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  1. weight is a terrible mechanic for mmos. Perfectly fine for immersive single player open world RPGs its been tried in older PvP MMOs and it only forced people to carry bare minimum essentials to gank others with, such as medkits and weapons and nothing more. So when you do kill someone and loot them, they already have what you have.
  2. ok eonwe idk what it is but i think it sur avatar its good as h*ck and if u want to join us u can go to www.somethingawful.com and then ur in, just like that
  3. i am listening to Neneh Cherry - Manchild how appropos for you all~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJ9VBMBS3qE
  4. 410, 757, 864, 530 DEAD PUBBIES so far this pre-alpha alpha join us if u want 2 win because thats the only thing that matters in life obvi
  5. some really great enthusiasm to sign up tho im processing a few of your applications *crams a bunch of manila envelopes into the industrial shredder* so it will just have to take a while until u hear back from us or whatevs
  6. its important 2 have ur birth cirtificat rdy tho if u want to register with us ex:
  7. hi we still sometimes bump our thread on SA if we remember to comment in it its like at the bottom of the mmo subforum and its just its just so much wooork oh my gooood if u want to join us u can i think that swhat this thrad was for?? im not realy sure but ok u can join us
  8. CHVRCHES - Tightrope https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNIx2ryQXsA
  9. we'll take your criticism into consideration at the shadow council, crowfall forum user Kalus_Konkwest its spelled Conquest, though, I think first order of business of course will be discussing what a giant bag of fail actually entails thats quite the uhh...metaphor? its like its 2007 again or something
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