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    Eston got a reaction from betaguy in Video: Guinecean powers & FX   
    Having a lot of fun playing him in the Big World test.  
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    Eston reacted to IdeaMatrix in Why you shouldn't be a necromancer.   
    When ACE released information about the eternal crow system people became drunk with the idea of crafting vessels. Necromancy, the crafting skill that's needed to craft vessels gives a strong sense of nostalgia. Hearkening back to games like Everquest and Diablo, it gives people a sense of power and invokes the inner god complex in us all. If everybody needs a body, what could be better than playing god? Surely, I'll never run out of customers...
    The real problem with necromancy is supply and demand. In Crowfall, the demand for high end crafted vessels will be there...initially. In the first few months of the game, people will still be finishing training on their favorite archetype. Up until this point they will buy low to mid tier vessels in order to maximize their potential stats. Since training is passive, everybody will have the same power curve and vessels will be in high demand. Eventually, people will master their favorite vessel and go looking for their favorite necromancer to provide them with the best of the best in meat suits. After they spend their fortune on their new legendary tier champion vessel, they will go looking for a new campaign to win. They say, "Man, I've got the best gear so I want to play in the DREGS!." Unfortunately, that's now how this game works my young friend! In order to show off your nice new body, you're going to be stuck in one of the high import difficulties like God's Reach.
    Here's where it gets tricky for necromancers.
    In order to craft the best of the best in vessels, you will have to go into no-import campaigns such as the ones in the Dregs and not only find and farm the resources but, then you have to win the campaign in order to export your goods. This isn't a viable business plan for crafters, especially if you want to keep up with the leveling power curve and maximize your profit. Okay, so then what about just trading for or buying the resources and then selling your vessel with a mark-up? Well, what do Dregs players value? They can't use your gear because they have no import and they have no real use for gold (unless they happen to be building an EK). So, that really only leaves friends and guild members for a reliable supplier. So, if your guild members are supplying you with resources to make an amazing vessel, then who do you think is going to want the vessel? Not only that but, probably with a deep guild discount. 
    So, now you've spent months training your craft and you're a master necromancer and you've been relegated to guild peon. You have a few coins in your bank and a sense of pride in your work but, that's about it. Meanwhile that druid in the EK next to you has 1 point into blacksmith and he's selling crap tier swords made out of crap tier resources that he gets by the ton for 3 copper a pop and he's got a Scrooge McDuck bank vault full of gold that he swims in while his vendors do all the work.
    Moral of the story here is, if you want to make a profit leave the Necro work to the guild peon. Choose a profession that has high turnover and simple materials. If you want to deal in quality instead of quantity then pick a profession with low initial cost or a niche skill that nobody wants to play. May I suggest being a bowcraft/fletcher and making arrows for rangers? What about crafting furniture for EKs?
    Make decisions based on efficiency and planning, not because it sounds cool.
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    Eston reacted to EntityGaming in Metal Bar Combinations   
    Spent a while harvesting a bunch of Metal ores and combining them in every way possible. Here's the list of the different combinations and the benefits they'll grant to the items that you create with them. Built a great Sharp Rapier for my Duelist with only top tier Tin and Iron and it rips people apart.

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    Eston reacted to ralinsilver in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    Couldn't really test anything. Seems like the players have caught on: Log in early / Rush for the basic weapons / Kill everyone else and steal their stuff / Craft better stuff with stolen mats. Its much more entertaining than actually wacking trees and rocks all day. Unfortunately for me I joined the party late, so I was not able to craft the basic pickaxe or hammer.
    I'll try again next test phase, not really much interest in gathering or crafting anyways.
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    Eston reacted to samsbase in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    After making a sigil, when creating a wooden runestone it tends to show the experiment page from the previous sigil craft. uuninteractable and doesn't do anything except make you press next.
    Leather armor layers have a very hit-or-miss chance of actually ending up in the inventory after pressing "take"
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    Eston reacted to dwarfwarri in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    There is still a problem with the friction on certain slopes/areas. I was playing today and my character was sliding down a very shallow slope standing still.
    Jumping and landing animations and movement on characters are a bit too abrupt and look very strange as a result. I think LazyPeon mentioned and showed this in his first impressions video as well. But otherwise the combat has become much better!
    Optimization still has to be done though it has improved slightly since the small world testing. I am on an ultrabook with Intel HD graphics 5500, with lowest graphics settings in game and I am gettting about 18fps. Still better than previous build where I struggled to even have above 15fps. 
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    Eston reacted to elowallo in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    Tried filling out that test spreadsheet + reporting as many issues as possible.
    Too much pointless ganking. Test conditions not supportive of proper testing, so I'm dropping this now.
    Looking forward to playing the real game when it eventually launches.
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    Eston reacted to that_eriksson in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    First off thanks for hard work.  Now I am not sure about these things, and im sure I am not the first person to mention it and sure you all know it but I just logged off and its fresh in my head so excuse any repeat feedback/ideas.
    1) I think the crafting window should be viewable while in the lobby as well.
    2) When you are crafting more complex items I would like to be able to click the item to see that recipe...for example click weapon hilt to see what that requires sorta like a bread crumb trail to go back and forth too.  Just to make a basic sword there is like 4 things in 3 trees.  So its tough.
    3) With regards to the ganking I can understand peoples frustration.  Me I do not mind.  HOWEVER.  If you want people to craft and test that portion maybe another campaign just for crafting?  I think the dedicated crafters understand the danger, however if you want them to test and get higher and do more complex recipies to see how things are I believe some safety for them is not a bad thing.
    4) When mousing over harvest items maybe a name of that node.  For example sometimes I see some plain grey cobblestone rocks i have harvested tons of times.  Then all of a sudden another maybe a little different color and I cannot harvest it.  So like name of rock over it when im aiming?  Like Cobblestone, Copper etc?
    5) Party system/chat system seems a bit wonky not intuitive.  I tried inviting a lot of times would get the cannot find player message.  Also inviting to a chat channel tried it a bunch because was trying to form groups with like minded craft guys to offer protection and it just was not simple.
    Thats it for now thanks again guys keep it up!
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    Eston reacted to Doxxx in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    Items that you craft will never enter your inventory when you hit the take button. It happens quite often.
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    Eston reacted to Vectious in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    So this no weapons on new characters has to be the worst idea, ever.
    Maybe, maybe closer to release it would make sense, but even then, not really.
    So before we had new people getting in trying to figure out how to get tools, getting attacked and defending themselves. 
    Now we have new people with no way to defend themselves logging in completely lost and easy gank bait.
    Also, even if you do make a weapon it breaks in two deaths and you spawn defenseless with all your tool broke and have to start over again.
    Now i have never experienced this myself but i see it happening to people and its pathetic. Half the people i run in too dont have a weapon.
    I understand you had people not making basic weapons and bypassing them but instead of forcing them to do something you should consider a way to either prompt them, or encourage them in some manner to do it. This is basic 101 engineering on any level. If something is getting bypassed the worst thing you can do is try and force them in to it. You have to figure out why they are bypassing it and make it easier and better for them to do it.
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    Eston reacted to MindlessMe in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    I've attempted to enjoy participating in this playtest, but I've ran into a number of problems preventing me from doing so.  
    1) I do understand wanting to test PvP in the game for balancing, but during crafting tests? It wouldn't even be an issue if you didn't lose everything upon death, but you do. So a single player can get a jump start on the test, then proceed to gank everyone they come across making them even harder to kill. They continue to get stronger while resetting everyone they kill to nothing. If you really want to playtest crafting then at least retain all items upon death. If you really want to test crafting, turn off PvP for just the crafting playtest.
    2) When harvesting some materials the loot will float in the air and be unobtainable. No matter what I did, it would not pick up the materials.
    3) Find it odd that killing a mob or enemy I am able to directly loot to inventory, but while harvesting I have to pick up all the items. If no other play is able to pick them up it isn't a huge issue, but still an annoyance.
    4) Crafting needs to involve less screens. Having to drop the items in the slots, clicking combine, then next, then make item, then take, is a little convoluted. 
      Why not combine it all into a single screen? Slots, name, and all in one place. This way we don't have to spend 2 minutes crafting a single item.
    5) Created a duelist, played for some time crafting gear, logout, log back in, and constantly rubberband back when doing anything. Had to stop playing the character.
    I am really looking forward to seeing how the game is progressing, and appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing! Please just take into account what we are experiencing while participating in these playtests and make the game even better!
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    Eston reacted to Chaqaron in We need transparent crafting screen   
    Is there any option give us transparent charecter- crafting - skill screen because atm we are realy vulnerable when doing these action. At least give us option to choose the transparency of these screens thanks
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    Eston reacted to Chaqaron in We need transparent crafting screen   
    During the solving process of paper work (figuring out what need for craft) in crafting screen you can not exit Since they cover all the screen transparent will be better
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    Eston reacted to Chaqaron in We need transparent crafting screen   
    Dont think crafting is group activity
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    Eston reacted to Pann in Video: Guinecean powers & FX   
    You'll have a blast playing our newest archetype, the Guinecean Duelist. Whether he's whipping his rapier through the air or burrowing himself underground, he's a ton of fun in a pint-sized package. 

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    Eston got a reaction from Mother_Fable in Post Crowfall Gifs   
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    Eston got a reaction from JamesGoblin in What would you name your Hamster (Duelist).   
    Sir Estornudos de Cricetinae
    or just Estor for short
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    Eston got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Post Crowfall Gifs   
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    Eston reacted to Kyranleskil in ACE Studio Tour   
    Well, the wife and I just got back from our ACE studio tour, all I can say is “Mind blown”. The direction, feel, and passion being put into this game are unlike anything I have felt in a long time. It feels like I have slid into a parallel world, where WoW never happened and the MMO world evolved from games like Dark Age of Camelot, Star Wars Galaxies, Shadowbane, Acheron’s Call, and EVE.  (Who does not like sliding?)
    Warfare will never be the same. So much more will have to go into planning, not just the attack but how you will defend. Even if you are the attacker, you could be put on the defensive if your plans are not thought out. I cannot wait for the end of the month when we can start testing the sieging part of the game.
    The sunset over a keep is unlike anything I have seen in a game. All the colors make it look real. The Tree of Life could be right out of a Grimm’s Fairy Tale of an Enchanted Forest. The best way to describe it is the Ellcrys from the Shannara Chronicles (Google Ellcrys tree if you want to see what I mean).
    Thanks to Todd and the whole ACE team for hosting us, and we look forward to playing Crowfall. Keep up the great work and we will see you all on the battle field!
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    Eston got a reaction from JamesGoblin in James Goblin NPC   
    It could be that on his planet the 'Like' is actually a symbol for hate and loathing.
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    Eston reacted to TragicNumberOne in James Goblin NPC   
    Yes. Make it a super-rare spawn that runs away super fast. If you catch it, you get a JamesGoblin "Like" relic!
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    Eston reacted to Ziz in Any players who actually like Game of Thrones, too?   
    You all are way over thinking this.
    Crowfall is "like game of thrones" because of its politics, controlling territory, betrayal etc.
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    Eston reacted to bahamutkaiser in Any players who actually like Game of Thrones, too?   
    HBO is devising an alternative plot, so you may as well watch it since the book will be different
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    Eston reacted to Emcredible in Any players who actually like Game of Thrones, too?   
    And i think it would come more under the area of creative rights, as in painting a picture inspired by X, rather than copying X, things are always going to be similar but if everyone made the assumptions all the time people would be sueing people 24/7
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    Eston reacted to jtoddcoleman in Pre-Alpha 2.0: Siege Perilous overview - Official discussion thread   
    All strongholds can be destroyed.  
    The other buildings (the small houses that you see) can't be destroyed in this version, because we didn't bother to spend any time on them... they don't do anything right now except break up the terrain and provide a bit of cover, so didn't seem like a high priority given all the other stuff coming online. 
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