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    Wizard101/Pirate101, Fairy Tail (Anime), Nintendo franchises, Cardfight Vanguard,
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  1. Still need to donate more to get this game at a discount XD and I had a great thanksgiving (Family Smash Bros Amiibo tournament for the win!! My Pikachu Amiibo appropriately named "Sparky" got first place! )
  2. I like my Crowcaine right after drinking a nice bottle of Crowca Crowla
  3. I am a lesbian transgender woman but is there any others here from the community?
  4. Wizard101! gets shot in the knee with an arrow Pirate101?! archers aim at my foot and shoots
  5. Could you link me to the rules of conduct? Having some trouble finding it for some reason
  6. I shall fight for her! Or until an ice god/goddess gets revealed
  7. We are going to try and recruit Chrissy The Blesser to Sugoi right? I still think she would make an absolute AMAZING member. I have first hand seen her be an amazingly positive user and just a great person in general. It would be a wasted chance to not have such a wonderful gamer in the guild.
  8. Anyone else excited for Pokken Tournament?
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