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  1. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    Steady as she goes, with more members joining Oathsworn. Welcome to Oathsworn @simicoswift @Bidhoms @BigbyWolf @Joy @Traximus
  2. RIP Obs LoD

    This is a heavy loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Obs was the first name in Crowfall to me. The first player I both admired and feared. I'm saddened that I haven't been among the people that knew him well. Would have been an honor. Vote for Obs to be a "Fallen Hero" in game. +1
  3. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    So many new members, and all are most excellent! Welcome to Oathsworn @Auchindoun @Lison @Lysannder1267 @Roxsalt @Gundy @Nautae @xFrapu @ArcJurado
  4. Was a lot of fun. Can't wait to see the footage.
  5. Somebody Likes Me

    We should dub this JamesGoblin day. @Arawulf has picked the JG tee shirt to be 20% off when he was on the last episode of the Hungercast. Usually the sale ends on the next episode. But we can keep this sale up... forever! Here's to you JamesGoblin. May you fill all our hearts with your Likes.
  6. Sign me up for Order. Also, don't forget the [Un]Official Crowfall Discord would be a great place to hold team comms.
  7. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    Discord is our voip.
  8. Pledge packages

    The quickest way to get this sorted out is an email to They are really quick, and among the best support I've encountered. Good luck @Moblotang and we will see you in game soon.
  9. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    You can click on the image with the chibi Confessor. Or you can go HERE to apply.
  10. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    And welcome to more Oathsworn. @ottear and @Tremulous
  11. @MiracleMax Hope you don't mind. I took some liberties during the voice over of your write-up. If it matters, I had a lot of fun doing doing it. However, note to anyone looking to record something. DO NOT record while eating spicy chili. It's not perfect, but it was fun!
  12. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    I'd like to welcome our newest members. @kolfyr @Krunchy_Kritter @Arnminster & @arawulf We are still growing, and still have applications open. If you're interested please apply. If you have any questions PM me or post in here.
  13. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    We are growing well, strengthening the foundations of the guild with like minded members. Join in, have a chat, and see what we are about.
  14. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    I want to welcome @AhSpike @entityofsin @Jimbolini @Kee @grimbjorn @Reinmar & @KrissDWilcox to Oathsworn. They are the first of many to brave this new guild. If you have questions about Oathsworn, feel free to post them or ask me with a PM. If you're looking to be a part of something awesome from the very beginning, then by all means click HERE to apply!
  15. Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP

    For those interested in a short read. The Oathsworn guild lore is now available. A brief telling of how the Oathsworn was founded in the Crowfall universe.