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  1. ok eonwe idk what it is but i think it sur avatar its good as h*ck and if u want to join us u can go to and then ur in, just like that
  2. im making a character named Dampé the Grave Diggerjust 2 do this because gimmicks r fvn pls dont steal ok thanks for reading and understanding in advance namaste
  3. Gross and rvde as h*ck imo
  4. i do what i feel so labels and constructs dont apply because y limit ur self???
  5. hi r u interested in joining this guild eonwe
  6. Heals WTF

    all I can think of is Aphrodite, Sylvanus and Chang'e's healing and Aphro's healing only works when you tether someone and that's a line skill to hit. Giant AoE most likely will mean a lower healing return, same as Chang'e or Sylvanus' aoe Heals but they're not exactly lifesavers, they're just a sustain because someone is bound to get critted or bursted apart.
  7. Crowfall too gear-based?

    lol if yer arms dont have arms fam
  8. 2016...

    2016 was crazy haha 2017 is already off to a crazy start u don even kno!!! bvckl vp kid
  9. Whatchoo Listenin To?

    i am listening to Neneh Cherry - Manchild how appropos for you all~
  10. thx 4 this op s000per pretty fx
  11. Heals WTF

    healing is... *checks notes* good im glad for all the heals skillless or otherwize if it makes people tilted but i dont follow on what yer gabbin about on tab target being replaced with aoe or w/e make more sense on this op thanks in advance
  12. when is yooka layee being released op askin the hard hittin question here