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  1. Awesome weapon! Not sure how useful its "crushing" will be though lol
  2. I'd say Centaur ranger, but since they could use bows with the "Master of Bows" discipline I think that's fine. I do want one of the human classes (Knight or templar) to have access to polearms though. Seems kinda lame to only let spears be used by the horse men.
  3. Yeah not every weapon is probably in yet anyways. Plus a lot of archetypes will likely share weapons once we get promotion classes. For example the three Knight promotions are a ranged Knight (which could use a bow), a one handed sword knight (using the Templar's sword) and his normal shield/sword combo. Similarly we know the Templar's Fury promotion was planned to use a polearm similar to the centaur.
  4. With a name like the Sanctuary I guess I'll need to make my current guild name "The Saviors" and rule it with a barbed wire baseball bat.
  5. I asked a few people on the Crowfall Discord what archetype I should model and the consensus was to make the Elken. So here is my rendition. Comment any other archetypes (or gods or creatures) you'd like to see me model next.
  6. I say Templar all the way. The others are gonna be mostly based off of archetypes we already have. The fae will just be an elf guinicean, the elken is just a deer ranger, frostweaver an ice confessor, etc. The templar (although similar to the knight) can maybe be more fleshed out than the knight. I take it that it will focus on more dodging than blocking which I am all for.
  7. Like I said it was nothing I could fault them for I do D&D streams with my old high school friends every few weeks on twitch, but I understand both sides of the playthrough. It's very fun to play D&D, not as fun to watch. It's like any game, sure you can have some fun watching a game (whether it be board game, video game, etc) but never as much enjoyment as playing it yourself. To them they are engaged but for many people watching they were probably multitasking (doing work, playing a game, going on twitter, etc) and besides the chat, there wasn't too much to keep the audience's attention. Again, I don't blame them at all, it's just how these things work. They were going to play D&D either way, they just decided to stream it, so I can't get actually upset over "not being entertained". Dungeons and Dragons is a game where it really only works if everyone is immersed and going along with the game. That's why people recommended things like live art, contests, etc. to further engage the audience. I feel D&D is best suited for cut up, edited videos on youtube. The Yogscast's D&D series' were all very good because they did minor animation, full costumes, effects, sets, and split them into 20 minute segments so people could digest them in smaller bits and be more devoted to the playthrough. TL;DR maybe that would be suit the team better, instead of livestreams just doing an edited video series on the crowfall youtube, uploading "Episodes" of the playthroughs, edited (maybe some artistic graphics, nothing crazy, but little cartoons) and uploaded.
  8. 1. Have Todd make a bunch of branching situations on where he could want the storyline to go and have the viewers vote on what should happen based on a poll 2. Energy was great from Todd and Jon, Todd is a great storyteller 3. Besides the obvious issues I can't hold you guys accountable for (mic issues at the beginning, stream fallout, etc) I might recommend toning down the volume a bit (Jon gets VERY loud when he yells). Just another thing I can't really hold you guys responsible for is just the boringness of a long playthrough. When it takes a half hour to just hang out and talk to people in a bar it becomes a bit lackluster and makes viewers less interested. Nothing against the players, they are playing and obviously having fun, but when there is a stream going, entertainment for the viewers is a big deal. A few ideas on how to spice up future events: -They are all artists? Why not have them do sketches of some of the events, Dave blocks out rough sketch drawings in no time, so maybe add an "art" aspect to an "artists adventure" -I know you asked this in question one but engage the audience in chat. Besides the occasional "What should we name this?" communication between Todd, the players and chat was limited. Max was great in chat communicating with fans but there was that communication gap between the chat and who we were actually watching. So maybe give Todd a laptop or phone to look at chat too while playing? -Find a balance between energy. It felt like Jon was very energetic and involved while Dave, Melissa and Doggett were just kinda "there" throwing in the occasional piece of more serious advice
  9. My guild is planning on allowing trial by combat so hopefully it is a thing lol
  10. Secret way to win any campaign against a large guild with an imperial palace:
  11. Oh seriously? That's kinda lame. When they said all the pieces would be individual I thought that meant we could now just place any building piece in any parcel as long as we had space. So even something like the castle main piece could be placed on a small parcel if there was nothing else in the way.
  12. Yeah I'm with you, I don't really care about parcel size or the other pieces. And since I already have a large keep, I'd ideally just replace the great hall (or whatever it's called) with the main castle piece instead.
  13. Quite the grammar, but if you payed $99 I believe you have Alpha 3 access and in turn should be able to play, but you still need to wait until a playtest schedule and will only get the download link from the email. This being said the game isn't "out" it's still in pre-alpha so any rewards you also got wouldn't be available yet.
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