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  1. I like the idea of CC being more of a strategic choice in battle than something you want to spam as often as you can in a fight. Hard CC abilities should be on a longer CD. And have diminishing returns. So what would that look like with Crowfall's mechanics? Example: Each sequenced CC within an allotment of time loses 50% duration. And ALL forms of CC (stun, roots, snares, disables, ect.) fill up a Retaliation bar, maybe based off how many seconds they effect the player. Once the bar is filled (say 15 seconds worth of CC), the ability Retaliation can be activated, giving the player 15 seconds of CC immunity. After the CC immunity wears off, all timers and bars reset. I guess the point is to eliminate CC spams. And give them more of an impact during game play. But also not make the one receiving the CC feel entirely helpless.
  2. Brand spankin new YouTube Channel. Would appreciate the support of this awesome community. Take a look at my videos (first time making vids, tips welcome to improve), and if you like them, like and comment on them. You all rock! First Vid: Second Vid: I appreciate all of you! This community is easily the best gaming community I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of!
  3. Thank you for the application @Napai Your guild invite is sent! Trial of the Gods starts tomorrow! (Feb. 12th) If you're still looking for a guild, Oathsworn is still recruiting!
  4. Oh these Campaigns are freakin fantastic!
  5. New shirts up in the STORE. Also, a bit of fantastic news about my Threadless shop. Soon, we will be able to do AOP designs. All Over Printing designs allow me to really showcase a more abstract and asymmetrical design for the shirts. Allowing me to place images up by the collar, or on the shoulders, or even the backs of shirts. They are doing testings with it now, so hopefully in the next couple of months I can get some interesting designs out. And here are some of the new designs you can buy from the shop. Keep in mind that a good portion on the profits goes straight to the devs! It's a win-win-win! Also, FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $45 (or $80 internationally) when you use this code: FREESHIP112dbf95
  6. A few of these "Promotion" classes just inherently sound like downgrades. Champion has been demoted to a Pit Fighter. When I think of the title of Champion, I feel like it was something earned. When I think of Pit Fighter, I think of someone still earning the title of Champion. Assassin, and expert in the field of assassination and other clandestine things. But hey, you could be a lowly Cutthroat, that feels undisciplined. Or a Vandal that sounds like the graffiti artist or someone throwing eggs at houses. Ranger, a field specialist at home in the wilderness, expert in survival. Let's promote them to an Archer to patrol our ramparts along with dozens of other NPCs that are also Archers. That said, there are some that feel great! Both in a sense of an actual promotion, but also in the sense of a characters mindset. For example: The Knight, loyal and embedded to their sovereignty. Perhaps they have lost their trust and became a Swordsman (I keep wanting to call them Swordarm) Makes me think they took the life of a Mercenary. This is cool. Other nice call outs: All the Druid promotional classes. Myrmidon and Templars are great as well. Blackguard for the Assassin I like too. Anyway, just tossing my pennies into the pot.
  7. With every new build, every new feature, and every new idea There comes with it a price. And the greatest of currencies is Time. And it's time for Oathsworn to wake up! Many of us have been playing other games, patiently waiting for Crowfall. Some of us have even started to play in a D&D campaign. And with the Holidays upon us, there is even less time to spare. Life/Work balance for me personally has been skewed, the scales tipped out of favor. As I'm sure some, if not most, of you are experiencing as well. Nevertheless, Oathsworn is opening up recruitment once again. CLICK HERE to apply. I would be happy to field any questions. Be it about Oathsworn's conception, philosophy, goals, or memberships. Feel free to join our DISCORD to chat with us. Win a FREE Crowfall T-shirt from my shop. All guild members will have an entry into a drawing to win a free shirt from my licensed shop. Every new testing phase, I'll draw another winner. (Testing phase meaning going into "Alpha" from "Pre-Alpha", then again once we enter "Beta") And will continue to draw more winners after the game launches. One of the perks to joining Oathsworn!
  8. Thank you for the kind words. It's nice to be able to grow a vision. And now that I'm back from a 6 week training displacement. We can get back on track.
  9. I'd like to welcome @Ladikn to Oathsworn! If you have a leader mentality, enjoy helping a community grow, and are still looking for a guild for Crowfall. We want you! Apply today and come say hi in our discord!
  10. I can also confirm it seems fixed. Thank you.
  11. And the Oathsworn are still growing strong. Building a solid foundation with like minded guild members. I want to welcome @touchmeimfluffy @Trueheart1 @RoxxiRifle & @Ebiness to the guild. Rather you have a competitive play style, a desire to craft and support a team, or even a passion for RP we invite you to apply.
  12. @Keaggan just thinks it's funny to troll me. He knows I hate it.
  13. We are aiming to be Order.
  14. Welcome to our newest members @Mattician @Shivarez @Hazelrah and @Pink_floyd All great folks that share a community mindset. Oathsworn is lucky to have them!
  15. I want to welcome @BeardedClyde to the Oathsworn!
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