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  1. After successfully completing a purchase with three items in the shopping cart on the Crowfall Store, the items did not clear from the shopping cart upon completion of the transaction. The items remained in the shopping cart after refreshing the screen and relogging my account, until I manually removed each item using the Remove Item button. Using Google Chrome, Windows 7, PC. (Please disregard if this has already been reported)
  2. EDM is taking care of me. Thanks again!!
  3. After seeing the thread title on the dev tracker, for a sec I thought I died and nobody told me. Not sure about Courant, but I'm definitely still here and actively reading. I'm a backer, just haven't displayed my badge yet. Courant's a solid dude, so I hope his leave of absence is short-lived. Anyone know him that can check up on him?
  4. Looks great, guys, thanks for the extra work! I hope the process isn't too labor intensive for Krampus.
  5. Welcome, lowriser. Alpha isn't planned to start until late summer, so you don't need to worry about a download quite yet.
  6. Video Transcription Crowfall – Dave Greco and the Templar 4:19 04-28-2015 DG: Dave Greco 0:04 DG: Hi, my name is Dave Greco, and I am Art Lead at ArtCraft Entertainment, currently working on a lot of the concept art, and today I want to go through some of my process while painting the female Templar. As you can see, this is a sped up version of the painting. I generally spend about two days per piece for one of these, and this shows really where I go right off the bat. Basically, starting one of these pieces, it’s full of panic and fear, like I’m being air-dropped into
  7. Video Transcription Crowfall – Sculpting with Eric: The Female Confessor 10:07 04-17-2015 Behind the Scenes with Character Designer Eric Hart EH: Eric Hart 0:04 EH: Hi, everyone. Some of you might know me. My name’s Eric, and I’m an artist on Crowfall. Today we’re going to be looking at some of my character creation process for Crowfall. Specifically, we’re going to be taking a look at the lady Confessor, so let’s get started. 0:17 EH: What we’re looking at here is a program called ZBrush. It’s a sculpting program. Some of you might be familiar with it,
  8. English transcription of the video, Crowfall: Artist to Artist. Using the same formatting that courant303 used for standardization Crowfall: Artist to Artist 11:16 04-21-2015 BG: Billy Garretsen AT: Allison Theus 0:00 [introduction Music] 0:12 BG: Hi, I’m here with Allison Theus, Senior Concept Artist at ArtCraft Entertainment. Allison’s been responsible for some of my favorite games of recent, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Tropical Freeze, Darksiders II, and now she’s responsible for coming up with some really cool stuff for Crowfall. So hi, Allison
  9. These gods are a tough crew to please. Thanks for the interview and video -- beautifully intimidating creature art. It will be exciting to see these bad boys brought to life graphically.
  10. Very nicely laid out! (The Dev Tracker link takes you to the wiki page...not sure if that was an intentional placeholder link or not)
  11. Only a little self-flagellation in this one. It's a good read on the challenges the dev team faced and the solutions they came up with in creating the large planet maps in SWG.
  12. Raph's blog is really a great trove of information...it's pretty amazing to read through all of his insights on game development and experiences that he's shared over the years.
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