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  1. Small suggestion. When you hover over a player and their name appears in the top left corner, it disappears immediately when your not targeting them. The name should stay for a second or two longer and maybe fade out. This will give me time to read the %&*ing name before it disappears. That is all. Loving everything else.
  2. I hope they put in cartography!!. Deciphering maps to hidden treasure was awesome in DFO and UO. These types of loot boxes I am in total support of! And I think the loot should (based on its difficulty) have RARE items like swords or chestplates, Rare ores, cash etc!
  3. Dope. Very happy with everything they are working on. About the fps however. I agree with chodie, a 30+fps target should be bare minimum. This is a PVP game, If you want retention in this game 60+ fps for big battles should be the goal imo.
  4. Cool idea but I agree with the others that it's not for Crowfall. I think it would be pretty sweet that if somewhere in some cave on some random campaign there's a dragon that you need 20 people to kill and it never respawns, and maybe or maybe not its guarding a rare ore deposit. I do not really like the idea of taking over it's corpse though.
  5. I would also like to see a transfer ability from health to mana and vice versa. If you're targeted and getting stomped on right off the bat you could transfer mana for health and likewise if your wrecking someone and have no mana you can do the opposite. I'm not sure what the ratio would be but something that you would only use in clutch moments.
  6. ^^^^^^^^^ No need for ACE to build some stupid little arena that you go and fight at when we can build it ourselves in our EK's. It's gonna be awesome when we get to a point where it's known that "yadda yadda's" guild EK is where you go to duel and fight. People will come and try to #$% it up but that is the great part about it. Player policed. Same as back in the days of UO, we used to do that sh1t all the time.
  7. A lot of people are so used to playing a single player game in an mmo world, just hanging out in the themepark that has no relevance after its completed. I for one am completely done with (never really got into) WoW. I haven't played EVE but am loving the idea of not having to kill 10 thousand rats to level up. All of that stuff is just fillers and distractions for what is actually fun in an mmo, PVP!
  8. Thank you, yea I do forget to use "5" a lot lol
  9. Ya Miras fun to play with and no we're not. I'm hoping to start a guild at launch or join a small new one. You're in the Dwarven guild right? That might not go to well in this game lol.
  10. That would be perfect Arawulf. And yes I agree completely that the video needs to be updated, I would love a new one with current mechanics. However, until THAT video is made; this is the best we have at the moment. The kickstarter video gives the (core) info on what the devs are trying to achieve in the shortest amount of time.
  11. The kickstarter promo video should be on the homepage of Crowfall.com, right there to click and watch immediately. That video is what hooked me when I first saw it, and when I tell other people about Crowfall that is the best way for them to understand the game. I feel it should be the very first thing you see when going to the website. Your thoughts
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