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  1. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    Thank you for the kind words. It's nice to be able to grow a vision. And now that I'm back from a 6 week training displacement. We can get back on track.
  2. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    I'd like to welcome @Ladikn to Oathsworn! If you have a leader mentality, enjoy helping a community grow, and are still looking for a guild for Crowfall. We want you! Apply today and come say hi in our discord!
  3. I can also confirm it seems fixed. Thank you.
  4. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    And the Oathsworn are still growing strong. Building a solid foundation with like minded guild members. I want to welcome @touchmeimfluffy @Trueheart1 @RoxxiRifle & @Ebiness to the guild. Rather you have a competitive play style, a desire to craft and support a team, or even a passion for RP we invite you to apply.
  5. @Keaggan just thinks it's funny to troll me. He knows I hate it.
  6. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    We are aiming to be Order.
  7. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    Welcome to our newest members @Mattician @Shivarez @Hazelrah and @Pink_floyd All great folks that share a community mindset. Oathsworn is lucky to have them!
  8. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    I want to welcome @BeardedClyde to the Oathsworn!
  9. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    Welcome to our newest members! @ArcDefender67 @benbenreed & @Nuhallis We continue to grow stronger.
  10. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    We want to welcome our new Oathsworn! @Jeffa and @Kolvacs
  11. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    Welcome @Zenkall to Oathsworn! We are having some great conversations about Crowfall and D&D in our Discord. In fact, @entityofsin is prepping for an Oathsworn campaign. No pressure.
  12. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    Want to welcome our newest Oathsworn members. @Sabine and @hookem123
  13. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    Nope. Both wrong. Different views and values. Different goals. Also, this is my guild. As apposed to being made a guild leader of someone else's ideals, only to have the original creator abandon everyone. So completely unrelated except in 2 ways: The happenings within Serrated had led me to create my own guild. And a very select few members had followed me over.
  14. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    Steady as she goes, with more members joining Oathsworn. Welcome to Oathsworn @Bidhoms @BigbyWolf @Joy @Traximus
  15. RIP Obs LoD

    This is a heavy loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Obs was the first name in Crowfall to me. The first player I both admired and feared. I'm saddened that I haven't been among the people that knew him well. Would have been an honor. Vote for Obs to be a "Fallen Hero" in game. +1