena, Kieran barely managed to roll out of the way, "It's faster than I thought!". Having dropped his arrow, he slung his bow on his back and reached for his blade. With one swift movement the creature spun towards Kieran, barely missing Kieran as he dodged out of the way. He lunged for the creatures arm, the blade cutting through a small chunk of flesh. A grinned stretched across his face, he thought his attack had done some damage. The flesh from the wound began to bubble up as it regrew it's skin and flesh. "What!?" Kieran shouted. Distracted by the strange turn of events, the beast landed a blow on Kieran. His body flew backwards, he slumped over to the ground as his back hit the stone wall of the arena. Kieran's eyes were closed for a moment, the shock of the attack dazed him ever so slightly. The creature took the opening and lunged at Kieran. Barely able to time it, Kieran reached for an arrow and jabbed it through the creature's jaw as it pounced. It roared in pain, flailing about as it fell to it's side. Taking the opportunity, Kieran stood up and dashed for his sword. With a quick whip of it's tail, the creature knocked Kieran over as he reached for the sword. It stood up to attack him once more, but Kieran barely grabbed the sword and dodged it's attack. Once more, the beast jumped towards Kieran. It would've crushed him if not for his uncanny luck, as he barely was able to dodge out of the massive creature's path. It laid there, slowly trying to stand back up. "Now's my chance ..." Kieran mumbled to himself, as he leaped at the creature, grabbing onto the beast's back. It tried to shake him off, but the bones of it's body provided a nice hand hold. He slowly made his way to the creature's neck, as it thrashed around trying to break his grip. With one more lunge he was able to reach his destination, he kneeled on top of the beast, one hand holding him on top, the other grasped tightly around his sword hilt. He raised his sword high up, and stabbed it straight through the creature's head. It flailed in pain, thrashing around it knocked Kieran to the ground. The sword still impaled in the beast's skull, it made one final swing at Kieran. He screamed in pain as the beast's claw pierced his leg. The beast seemed to be dead, but Kieran laid there, the claw still embedded in his leg, his chest and armor torn open from bloody claw marks. "Can I get a little help here!?" he cried out.
  13. Kieran turned to Kaeari, his eyebrow raised in curiosity "You seem eager to shed a little blood." "I suppose it's my duty to go first, unless you've already got your eyes set on killing that ... thing." He turned to look at the beast, with a slight look of disgust.
  14. "Ready as I can be ..." Kieran nodded, still anxiously worrying about his attendance. He stood up and took a deep breath and looked at Kaeari and then back to Tayeko. "So ... what do you have in store for us?"
  15. Kieran bolted up from his deep sleep, he panicked when he realized he had been late to rise. Quickly grabbing his clothes and equipment as he rushed out the door to find the others. He slowly creeped around the corner trying to see who had already arrived, hopefully no one will have noticed his absence, as unlikely as that was. Carefully, he tried to sneak past to find a seat to quietly watch until his turn.
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