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  1. I agree with @blazzen in that we need to remove the cap that AoE attacks can hit, and just shrink the AoE zone. ACE advertised this game as a part strategy game in the kick starter, and one of those strategies should be don't stack 25 people in one spot or you might get wrecked. I think this deserves a thread all by itself. Also, I want to point out that I think this topic should be in General Discussions and not in Suggestion Box. Seems more like feedback or an open-ended question to the community rather than an organized suggestion about how to change the game.
  2. As stated by other posters on this thread, ACE will make sure that new players are able to catch up and participate without feeling worthless. So at this point, you either trust ACE to do that or you don't. If you are here to argue that the game at this very point is not balanced for new-players, your argument is going to fall on deaf ears because as ACE has also stated, they are not interested in balancing the game right now, they are interested in developing the content and mechanics and debugging all of that. I'm not trying to dismiss anybody's argument, all I am saying is that it may be more constructive to wait and see what solution CrowFall decides to implement, and at that point provide feedback.
  3. After watching the Kickstarter Overview video again, I think class balance is not going to be static thing in CrowFall. They even say in the kickstarter video that things like class balance could change from campaign to campaign - "Magic could be stronger in some campaigns than other." (not sure if thats a direct quote, but Mike says something along the lines of that.) They are probably going to create different campaigns where one has Stealth as it is right now, and another has Stealth completely nerfed, and another campaign has Stealth balanced. At which point the players will decide which they like more via which campaign is more popular. If there is a mechanic on the forums that everybody is complaining about, then you can probably expect the next campaign to address that mechanic in someway. This is why I believe the development team is not interested in anything they might consider balance of mechanic, because that mechanic is not going to be something static in the world of CrowFall. I think they are more interested in things like Orbs not colliding, large castles killing you when you walk onto the 2nd floor, not being able to pull things out of trade windows, and other things that have nothing to do with balance.
  4. Well then as long as there are campaigns in which you cannot import anything from your spirit bank, I will be happy then. Because to me then, it seems like the skill tree has more to do with unlocking crafting than anything in the game, and new players could just join guilds to get access to top-tier gear.
  5. I was also drawn to this game in hopes that it wouldn't just be another grind fest where the veterans rule, and new players are just endlessly playing a catch-up game. Couldn't we at least do some campaigns with all-time skill tree progression and some campaigns where everybody starts with blank skill trees?
  6. Thanks, I should have thought of that haha
  7. Shroomful


    I would really like some way to be able to duel friends for a 1v1 match. I've always found that in other games, this feature helps me to practice and try stuff out.
  8. So Todd announced on the Gamescom twitch stream that 5.8 will be the first official campaign, and I want to know who else is super excited? I think it could be a lot of fun and am excited to start finding a team and picking a faction.
  9. Shroomful


    The wonderful thing about campaigns is that each one could potentially have different hunger rules. If enough players are seriously deterred by the hunger, then I could see CF launching a No Hunger Campaign, or even a Half Hunger Campaign. From what I can tell, this game is not about some static set of rules, but rather exploring a multitude of possibilities and different game mechanics to find what fits right now. Just the fact that you can expect the rules to change is fun in itself, some players who may have been the best in one campaign will be the losers in the next. The possibilities are truly limitless, so I think it could be a mistake to restrict your opinion of the game as a whole to a single campaign with a single set of rules.
  10. This was a great stream, I really enjoyed Todd and Jack.
  11. Hi All! I would really love it if there was a way to craft a simple crate, maybe 1x1x1 meter in dimensions that we could place in our EK using a 3rd-Person Body Camera view. This crate should be able to be stacked on other crates as well. Where I am really going with this in my mind, is I would like to be able to create an epic Jump Puzzle in my EK, and right now trying to do that with the given placeable items is not really possible.
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