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  1. weight is a terrible mechanic for mmos. Perfectly fine for immersive single player open world RPGs its been tried in older PvP MMOs and it only forced people to carry bare minimum essentials to gank others with, such as medkits and weapons and nothing more. So when you do kill someone and loot them, they already have what you have.
  2. ok eonwe idk what it is but i think it sur avatar its good as h*ck and if u want to join us u can go to www.somethingawful.com and then ur in, just like that
  3. im making a character named Dampé the Grave Diggerjust 2 do this because gimmicks r fvn pls dont steal ok thanks for reading and understanding in advance namaste
  4. i do what i feel so labels and constructs dont apply because y limit ur self???
  5. all I can think of is Aphrodite, Sylvanus and Chang'e's healing and Aphro's healing only works when you tether someone and that's a line skill to hit. Giant AoE most likely will mean a lower healing return, same as Chang'e or Sylvanus' aoe Heals but they're not exactly lifesavers, they're just a sustain because someone is bound to get critted or bursted apart.
  6. lol if yer arms dont have arms fam
  7. Lastgirl


    2016 was crazy haha 2017 is already off to a crazy start u don even kno!!! bvckl vp kid
  8. i am listening to Neneh Cherry - Manchild how appropos for you all~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJ9VBMBS3qE
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