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  1. Having a lot of fun playing him in the Big World test.
  2. It could be that on his planet the 'Like' is actually a symbol for hate and loathing.
  3. It's not a button smasher thing. That noise was playing if you hit any key at any time in the earlier builds. Now it is only noticeable when you click mouse-1 or 2 button. I'm sure it won't be present at all in the next build we see.
  4. i'm gonna go ahead and take this as the tl;dr version of this thread. Thanks, Adall.
  5. Nice combat chat. Hope to see more footage, soon! Thanks for the video. And so, when is this going on? Will there be any streaming from the development team?
  6. Well it's not like they can bring a horse into the animation room and hook up to a bunch of little white dots. I thought it all looked good, and I'm sure there will be tweaks later on. On a side note; maybe if the centaur had generic Celtic music playing in the background he'd be a little more frolic-y.
  7. Yeah, that sucks. Sorry to hear that, man.
  8. Bill Dalton: What exactly is: "VP of Production"? and Do you relate your phd to your work? and Do you ever find yourself saying to the development team: "You see? If you had a phd in astrophysics you'd have known that already."
  9. I'm not sure if you say MMO and mean MMORPG or if you can include games like ARK or DayZ or others. ARK has friendly fire, and yes, I've killed my share of mounts and allies. We all have; but it doesn't happen that often. This especially after we have all become used to it. It can be rough but it works and it is fun.
  10. I like the sliding stop at the end of the dash. nice touch. Also, the color and attention to details in the armor are great.
  11. I agree. I had mentioned a similar concern in another discussion group. I feel like if the game forces grouping too much you end up with group niches. People on the web number crunch and it becomes stated that a group needs 1 Legionnaire, 2 Confessors, and 3 Knights. I can see chat now (if there is a global chat??) : "LFG 1L-2C-3K: need 1K and 1C gtg"​
  12. Me before heading to work. Me relaxing in the kitchen cooking up some dinner.
  13. One of the selling points of the game was them calling it a Throne War Simulator. Now you tell me you heard that and just didn't think espionage was going to be a thing in this game? Expecting/asking ACE to hinder espionage in this game would be like asking Bethesda to make Fallout4 a little less post-apocalyptic.
  14. A little ambient music like the second suggested score wouldn't be bad. I would just turn it off usually, but it's always nice to know it's there. I would like more detail and care be put into the background ambiance. Wind, water, crickets, and the sound of an arrow just missing my face. The crack and crash of a tree felled in the distance. The panting swoon of my own breathing as I charge up the hill to discover the aggressor. The aggressor notices me. The leaves beneath the assassin crunch and slide and she runs from her once hidden position. I give chase, battle axe in hand. She trips. She gasps. The sound of her skull crushing beneath the weight of my axe resonates through the forest. This, I think, is much better than a few wind instruments and some brass trying to set the mood for me. I'll set my own mood, thank you.
  15. And based on what I've seen from experience it doesn't hurt to reiterate concerns (potential or otherwise) about a certain mechanic in a game.
  16. I feel like cc should be a mechanic for escape and not an opportunity for instagibb.
  17. "Yes, you can advance a skill through use" (active training) " -- but only to get proficiency. Passive training is the primary way of advancing your character's skills."
  18. Eston


    Fizzlenuts sat on his couch. His favorite reality show was about to start. The things these people did to the inmates was almost sureal. "It probably wasn't real." Fizzlenuts thought aloud. "But it's entertaining." With a bowl full of EK approved popcorn and a some pink lemonade, Fizzlenuts sat down to enjoy yet another episode of PinkOZ on EKBO; his favorite show next to Throne Warz was about to start!
  19. That's what I thought, too. I think a western mmo would be cool. A raid would be like robbing the 3:10 to Yuma or something. A simple dungeon would be attacking Black Bart's hideout. You could choose to be on the side of the law or lawless! I'm in! Where is this game at?
  20. Depending on the rulset and campaign type (The Dregs) it might work.
  21. So you are suggesting ACE make a tutorial video on keybinding?
  22. I have wondered the same thing. At least come up with multiple templates to start from. Traditional Keybind, Practical Keybind, Got-a-razor-naga-f-u keybind, etc.
  23. This is true, but will they? The Dregs make a good training ground for them. Why not force or maybe just strongly suggest it to people with a high PK rap sheet?
  24. Yeah, but I don't want them to quit. I want them to think they're getting better just because they learned not to kill their teammate. Now I get a double kill-count instead of just one.
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