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  1. Bump for an awesome group of people and an awesome guild.
  2. So it seems that the devs are currently discussing how to place and move assets on a map. Well recently I was working on my resume and a college adviser said that I should try formatting everything inside a table, which makes a whole lot of sense. It can auto a-line things down the page or allows you to merge and re-size cells to fit together and manage spacing. The solution I propose for the placement of building and placement of resources is to be allow players to create and edit the equivalent of excel sheets within parcels. This allows us as players to determine how much space a particular building/structure/resource has between another such asset and to merge cells if we want to create a larger zone for assets. To expand the creative capabilities of such a system it would be best to allow layers where we can rotate one of the grids within a stack. for a kind of loose example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gULsEik31A [19:40-20:14], the parcel represents the stack and the various images represent the individual grids we can offset within the parcel. This allows a wide degree of freedom in placement, orientation, and spacing in creation. Now I am certainly no programmer or computer engineer and don't necessarily understand how complex this system would be to code, but I believe it would allow for a great degree of customization and player control over what we want within our EK and settlements.
  3. well a two-handed sword is perfectly usable with a shield since shields were mostly disposable and having the option of more power was a plus. However RIDICULOUSLY LARGE SHOULDER PLATES. The sword is way to freaking broad and looks like a meat cleaver not a weapon. Also bad stance. OHHH WELLL GAME LOGIC. Shout out to OBSIDIAN!!
  4. Please don't get into push manufacturing by trying to shove more resources through a small hole in order to try and rush the product out. It really doesn't work and produces shoty work, so take your time and produce good content.
  5. Can we give the female confessor useful chest armor? Like honestly separating her boobs into to separate plates is totally impractical because i just need to use a cross slash and that armor will catch my blade and make sure that the cut goes deep. And all you idiots who will yell about "Oh fantasy" then how come non of the male archetypes all have valid looking armor. How do I know that defining the boobs on the armor actually hinders the usefulness of it all is because I fight in the SCA so I wear this kind of stuff on a weekly basis. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/b3/3f/ec/b33fec1e1203e6c7aff56cfce4d55773.jpg Something like this works a lot better. I know looks cool, but so does every other character and their armor is functional.
  6. This is a really good marketing strategy that they should try and do. Many hard core fans and gamers will have the funds to build or buy a new computer for CF, but they make up less than 40% of gamers. So it would be a good idea to make CF playable on older end computers to include many more gamers and therefore clients.
  7. Would it be possible to establish a ranger archetype around using limited equipment like bolas, caltrops, bear traps, pit falls, wire traps. So you have to plan a fight well before it starts and sue team work to be able to fight. Instead of having cool downs they have limited equipment to work with. Say I only have one bola left do i use it to trip the centaur charging at me or try to stop the assassin from running away betting on my skills to jump out of the way. I want to make those kinds of life death decisions with my character to make it really immersive. I feel like this is more of my play style of edging an opponent into a terrain they feel comfortable in only to find out that it is a trap.
  8. Well i think people are underestimating how the games will play out. The start of a world will probably be very similar to that of an RTS a rush to find ground and resources and defensible positions, stake claims and jumping them, by the time summer roles around the forerunners will start to emerge and fall and stick around. Fall will be the big wars of the large clans and probably stalemate a lot. While winter will bring about desperation to maximize profits and lead to chaos before the fall. Now i see mercenaries being totally profitable in each season. Spring a mid sized guild could hire mercenaries to prevent being pushed out by large guilds and or be hired to explore so large guilds don't risk loosing their "pioneers" and "settlers" exploring if someone has a fued or is out for revenge. The mercs don't claim an allegiance so less likely to be randomly attacked or targeted by a rival guilds. Summer mercs could be used to keep small guilds from pushing up, because i doubt most guilds will have the man power to fight off rival guilds of equivalent or larger size and make sure no rat is poking around. They could also be used as harassing forces if you don't want to loose your guys who are building a town up protected by your clan mates. Do you really want to go through the trouble of skirmishing your neighbors and harassing them which would separate your forces. This would allow the contractor to build there power base while seeing a drop in their enemies' power base. Fall will probably be a stalemate much like how most MMO guilds currently are they don't make any huge gambits for power and only move a few spaces relative to another. To make a huge gambit you need to either best your opponent militarily on the field in large scale open combat or beat them to the punch line. They released a video about a homeless guild vs landed guild scenario where the homeless guild came out on top. You could also use mercs to hide your identity in an attack so the enemy forgets to focus on you, allowing your guild to beat them to the punch line. Winter is probably going to turn into a pretty intense season with desperation and resource count driving extreme actions as guilds try to secure a win or get away with the most of their loot as possible. Merc could do any number of jobs or just turn into straight up marauders that piss people off, but they would be unlikely to win or make a good haul. So chances are most mercs would not be around except for a few powerful groups that could change the outcome of events.
  9. well there might be an issue if they are hired out to the inner two most worlds sets. Since the shadow is guild vs guild having them them in a guild would provide problems with friendly fire in castles or battlefields, while the dregs is no affiliation game play which could run into the same problem.
  10. So I always wanted to run a mercenary guild in an multiplayer game. Now there are many types of guilds casual, raid, merchant, pvp but they all are very rigid allegiances to guilds. However, I have never been able to find a mercenary guild or establish one. I want to essentially make a guild that is sub divided into minor groups that can be contracted out for pay to anyone, a guild, a rich player, a kingdom. What I am curious about is will there be a system to allow a guild to be hired out in parts for various groups or will the players have to be "unaffiliated" with the mercenary guild (the mercenary guild does not exist in the game, but it is on the web) so the players get hired out by joining and dropping guilds as their employment comes around. Which seems totally more work than needed. What are your thoughts should we be able to subdivide guilds to allow the establishment of mercenary guilds that can be hired out?
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