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  1. I'll have to give it a try with the latest builds of Proton (or one of the other setups such as Lutris bunding WINE+Winetricks+DXVK to make something very similar to Proton etc). Overall I'm vehemently supportive of a native Linux client, even if it comes in the future. Wine/Proton compatibility, if checked on during development, can also be used as stepping stones to an easier native release, in some cases.
  2. I'm a huge fan of Roleplaying and have engaged in various types of RP throughout my long MMO career. As such, I look forward to enjoying as many RP elements as possible in Crowfall. While the RP community is resourceful and will often "make their own fun" from whatever is available, I think that MMOs are at their best when the developers give Roleplayers the best possible tools to do so. For Crowfall, I can see several aspects I'd like to see implemented and one I hope they can avoid Personal RP Flag, RP Servers, - In both Eternal Kingdoms and the Campaign Worlds, an RP flag and RP tagged servers can be important - they give roleplayers a place to rally and help identify where to find others who enjoy playing the game as they do. When it comes to personal RP flags, a simple floating name color change can show that a player favors RP. Likewise, I don't know the plan for character name visibility as of yet, but it would be good to have an option to show a Vessel/Character name versus a global "account"/Crow name in world and in chat. Allowing players to flag their EK as a Roleplay realm and including RP as an option when sorting out EKs to join will be helpful in forming RP communities. For Campaign Worlds, I see 2 possibilities: First, is the simple RP flagged Campaign. Without changing any mechanics, it will draw RP interested players to a particular campaign instance. When there are multiple Campaigns ongoing, having one or more of them flagged RP preferred will be helpful. The second idea is more intricate but it could really showcase the potential brilliance of the Campaign World system - a Campaign with altered parameters specifically to be conducive to RP. I can think of a number of mechanics that could change, both minor and major, but since this already getting long I'll leave most of the specifics for another time. Roleplay-focused Content and Tools - This is perhaps one of the most important elements conducive to immersive RP: the assets that the devs give us to facilitate RP. Some of the most common and recognizable "RP tools" are emotes - while players can at very least have basic text custom emoting function, the atmosphere is improved markedly if there are a wide range of animated emotes from /wave, /bow, and /kneel to the ever popular /dance, with the best titles offering many animations including the subtle facial animation changes (ie /frown or /smile) and multiplayer emotes such as partner dances and in-game ceremonies such knighthood conferred by "dubbing"! Interactive elements and furniture are another, such as being able to sit in chairs/thrones and lay down in beds properly, ideally with variations. How about player created books/messages/mail that can be persistent and exchanged with others? Player avatar and housing customization are important as well, such as having many faces, hairstyles and accessory "points of application" as well as clothing/non-combat-dress, or giving players the ability to place items and furniture where they wish in their home. It is important to realize that everything from "style" clothes to emotes and cosmetic changes are not merely "fluff", but with the correct in-world mechanics backing them up they lead to expansive immersion possibilities which makes the world of Crowfall better. The more of these tools and assets available, the greater the effect! The Monetization Pitfall - You can see from my badge that I've invested with ACE so I clearly want them, and Crowfall to do well. However, it is an immutable belief of mine that the way to do that is to avoid the monetization pitfalls of many other titles, notably charging for (a significant amount of, non-charity related) cosmetics. Roleplayers are more likely to have an advanced interest in customization, the cosmetic assets and aesthetic of their character, home, and overall experience. Many games treat players who favor these aspects of the game as second class citizens, making them pay for their preferred game experience where others would never be asked to do so. Player A wants to collect and craft the most luxurious wardrobe in all the land with his playtime yet he can't do so- many outfits require a significant real world financial investment and are exclusive to purchase. Player B doesn't care about how he looks on the other hand and just raids or PVPs, with complete access to his game content of choice without additional financial expenditure. Many players would rightly balk if a MMO charged real money to enter dungeons/raids/PVP sieges and/or take home/equip the loot gained from them, wouldn't they? Cosmetic content is still Content and as someone who has played a lot of MMOs and been a part of the RP community while doing so, it is best to avoid monetization that focuses on real-world- financed, exclusive, cosmetic content. There are many ways to allow for additional revenue streams without falling into this pitfall. There was a time when your subscription fee got you ALL the in game content, with cosmetics earned in-game as well, for instance. Making items earnable in game as well as available for immediate purchase is another etc. It is noteworthy that thew most long term successful MMOs new and old alike, have been those with no or comparatively few exclusive, cosmetic content items. Crowfall has great potential and for the sake of players and the game's overall success I hope they choose to avoid these monetization pitfalls and embrace a better way. It is my opinion that just about every MMORPG is bettered by the developers looking at RP as a core play style and creating content specific to it. Where most game content and mechanics (PVE, PVP etc) are consumed by players exclusively, RP is one of the few that acts as an investment in the immersion and overall feel of the world; where players will take the assets and mechanics given to them, and create new experiences for all to enjoy. Many who have played World of Warcraft, consider the creation of RP UI mods, from FlagRSP and MyRolePlay to the extreme depth of TotalRP3 (which enables players to create custom items, factions, quests, profiles for themselves and their pets, "geocaches" in the game world, the ability to speak various fantasy languages etc..) opens up a whole world of new experiences! Even those who don't RP typically enjoy RP focused events like in-game holidays and fairs and the RP community often creates spectacle for others to enjoy. Consider WoW's " Tournament of Ages " hosted yearly on a RP server, which is an enormous event and a fantastic example of how players can take the RP tools available to them and create something extraordinary - sites ranging from the gaming press to Forbes reported on it! Roleplaying, the mechanics and features related to it will confer a huge benefit to Crowfall, where the tools and assets created by the devs will be the "fuel" ignited by the community for an explosion of immersive content!
  3. Are Duelist animations (apart from Guin specific ones) that different from the other classes? I know that all classes and races needed to be reworked with new animations, but I can't think of any reason that Duelist would particularly be any different. Especially with Disciplines in the works and animations for them (ie some disciplines grant Bow use to those that may not otherwise use them etc) I figured that most previously niche animations would be expanded upon to ensure wider access. Considering that Burrow is something Guin specific and will be available to all Guins regardless of class if I recall, I assumed that any Duelist-mechanics linked to Burrow were more or less vestigial? As far as Lore is concerned, I'm sure that there can be some expansion to it - Guin being diplomatic, outgoing, and honorable it seems they would head out into the world to share of their culture and learn of others. Many Half and Wood Elves would share with the Guin an affinity for Gaea (who provided The Gift to the latter) which could mean an opportunity for certain members to learn the Duelist's path. Likewise, High Elves (of certain factions) could have an interest in Alchemy etc.. I figure there are lore compliant ways to do so, within the realm of the flexibility necessitated by the other race/class variations. Just knowing that Duelist expansion is on the docket would be an improvement at this point, and I can hope that it will be given the same kind of independent attention and racial flexibility as any other class.
  4. I'm very pleased to see such progress and have always been a fan of the switch to a divergent race/class system - breaking limited Archetypes will give the game wider appeal and greater "staying power"! I'm eager to see many of the other races and class combos on the horizon and it overall seems to be a good selection for launch with the exception of one omission - Duelist being a single-race class. Other classes have at least 3 or as many as 6 Races around which to create their character judging by the current chart, but unfortunately Duelist is at the moment only scheduled to be available for the Guinecean. Especially as a player who is a fan of the Duelist aesthetic and playstyle (ie the graceful swordsman/musketeer/rogue; I played an Elven Blade Dancer in Shadowbane way back when, a Swashbuckler in EverQuest 2 etc.) , yet typically prefers playing races of a less bestial nature, the absence is certainly noted. Looking at the other planned race/class combinations, I can't think of any reason why the Duelist is not given the same treatment as others for launch. In the past I've heard others say it is a race/class fantasy element, but under the new system I don't think that holds up - after all, Guineceans themselves are now available to be Clerics and stalwart tanking Knights! Thus, I don't think it would be unreasonable to offer Duelist to other "Dex-friendly" races, preferably the Elves (Half, Wood and High Elves. Perhaps also the Fae?). I can think of some lore developments that could make it fit, as well. I would certainly urge ArtCraft to bring the Duelist up to parity by bringing it to at least 2 other races, ideally as part of the launch plans. Should it not be possible to add to the schedule prior to launch, then it would still be helpful to know that other race Duelists are confirmed for post-launch implementation. Thanks!
  5. When I first heard the news of the "Great Decoupling" and the massive increase in flexibility given by now allowing Races and Classes to be chosen separately, one of my first thoughts was of the Duelist. Throughout my adventures in many of the great MMORPGs of past decades, I've enjoyed playing some variety of "graceful, finesse-based swordsman" as one of my primary characters. Thus, the Duelist seemed to be one of my classes of interest here in Crowfall. However, I was disappointed to find this Archetype was limited exclusively to the Guinecean; as unique and neat as they are, I typically prefer a different, non-bestial aesthetic in my "main" avatars in MMOs With learning that Races and Classes would be decoupled I was excited believing that I would perhaps have my chance to try a Duelist in another race, but I was in for a surprise when looking upon the chart! Unlike every other class listed on the chart of Race/Class compatibility, the Duelist remains as a choice exclusively for Guineceans, despite the fall of the Archetype system. While I understand that there are plans to roll out future race/class combinations, it seems odd to me that every other Class in "phase 1' is offered to at least 3 and as many as 6 Races, while Guineceans themselves have the option of 3 Classes at this point (thus ensuring that a variety of players could be drawn to the race without an "artificial" boost of exclusivity). With this in mind, I'd like to propose that the Duelist class be offered to at least 2-3 other Races here in Phase 1, to give it parity with other classes. I am certainly open to suggestions on exactly what Races these should be, but I would suggest to fulfill, lore, aesthetic, balance, and class fantasy perhaps it should be races that are either dexterous and given to a finesse and ingenuity based fighting style, and/or share some respect for Gaea, the Guinecean patron deity, see the value in Alchemy, and would be likely to trade/interact with Guinaceans and learn their ways. Perhaps Half Elves and Humans would be good options in this regard? I am thinking that High Elves and/or Wood Elves could be among the best choices as well, though there are a few lore elements I'd like to confirm. Fae would work perhaps mechanically, but may have the most tenuous lore connections. Other races and classes I cannot see as great a lore explanation nor a mechanical/aesthetic benefit. In any event, adding 2-3 of these races would certainly go a long way towards giving players other options through which to enjoy the Duelist "class fantasy" while bringing Duelist to parity with the rest of the race/class pairings created in this first iteration of the system. Thank you.
  6. Its great to see 2FA coming to Crowfall accounts! Would you consider adding a few other applications? I am glad that you're using standard OATH TOTP which allows any compliant utility to be valid. For the sake of privacy and security, I personally find Free Software / Open Source to be the best options, yet all of the suggested applications are proprietary. If I may make a few suggestions to be added. For mobile programs, on each homepage there should be a link to Google Play , iTunes App Store etc...as well. FreeOTP - https://fedorahosted.org/freeotp/ - For both Android and iOS, this application developed by RedHat offers a wide variety of authenticator options. WinAuth - https://winauth.com/ . Windows user without a smartphone? Here's a desktop application you can use for TOTP generation that works for a wide variety of sites. It also runs in Linux via WINE without any trouble, though there are also Linux desktop applications that do the same thing. Keepass 2.x w/KeeOTP plugin (http://www.keepass.info) - This is an excellent desktop password manager/generator that runs on Windows/Linux/OSX. Using its KeeOTP plugin, you can generate one time passwords like those used in 2FA here. KeePass2Android - https://keepass2android.codeplex.com/ - This is an excellent Android application that supports the Keepass 2.x style database (.kdbx) and is full featured, including TOTP support! It is much appreciated that you selected an open spec 2FA solution and thus users can choose any complient program they wish for access. I think providing links to one or more of the above could be beneficial by pointing them towards "free as in freedom, free as in beer" options that protect their privacy and add greater security. Thanks.
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