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  1. #crowfollower only brings up one results and, is as puny, as it is accurate. #crowfollowers brings up only two results. #crowfollow is short but there is an account associated.
  2. You think your happy, think about all those dead horses....
  3. You guys still on regular schedule? Lots going on this evening.
  4. But what are you going to talk about? Call in show?
  5. skookum


    She was rock by another solid punch in the face right before the kick, that's not luck that's a combination.
  6. Ok First post is up to date with reformatting. I had to move some info around on some runes. The exclusion field was just to illustrate why someone couldn't apply the rune to their character and not any disadvantages the rune might posses once applied. If anything is misrepresented PM or reply here. If the current format it used for runes ideas from this point forward should be really easy to keep the list up to date. Keep up the good work everyone I think some of these ideas are gems!
  7. Thank you Gilgamer! I was just about to collect this list and saw your post. I will go through and clean up the formatting a bit later so they read real nice like.
  8. I have thought about doing a list. Only issue I guess I had with doing that though is that there are cool conversations popping up around these Disc Rune Ideas but I guess I can collect them all and folks can just read through the thread to find the original suggestion and comments.
  9. Paralysis would have a long cool down 5 minutes or more. Would be centered around Gorgon with a small range, maybe a little longer than melee. Mostly to be used as panic escape if you get jumped by a rogue or a Centaur catches up to you. See it being balanced as more of a defensive ability than offence. At least if you use a ranged weapon. A Gorgon Assassin might use it offensively, would waste the bow skill on the rune, but the stun and PROC would make up for it. Might be to OP for stealth class to take it but using Runes in different ways in different scenarios is a very desirable trait from a design stand point.
  10. Was thinking about this last night and thought the more the Gorgon is bleeding the higher the PROC rate. So if it starts at 15% it should gain 1% for every 2% health missing. So at 60% health PROC rate is 35% but below 90% health PROC rate is 60%.
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