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  1. Entitlements not working for me as a Pre-Alpha group 2? As of right now having just received the expantion email Strike that - working now, I must have been a little quick on the trigger..
  2. #crowfollower only brings up one results and, is as puny, as it is accurate. #crowfollowers brings up only two results. #crowfollow is short but there is an account associated.
  3. You think your happy, think about all those dead horses....
  4. FF will be hard to do in this game. I see it being a bit like SB where some abilities hit everyone some don't. As a player you have to decide in the moment what to use, how to use it, and what kind of collateral damage is acceptable. Want avoid having all the ranged characters spending all their time trying to find a safe lane to participate in. Based on how often I get cussed out for standing in a confessors way now, when there are no consequences for them attempting a shot on goal, it will be much worse with FF. I like FF but I don't see this as a all or none issue, ATM. Which means to me th
  5. You guys still on regular schedule? Lots going on this evening.
  6. This timing makes Gordan's threat last night to release news immediately following the pod cast a little more real than funny, lol.
  7. skookum


    She was rock by another solid punch in the face right before the kick, that's not luck that's a combination.
  8. But we saved some F5 keys so it's a wash....
  10. Ok First post is up to date with reformatting. I had to move some info around on some runes. The exclusion field was just to illustrate why someone couldn't apply the rune to their character and not any disadvantages the rune might posses once applied. If anything is misrepresented PM or reply here. If the current format it used for runes ideas from this point forward should be really easy to keep the list up to date. Keep up the good work everyone I think some of these ideas are gems!
  11. Thank you Gilgamer! I was just about to collect this list and saw your post. I will go through and clean up the formatting a bit later so they read real nice like.
  12. I have thought about doing a list. Only issue I guess I had with doing that though is that there are cool conversations popping up around these Disc Rune Ideas but I guess I can collect them all and folks can just read through the thread to find the original suggestion and comments.
  13. Paralysis would have a long cool down 5 minutes or more. Would be centered around Gorgon with a small range, maybe a little longer than melee. Mostly to be used as panic escape if you get jumped by a rogue or a Centaur catches up to you. See it being balanced as more of a defensive ability than offence. At least if you use a ranged weapon. A Gorgon Assassin might use it offensively, would waste the bow skill on the rune, but the stun and PROC would make up for it. Might be to OP for stealth class to take it but using Runes in different ways in different scenarios is a very desirable trait fr
  14. Was thinking about this last night and thought the more the Gorgon is bleeding the higher the PROC rate. So if it starts at 15% it should gain 1% for every 2% health missing. So at 60% health PROC rate is 35% but below 90% health PROC rate is 60%.
  15. Gorgan "Staring at the sun would be safer" + Must be female - Can't take Werebear, Werewolf, or Vampyre (Maybe no Archer either) Grants Ability: Paralysis (Activated ability stuns all inside small AOE) Grants Ability: Increased Bow Skill +10 Grants Ability: Poisonous Blood (Adds a poison PROC to equipped weapons)
  16. You had a some regular spells and skills but the big difference from other classes were the Chant abilities. You select one Chant or song from 5-6 options and be singing that constantly providing a buff to nearby group members. You could change Chants if the circumstances changed. This had to be managed while casting or melee depending on your base class.
  17. The Bard class in Shadowbane was an interesting class from a MMO perspective and possibly proof that if done in this game could be equally interesting.
  18. Swift Foot + Spy Master = Gets in quick, gets info, hard to track, knows when being tracked, runs like hell. Powerful but the trade off is two out of three runes devoted to not crafting or combat but tactics and recon.
  19. Does it grant any thing besides implied increased storage space. Say a immovable root mechanic called Stubborn? You could break a cavalry charge with enough Pack Mules
  20. Master Spy "Knowledge will always trump the sword" + Available to all archetypes. - Cannot be taken with Commander Grants ability: Rat Whisper (Tame rat, then see through it's eyes and control it to infiltrate enemy town. Channeled ability with short enough range you must be close to if not right outside city walls.) Grants ability: Disguise or Dead Mans Clothes (Use on recent corpse to look identical to dead character to ALL who see you for 5 minutes or so) Grants advantage: 6th Sense (Receive notification when you have been tracked, maybe after 30 second delay)
  21. But seriously the interaction between Disc Runes could really be the largest part of character theorycrafting.
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_7orKuKnuw One of my favorite Office moments covers this quite nicely in 30 seconds.
  23. very true, that's on me guys, that's on me....
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