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  1. I think a shirt with all of the archetypes might be nice. Especially if we will probably have multiple once vessels comes online.
  2. Although at first I liked the idea, I'm starting to have second thoughts. Crowfall is based on Siege warfare and economy, and really ships would either heighten these aspects, or detract from them. One possible scenario is they would basically just expand normal activities (bandits, carrying goods, bringing large siege equipment, etc.) and just put them on oceans. So we would get pirating, transport ships and docks, along with catapults and stuff that could be carried by boat to castles for sieging (blackwater bay?). Other scenario would be everyone treats it like a pirate game, going on adven
  3. Now I just noticed this game today on Game Grumps, but is it just me or is it basically Crowfall, but out now, minus a few features? It has the "minecraft" elements of crafting, dying, losing items, and building fortresses, plus the physics, sieges and guild systems people want. Not to mention, it is basically has the combat system people want and more importantly, it's out now for $20. Sure it doesn't have the dying worlds, classes or guiniceans but it does have working multiplayer, PvP, sieges, mobs, guild systems and heraldry and reasonably good graphics. Animations are a bit off but by the
  4. Did you not read anything before you bought the game? Their main selling point is "It isn't WoW". There are no NPCs (unless you count the player created ones to keep as shopkeeps), no quests, no bosses and the worlds are completely blank when you begin. The game to me has always been marketed as more of a empire simulation than an MMO because all economy, war, building and such is created by the players and players alone. Truthfully, if everyone worked together on a world (which would never happen) on Dregs, hypothetically I don't even know how they would consider a "win" since there would be
  5. But for every Jon Snow there is a Ghost...
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