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  1. In my book, tables should be more like this : Type Plate Chain Leather Cloth Slashing strong neutral weak weak Crushing weak strong neutral weak Piercing neutral weak strong weak Cloth being all neutral makes it too powerful in my opinion if you add great bonus with speed, magic power or casting speed and stealth. All clothing on weak resistance make it more realistic and balanced if you add the bonus.
  2. Making Eks's size influencing campaigns result is making crowfall a pay2win game...
  3. -Hierarchy and territory division only avaible in EKs -Housing game focused on Eks -Pay to win store options -Moba campaigns style -Campaign winners without benefit
  4. FPS of today have learned alot of MMOs just think about unlocking guns, attachments, guns colors, modifications... think about perks in COD... military grade in Battlefield... The game of todays got alot more carrots and if Crowfall dont want to be the flavor of the month and be a game that live and evolve thrue years like Eve online and so many great games, they need to add cool and innovative gratifications to campaign winners. Great post BTW ! Love your show guys ! Keep up the good work !
  5. That and I think you will be able to sell your stuff to the Ek oriented players to buy gear. With materials you will also be able to build structure that allow bonus training and bless for campaings and if you dont want to use your EK at all you can just pay to be a tenant on a EK that got all you need for your training bonus and bless. I maybe wrong but I think that will be things like that and dont forget cosmetics....
  6. I want to see all of that in the campaign for sure !!! I feel the same way By the way most interresting thread ive saw so far on the forum ! Nice work body !!!!
  7. Hum I dont think we have the same perspective because when I saw the dimension of the EK I tough WOW this is huge.... and imagine what is next in future update and patch when the game is launch. Expanded EKs ? Possibilities to link EKs to each other ? Making possible to have provincial EKs and and dominant one wich is the capital... Im really excited from what I saw.
  8. LOL that is so true !!! Yes its cool to have handcrafted landscape but the game play is what count the most for me. Probably while alpha and beta and maybe at launch we will see alot of common area, like same structures and mountain but with some times ACe will add alot of variety to the PG system so that we wont feel playing the same map over and over again.
  9. Not going to upgrade too, Its alot of money already for a game.
  10. LeWiSS


    Since I am a pvp player and i joined this game community because of the PVP oriented game plan. I vote No for flying and gliding because from my point of view Flying is Anti-PVP.
  11. Never played shadowbane, but hotzone doesnt seem to fit the Eve online economy crafting type where players craft most of the items and of course the best in game. Hotzone are probably alot of fun as soon as no one gain a permanent control of it. what happen if the big bad guild of the campaing gain control right away of the hotzone ? They get fed and they become uncle Bob for the rest of the campaing !
  12. CKII Is not a MMO and not a RPG pvp, but still good i played it alot.
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