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  1. So, I love what you guys are doing with the campaigns and siege battles and things like that. It's a fantastic concept, but I really think it would be easy and very awesome to implement an arena style pvp. 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 arena style PvP. Story: The Gods in an effort to prove the power of their might, display the power of their immortal champions who wage war in their name. As such, the Immortal Championship was created where Gods pit their Immortal Champions against one another to prove their power as a whole. Arena: Just a standard roman coliseum, possibly some pillars around for LoS, no real traps. Enough to fit 6 people comfortably. Game types: 1v1 2v2 & 3v3 Death Matches. 1 life, best 2/3 Rewards: Gold and EXP Purpose: 1. Gets people used to using their characters and fighting 1v1 and in small teams. 2. You learn about other archetypes in a 1v1 situation instead of a chaotic situation improving character knowldge. 3. If 1v1 is a game mode, it is more likely that each class is equally balanced. 4. This can be a form of ranked leader board style game play. It's a pretty straight forward idea. Would love to get some feedback on if it is possible or something you think you guys might want to do.
  2. I haven't played the game yet, but judging by the stats, he has 4 dots in strength when the other tanks only have 3, which is as much as the champion, who is considered melee dps. Right now, I'm not sure what stats mean, but I'm actually pretty excited for this because the class looks so awesome and dps/tank hybrid is how I love to play!
  3. To me, it looks like they are creating a story mode/tutorial for the character showing how you became an eternal champion.
  4. Most games out there today do way to much hand holding, especially MMOs. Teach us how to play the game, teach us the basics of crafting and fighting, but that's it. Let us discover the best ways to craft, and the best materials to use as well. Let there be secrets in the game we need to figure out or stumble upon. Let's take crafting for example. I saw a brief guide about materials and things like that, but why don't you have secret crafting materials you can create. For instance, say on a particular campaign, there is a secret forge that when you smelt iron, it turns it into a stronger brand of iron or gives it special properties, but only by exploring can you learn that, and in turn that becomes a resource that people fight over making it kind of an unofficial side objective. On the combat side, perhaps by fighting and killing a random dragon, you gain access to a special skill or something like that. Like you learned how to fight better from fighting a special enemy. Basically I just think it would be awesome to discover a multitude of secrets in the game that lead to fun rewards for the extra exploration.
  5. The problem I see with most MMOs today are the fact that you can play pretty much solo throughout the entire game until end game content and you really only need other people to raid so if you just join up with a raid group every once and a while you can limit your interaction to people in an MMO. This is a mistake to me. I really want to see Crowfall encourage player interaction the the necessity of gameplay. For instance, if an assassin kills a guild leader, that guild suffers a penalty while the guild that did the assassinating gets a bonus. Mages working together can cast fog on a fortress increasing sneak, or maybe if you have summoning, multiple high level druids can summon a large beast to attack a keep. Maybe in campaigns there is no world chat, so you need people who can use telepathy to communicate across long ranges. Ineffective because of team speak, but a good mechanic for those early games before people are in hard core guilds. Even creating portals could be a specific job. Maybe a spy type ability that can mark enemy player movement for their team. Maybe a bomb making ability to blast holes in the wall. That way, teams are not just compromised of tanks, healers and dps, but of unique skills and abilities that all contribute to the plan and an overall strategy of the guild. Wouldn't it be amazing to see guilds use a specific team to utilize the skills of multiple members at once? Same for the keeps and maybe you have sacred ground! For instance a keep built in an ancient forest, if you have the druids to do it can summon an ancient tree ent type spirit to defend its borders. This now gives property value to certain players over others, which makes territory another reason to fight and a reason to explore faster. Just a few ideas Go ahead and contribute, shoot down, etc.
  6. I love where the op is going with this! I especially love the assisted spells idea. I would also love to see mages and the like have unique roles in sieges. For instance, a group of mages could form up as an improvised catapult where they launch giant fireballs at a wall, or like op's idea, they can drop mist on a keep making it easier to stealth. The upside is obvioulsy the effect, the downside is you have to sacrifice that many mages to chant that spell to give you the advantage. I also would love for different classes to have their own integral part in sieges. For instance, a druid could use their nature magic to create ladders for scaling walls, assassins could act as spies and temporarily appear to be on the other side and raise the gate if they are successful, etc etc. That way taking a keep is now more of a strategy than anything.
  7. Kroanus


    This! In ever middle age/fantasy style mmo i always want to see spears, but rarely do. Spears revolutionized combat, giving range and armor piercing. It was a way to hide behind a shield and still attack. Simply just make a one handed spear meant to be used with a shield, and a 2 handed one that you use like Oberyn Martel. Please and Thank you!
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