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  1. Official posts seem to describe the EKs as entirely optional vanity realms coupled with marginal campaign world benefits. What metagame possibilities do you see in this arrangement?
  2. Coming from EVE, personally I like anything that expands the purpose of the EK. I wish the EK represented the metagame of CF and was not a glorified player lobby, but alas.
  3. Does anyone have a sense of how will the boundaries of the EK instance be represented in the game? My hope is the boundaries are more intelligently represented than the age-old 4 impassable mountain ranges. Perhaps a kind of exhaustion mechanic will be used? That is, if the character proceeds any further off the instance main area, exhaustion would force the character back.
  4. Does anyone happen to know why the new designs are named by years? What should we infer from this?
  5. Given the references to EVE, I had hoped that there would be some kind of long-term sovereignty mechanic by which player groups held together empires. I fear the reality will be more a month long first person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game like LoL, with the player's personal area being a glorified player lobby. I hope I am wrong. I would like the campaigns to have meaning.
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