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  1. Zakila


    They have a greenlight concept page but some troll submitted a fraudulent DMCA. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=442872378
  2. Zakila

    Bit Coin

    If you sell through Humble Bundle's store, they have a bitcoin payment option. Artfall should consider using them as one of their 3rd party vendors.
  3. Zakila


    Most of the artwork is being done by Yilx, he's made most of the characters and has finished the few sketches Psychojosh actually did; that first image is one of Josh's that Yilx cleaned, colored and shaded, the second is all Yilx. Psychojosh's project would fall apart if he didn't have Yilx working on it, he's all talk and will probably drag the project down. There are way more on the DeviantArt group. http://gigamaidens.deviantart.com/
  4. I like the idea. Give guilds a storage vault for coins that has an actual physical representation, kind of like the pile of money in Fable 3 that you could climb up to grab a key that unlocked a treasure chest buried under said pile of money.
  5. Yes. Give them the power to murderdeathkill.
  6. I assume goon squad will continue the tradition from archeage of being used as decoys by their allies and getting nothing in return, with the rank-and-file members suffering huge repair bills.
  7. I really like the way they chose to handle this, making gold more of a specialized commodity than a true currency. Once all the big guilds have their stockpile and demand tapers off, the value of the coins will plummet, then it'll go back up once upkeeps have been going for awhile. Meanwhile the crafters will remain more concerned about mats than they will about gold.
  8. With the randomized worlds in play it'd stay hidden, even from people who found it on previous worlds.
  9. This is basically the "I'm not racist, I have many black friends who say it's ok" fallacy.
  10. Zakila


    Air... pirates??!!?!?!?!!!
  11. Zakila


    Second best part of ArcheAge, right after pulling the boat underwater and launching it into the air.
  12. Would. Most definitely would.
  13. If that were true, third person shooters would be more popular than first person shooters. Please get back to me with a report on why FPS is more popular than TPS.
  14. VR is the wave of the future. Stop standing in the way of the future.
  15. I'm still seeing the old ranks. ???
  16. If all else fails you could set up a chatbot to repost everything said on IRC into the game chat and vice versa.
  17. Sports balls. Be like Wakka from Final Fantasy X or Charles Barkley from Barkley Gaiden.
  18. Only a few alexandrite left on my weapon GOT IT! Feels good man. Now to farm Shiva and T4 when they go bright.
  19. If elected mod I promise to move all the off-topic threads to the off-topic subforum.
  20. This is an awesome idea. Guild leaders could open up mibbit in a browser window and coordinate guild activities from work.
  21. So you're saying it's ad hominem to remind people a known unreliable, sensationalist source is unreliable and sensationalist, presenting hypothetical scenarios as facts. Ad hominem would be saying Daily Mail is unreliable for scientific news because of its neo-gummy bear leanings as opposed to its proven history of being a sensationalist tabloid rag that prints quack science and other poorly researched articles as fact to sell papers. tl,dr: take any article from a known unreliable source with a grain of salt.
  22. That sounds amazing, the kind of input I was hoping for. As for area control, traditional vampire horror stories are usually about the monster isolating its victims and killing them, which is what I was trying to go for with the concept. A lot of MMOs have classes like that, usually the crowd control ones.
  23. Everything you need to know about the Daily Mail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eBT6OSr1TI
  24. Zakila

    IRC Thread

    #crowfall on synirc
  25. Zakila

    Naval Combat

    And a fishing minigame stretch goal, because an MMO without fishing is no true MMO.
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