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  1. Let me make this clear, this concept and the complexity in SWG and/or the alloy system we have glimpsed for Crowfall are NOT mutually exclusive. I would still love to see a line of thought for which material you use for each weapon, and those materials would influence your forge variables in a very logical way. The problem I have with SWG is that, as complex as it is, it's still not immersive or skill-based. With time, all those variables are crunched and someone makes a guide to how to make the faster or stronger blade, combined with the fact that all in all, you are just going through menus
  2. I guess I'll be repeating much of what was said in the other thread here... Andius compiled all those 'similar' minigames in a thread, not long ago, but neither of them are suitable for crafting inside a MMO. - Dark Messiah: There is no skill-based interaction. It just mimics a blacksmith, but making a good sword or not isn't part of the minigame - Fable 2: As with everything else in Fable (besides 1), it sucks. That's just a timesink. There's no difficulty in that bar going up and down, no way to mass produce, not really skill-based, since it's so easy to hit the green mark... - LoZ Oo
  3. Following the discussion here: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/4795-mmo-crafting-the-bane-of-my-existence/ I decided to make a sample minigame for blacksmith crafting. Not only to test it out, but I'm also learning how to use Unity, and that seemed like a good starting project. The game consists in a 3-part crafting, from heating to hammering. Do read the instructions in-game. All art, models and animations were free assets taken from Unity's page. Do not consider the graphics when considering the game under the implications of the thread linked above. Here is t
  4. Unless interrogation does more than just giving the killer free info, I don't see it being a plausible idea. Maybe the victim (when interrogated) can choose to give information to reduce his drop rate or something like that... Even so, I'm kinda iffy on the idea Having scouts need to come back to a HQ of sorts to gather their information, however, is a great idea. Would prevent people from charging into enemy territory naked and discovering every detail of their settlement. Also allows for strategies regarding taking down scouts and information warfare.
  5. Attrition war and resource focus add so much to a battle... As long as it's well balanced, this is an awesome feature
  6. Yea, I agree with many of your points as well. This topic is probably one of the toughest problems that the devs are facing. Balancing a combat system must be a pain... We're also talking out of our limited knowledge here. We have no idea how the fighting is going to be, whether focused on picking people alone, or dozens v dozens or small skirmishes. Finding a combat system that makes every single one of those situations fun and engaging is (or at least looks) pretty damn hard.
  7. Well, I think as far as a 4 second stun with other limitations, such as long cooldowns or heavy mana usage, or others among the long list I posted can be viable. Long cooldowns are one form of limiting CCs, not the only ones. The only point I'm making is that CC, hard or soft, only gives more options in a battlefield. And if it can be balanced properly, it improves the gameplay. And yeah, I know. At first I wrote useless on the 0.1 second stun, then I thought about the interrupting side of it and changed to bad skill. I mean... It can be a good skill, even OP if you give it 0 CD and
  8. Quit blowing things out of proportion Stunning for 10 seconds is OP, even on a long cooldown, sure it is Stunning for 0.1 seconds is a bad skill, even if it's spammable... I said in my post about balance. That's the key thing to allow slows, stuns, roots, silences and everything else. If they can balance the game, you can have everything. There's too much trauma among the players here regarding bad combat systems, you gotta think positively
  9. Is this what you refer to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ID6qkB8BwM Because that is not the point here... That system just puts a little complexity into the "click craft" method While what's being said is to make an active skill-based game, complex or not. We can have or have not the introduction of different tools to make every item to both systems, but that might be unecessary and it all comes down to budget. What's being discussed is the method. Sycon, the argument of time consumption is valid, yet solvable. It all comes down to balancing the game, which I don't really want
  10. Don't twist my words... I don't want Campaigns where everyone wins, I want campaigns where we have a clear winner and that the losers aren't bound to suffer for months because of it...
  11. I don't think I explained my point clearly, by the replies I'm seeing. Either that or I'm missing something... In the first situation, it is when one person dominates beyond repair. It's referring to the same situation in which the devs felt the need to introduce the reset mechanism and dying worlds. Not when someone is big, but we can still make alliances or use attrition warfare to take them down. In the second situation, I think you guys understood it. I just hope it doesn't come down to a clock management strategy... I wanna win my wars, not get a small lead when the time expires..
  12. You don't need to join every Campaign with your guild... Maybe you can set up with the other guilds that you'll start a new campaign in 2 months (estimate to when their Shadow Campaign ends), and meanwhile, you join some GR or Infected campaigns that are nearing the victory conditions and/or time limit individually
  13. I didn't mean to make crafters to be pure either. One system doesn't prevent any other function of the game, as in, you should be able to enjoy everything the game has to offer, including a fun, interactive and compelling crafting. All the minor detail that go into it are solvable, one way or another, here: I believe someone said the solution to this already in this topic: You make every forge is different. You can't wiki it because all the timings and amount of hammer strikes are player-customized. Now I'm not even defending the system that I posted up there as the best thing in
  14. I'm pretty sure crops need sun to grow, but I love the idea of farming. Growing a quick turnip for a hungry army, and planning ahead on spring to reap in the fall. It's really interesting. You pretty much create your own POI that you need to defend throughout the seasons.
  15. I surely will. The point of my thread wasn't to complain about a possible Uncle Bob, it was focused on the effectiveness of a rigid time limit for the Campaigns. And I hope you're right, and we'll just have fun no matter what happens. Regarding the Law of unIntended Consequences... Sounds really fun, but I have no idea what you're talking about...
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